Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

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    Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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    čas přidán Před 9 dny


    1. Haidar Hasan

      Hairdresser: What type of hairstyle would you like? Widow: *_Y E S_*

    2. Rahul Sehrawat

      *mjolnr < storm breaker < captain marvel.* 😂😂😂😂

    3. ASHOK V

      ironman want to kill thanos

    4. Ashar Hussain

      i need tickets whatever it takes

    5. Haidar Hasan

      Hairdresser: Alright, what type of hairstyle are you going for? Widow: I don't know, well half of the population just died and I'm looking for something to- Hairdresser: Stop right there, I've got it.

    6. adhithan adhi

      Thor : (all this time in end game) head head head head head head head head head head head head head head head head head head

    7. FBI


    8. adhithan adhi

      Thanos & Ironman conversation: Thanos : sir i am nothing without this head Tony : if u r nothing without head then you shouldn't have it


      But I bet Thanos can't win against Shaggy

    10. Atta Halilintar 2

      Semoga perfilman indonesia jg menyusul anak bangsa berkreasi sesuka hati

    11. Paaven Bansal

      Natasha's hair color is changing midway through the trailer. 1:24 has redhead, 2:21 has blond

    12. adhithan adhi

      Thanos goes to barber shop Barber : is it shave for beard or head sir? Thanos : u shall go for the head

    13. Atta Halilintar 2


    14. Skylinks dev

      Remember kids, even when your covered in ash and dirt, always keep them pearly whites clean. 1:43

    15. Chill clips

      If vision returns in endgame what would he be called?? . . revision


      I hope thanos join with avengers and defeat another mystical villain in the next movie... Like if you wish too

    17. satan seeker

      I don't think Tony is back on earth as shown in the trailer

    18. Shahid Siddiqui

      When u Killed half of the universe by single snap and have six infinity stones and Black widow is planning to kill you by a pistol Thanos : Am I joke to you?

    19. Sanai Rivers

      Where is Captain Marvel

    20. Jack Daniels


    21. Jazlyn Aolanis Cruz Castro

      bb,!job ilk.k.kou6hy

    22. mohamed sleem

      After captain marvel i think i became judgemental

    23. Shaney Shane

      How do they seem to nail such a revolutionary trailer

    24. PROnewbie

      Thor: should've gone for the head Starlord: shouldn't gone for the head Nebula: should have keep her mouth shut Hulk: should've start fighting Loki: should've escape but didn't Doctor strange: shouldn't give the stone Vision: should've stayed in the bed Black panther: shouldn't open the gate Spider boy: should have stayed in the bus Gamora: should've listen and go left Black widow: should've killed proxima midnight Scarlett witch: should've stayed with vision

    25. BTS Army

      Rocket: How much for the gauntlet Thanos: It cost everything

    26. Rikardo Bakiu

      i really want venom be in this movie like if you agre


      Give me your face, Thanos.

    28. mohd faizal bin musa Pejaa

      Jnmplmbr. . vgfexxs. Mmlkoureghlou

    29. StuffOfTheSky

      Notice how they don’t show scenes from the Incredible Hulk

    30. syed Asair

      Looks like antman is carrying hank pyms lab at 1:14


      We go to the movie at AN COST! 👍👌😂

    32. Dumber as dumb Dum

      1:55 they look right wicked

    33. glendepoorter 1

      Ey boys I have something to say whatever it takes

    34. SwaagKid69

      Cant blackwidow just shoot thanos in his eye?

    35. jhon doe

      this movie will not have a complete ending morons, if it did disney knows 90% of the audience will walk away from the MCU, so end game will have 1000 new stupid unanswered questions to keep the morons coming to watch more garbage MCU movies cause weak minded people have this fear of missing out on something

    36. john doe

      35 more days as of today march 22!

    37. pacione51

      Wouldn't it be awesome if they had Stan Lee as One-Above-All in Endgame. Just a small cameo of him talking to Tony or Capt

    38. Fortnite Gaming

      Dr strange is sooooo lucky he saw this movie before us 😂


      Roses are red half of humanity is dead according to Thanos you should have gone for the head

    40. Tony Stark

      Black widow shooting gun may not be useful against thanos but it looks badass.

    41. No Body

      The hype for this movie is over 9000!!!!!!!!!!

    42. Jameeman

      Can't wait

    43. Tyro Technician

      01:29 War machine has done some serious Modification on his Rocket Launcher Really Looks Like Rocket Raccoon Isn't it??

    44. Simon Byrgesen

      I¨ve never been this excited for a movie : Seconds feels like minutes. minutes feels like hours. hours feels like days. days feels like weeks. weeks feels like months.

    45. Jesse JTT

      They should have shown Loki and Heimdal's death scene since those were real deaths and not ones that vanished from a reversible 50% from Thanos...

    46. Magnus Ingvartsen

      Goosebumps broooo!!

    47. Keegan Phillips

      So hyped for this movie

    48. Gek_

      Trailer: shows more footage from past movies than the actual movie Everyone: 😱

    49. Jae KiDd

      Black widow :pulls out a hi point Thanos: 😒🤦👹🤺😂

    50. yiqez.

      I bet Drax is in the Trailer. He is just invisible.

    51. TheRealDonaldTrump JordanHanleybrown

      i bet that iron man is going to engineer the ship to fly faster to earth to survive, but he enters a wormhole back to 2012 and everyone tells thor to aim for the head

    52. Micah Dean

      I’m throwing money at the screen but nothings happening

    53. Gr8scott22

      This is going to be incredible.

