Marvel's Iron Man VR | Learning to Fly

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    Developer Camouflaj sheds light on how they made flying in VR with Tony Stark’s signature Repulsors feel intuitive and satisfying.
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    1. hold my noodles


    2. Osian Coleman

      I bet this is amazing as an iron man suit would work amazing in VR.

    3. Rayman17578

      But is there a story??

    4. Stephen Strange

      Oh my god I really hope this is one day compatible with oculus quest

      1. Stephen Strange

        @MrZeroExe well playstation and oculus might be making a deal so their games are compatible on each other's headsets so i hope iron man vr is one of the games in said deal

      2. MrZeroExe

        This is exclusive to psvr

    5. Ab5TrAKT 01

      When does it come out

    6. Justin Heckman

      But I can’t fly because I’m standing up and just pointing my hand at random locations...

    7. Nihas Kurikkal

      Miss u ironman

    8. bmx7596

      They did a really good job, and VR is perfect for Iron Man.

    9. T o X 1 cc

      But I love xbox 3000


      "YEAH, I CAN FLY" !

    11. Grimm Book

      How can it actually feel like flying if you never leave the ground? Also too bad the PS VR glow sticks suck as primary controllers

      1. BartenderizerDave MaitaiMaster

        Would be better and may be an option later to have you strap in like the movie lawn mowerman from 92 with the big circles like hoolahoops gimmick and gloves instead of sticks thata way it rotates you and freefall feeling along with acceleration feeling would be accomplishable

    12. Darkstone 158

      Now i only need to get vr

      1. Jbdecubdcobjrb

        And a PlayStation 4

    13. Acid

      I wish I had PSVR

    14. Zack Silver

      Rip Xbox players

    15. jamie fletcher

      Jarvis: “Power is at 400% capacity.” Iron-Man: “How about that?”

    16. ZachJohn26 / Rocketship Entertainment

      This should have also been oculus

    17. halo killah01

      I'm gonna need Dummy to follow me with the fire extinguisher

    18. READ Comics

      As awesome as this VR is I want an Iron Man game as good as Spider-Man PS4. If they do that I will be so happy!

    19. Luis Miguel

      the good repulsor xd

    20. BOSSitronio4123

      Please make a hulk vr game

    21. Ahan Bhalla

      Ngl, thought it was an on rails type thing and I'm SO glad it's full 360 (not that an on rails VR game cant be fun, just look at Rush of Blood and Blood and Truth, but I've had my fill of that tbh. Still playing the FFH swinging thing and I'm in love)

    22. TheRealKingCrafted

      Can you send a demo to insomnia Egypt

    23. TheCreator OfPC

      This scares me. “And, i am Iron Man”

      1. That_Coconutboy 232

        TheCreator OfPC oh shucks

    24. Isaac Torres

      Should've been on the Wii way back then so Nintendo could end the trailer with "Wii are Ironman"

    25. Gamer Kelso

      And i... Am... Iron Man.

      1. Kolt Radojits

        I am inevitable, Jimbo.

      2. Ayush Shah

        Kelso Beukelaers oh snap

    26. Black Parade

      " *feel* like Iron Man" oh no

      1. Jaguar 52

        Black Parade dunkeeeyyy

    27. Gacha Ender

      But something for Xbox one please?

      1. Gacha Ender

        @skull fire really?

    28. Ira Ford

      looks great.

    29. danny doom

      What if u could be iron man when he snapped his fingers in endgame

    30. Calamis Games

      Why PlayStation??

    31. Agustin Troya Guerra

      Oh my good

    32. Agustin Troya Guerra


    33. Faraaz Saiduzzaman

      The one game where the "It really makes you FEEL like ____" actually works!

    34. Kyle Wilson

      Sounds awesome!

    35. BandiBondi Idk

      Who’s excited for this game?

      1. Howard's Channel

        I am

      2. SmoothLegend

        Ross Sheridan Futurists

      3. Ross Sheridan

        Lmao but who has ps vr though in all honesty

      4. Super Luigi Thunder

        BandiBondi Idk i am

    36. Mr. Nunuisance

      Who asked for this????

      1. Mr. Nunuisance

        @SmoothLegend few million? VR games don't put up the same numbers as consoles, just stop.

      2. SmoothLegend

        @Mr. Nunuisance A few million people beg to differ.

      3. Mr. Nunuisance

        @SmoothLegend The VR market is none existent, lol

    37. Elyton Felipe


    38. Kaniru GT


    39. XStorm-Hybrid


    40. Ethan Obi