    54. PokeSportXYZ

      99.9999% of comments: *Something about Thor going for the head* .0001% of comments: *This comment*

    55. Prakash

      Thor doesn't go for head because he has only one eye to aim.. Stop this guys😾

    56. Lyn Malcolm

      Looking forward to this movie... 😍😍😍

    57. MT100 0

      Iron man is going to die

    58. SoulM

      I got literally nothing out of this trailer. Which... is good since most trailers spoil everything, but... Bad because I felt.... nothing. This didn't build anykind of excitement :T

    59. Lyn Malcolm

      Looking forward to this movie... 😍😍😍

    60. Cool Guy

      One day my comment will be in the top. I’m gonna prove my teacher that I can achieve something in life.

    61. Mike Glaser

      Where was Banner when they were all walking in their quantum suits?

    62. Hamida Begum

      Is Pepper alive ???

    63. Daily Motivation Boost

      Can’t wait to watch this😍


      "Whatever it takes..." Is the *key* of this trailer!

    65. PlayLove

      Thor and captain marvel have a child and his name gonna be goku YOINK

    66. girish royal

      We all should thank starlord for giving us an another movie

    67. Ostravak

      I havent seen infinity war

    68. Ridam Z

      Did anyone notice thor got his old hammer

    69. Prakash

      Take a look at this👇🏻👀 Infinity war trailer end scene. Thor - who the hell are you guys. Endgame trailer end scene. Thor - I like this one. Infinity war trailer for new characters entering avengers team "guardians of the galaxy" Endgame trailer for new character entering avengers team "captain marvel"

    70. Joe The Hoe

      Honestly would love if they filmed fake scenes that have nothing to do with the movie and put them in the trailer (probably what they did) so we can have more trailers like this

    71. James Hutchison


    72. Josh Wilson

      This trailer is making me feel really old.

    73. Kullori Rama Krishna

      Where is thanos

      1. Calvin Coates


    74. Ajmal Musleh

      thanos should be killed the way that he killed my Loki. man, I love him so much. he was the coolest villain ever

    75. Vinny Prada

      Rocket is the last guardian alive *MIND BLOWN*


        Vinny Prada we know he likes explosives.

    76. Franco Guevarra

      So thor has his one eye back again?

      1. Calvin Coates

        ? He's got the real and fake one here

    77. Shreyash Yadav

      Moment of silence for DC fans

    78. June

      "I saw all THESE people die." Does Thor say this AFTER the snap is reversed/undone? While looking at the undusted?

    79. Kalidas JS

      Why Endgame's trailer only having 75M views after 5 days 😔 ❓But before the Endgame release the views will be increased to 500M ☺. Marvel fans hit like 👍

    80. Regina Natasya

      Cant wait to watch this Movie, imagine all the avenger will unite to smack Thanos!

    81. sri vatsan

      Thor's eye is back to normal ?

      1. Raemonn Ramos

        In Infinity War, Rocket Raccoon gives Thor a new eye during their trip to Nidavellir.

    82. respinoza89

      Can’t wait for this movie, but this trailer sucked

    83. devanshu khandelwal

      This movie better be over 5 hours.

      1. Calvin Coates

        It's going to be 3

    84. Dominika Piątek

      Och comon! Give it a premiere! 🙏💥

    85. Gokul J

      None of this would have happened if Gamora went right.

    86. azhar md

      Thaaaaaaa waiting laiyae Veri Yeruthuu daaa... Eagerly Waiting to Saw our super Heros

    87. Vaikunda Mani

      Stan lee : u r great

    88. ANU Power

      Is this the end of the great series of marvel THE AVENGERS!

    89. Newbie637

      Just repeating this trailer for the soundtrack. Alan Silvestri you BAMF

      1. Newbie637

        +C-MC Official It isn't? Well then, whoever made this is a BAMF

      2. C-MC Official

        this is not Alan Sivestri

    90. Ricky C

      I think Tony Stark & Nebula is a head swap like they did in Infinity War with The Hulk because the Russo bros said they where only gonna show clips from the first 20 mins and I can’t see TS getting back from earth or maybe where all being tricked and the dialouge was post recorded just for the trailer

    91. Vasu Aditya

      Another villian is there

    92. madhulika chandra

      we are coming to wathch😎😎😎😎😎

    93. Vasu Aditya

      Thanos is not villian ,he just realised after he cleared half of the universe

    94. Saumay Vardhan

      I don’t think any movie can be as exciting as this one.

    95. KPetrova

      Endgame : Goose will eat Thanos. The end.

    96. [B•A•N] O•IMORTAL

      Só tem gringo aqui

    97. Seabeothlic

      So awesome

    98. Samie9 Oto

      Everyone is talking about how Thor should've gone for the head, when Gamora should've gone Right

    99. WWE MHS

      Thanos can reset everything whenever he wants....The Infinity Stones were misused by the people who did't know its deep Power and Now The Master of this all Villains had his hands on those Stones...So You can simply think that Thanos knows that Doctor strange saw 14 Million outcomes and 1 was not in his side...He can definitely make some plan for that one loss...Endgame is all about Sacrifice ....The Throne is on The Head of Thanos.....Or they can make Avengers 5,6,7 cause Thanos ain't NO joke