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Dolan Twins

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    1. joe mama

      This is the most boomer tying

    2. Octavio ramirez

      Pineapple pizza us delicious

    3. Giavanna Costarelli

      What about blueberry pizza 🍕🧐🤨or 🤢🤮

    4. Fabienne V

      Snickel means Dick in the netherlands lol

    5. naniwaimea

      Jerry’s Pizza Mill in Oahu,HI has the best strawberry 🍓 pizza! No joke. Don’t hate till you try it the way it should be made.

    6. Donna O'Meara

      The ICARLY count down KILLED ME

    7. Donna O'Meara

      Here's a question. What was the point of pouring macaroni on a plate if you are just gonna pour it into the pot out of the bag? Am I the only one who noticed this? Yes.... K I'm gonna head out

    8. olivia sinclair

      one of my teachers loves snickers so ima ask her about a snickel on Monday lets see how it goes??????

    9. Tristan Marais

      I'm a girl in middle school and I haven't had pineapple pizza before

    10. Elise Doman

      Idk why but I really like Grayson says sauce

    11. Germaine Tan

      why do they need an energy drink..? Could've just added colouring to boiling water

    12. •Gatxha Gamer •

      18:45 the sound when Grayson is about to barf makes me cringe

    13. DynaGirl Rex

      We all know we came here for the strawberry pizza and the argument about who put the cheese on Grays foot

    14. R. Wright

      this whole videos just feels like ethan is the boss lol

    15. Cherry 4eva

      Grayson :Strawberries belong with other strawberries Ethan:Or.....In a milkshake Grayson:Or in fruitsalad Ethan:No f*ck fruit salad Me:-eating fruit salad- sorry fruit salad but Ethan said f*ck fruit salad,so I must say my goodbyes Fruit salad:Nooooo-gets thrown into trash- 😂😂😂

    16. Ella Day

      Getcha head in the game Troy Raif it first

    17. Walter

      Best outro ever

    18. grantfilmz

      how has it been more than a year

    19. GreasyPizzaRoll

      I’m gonna get dragged for this... but AND HEAR ME OUT... mango pizza. Hear me out! ✋I saw it at a shop and I was like ‘...ew😕’ BUT THEN I tried it... and I’m not lying... mango pizza is SO good. So, life lesson = don’t knock it till you try it people😜. You might discover something amazing! Or gross... like Soy Milk 🤷‍♀️ just saying


      It’s ok Gray I put salt in my water when I cook too it keeps it from boiling out of the pot... I think 😝


      I love how they literally can not speak right🤤 and oh yeah MARRY ME GRAYSON!! 💋💋

    22. The Amazing Pitbull

      The fifth macaroni was off the floor btw. Ethan pours blue drink (Powerade) into pot: were chef'n it up

    23. Olivia TheGamer

      No Touchin my Spaghett

    24. Millie Brown

      I love I Carly

    25. LeZhae Wright

      I forgot this video existed and it popped up in my recommendations and I’m glad it did

    26. Dana Billingsley

      Ok honey when you say blue drink, its actually called POWER AID it's on the bottle honey and another thing I cant eat pineapples

    27. Amelia Ksy I dirty minded or..6:29 I can't believe no one commented about this😂

    28. Grace Dancer

      I love pinnapple pizza

    29. Caelans Life

      Omg it’s so sad that this decade is nearly over there were so many good memories in it (like icarly and Spencer’s spaghetti tacos)

    30. Anastasia Avell

      10:55 Me: Google about the salt water... Google: boiling point... compound... molecules Me: nvmd, this is too much science I'll just take ethan's fact check count 😂😂

    31. Thea Bailey

      14:44 Gray where did that cavity come from

    32. Elina Loftheim

      My mom has the same phone and almost the same phone case as Ethan!😱

    33. Gracie Thayer

      19:26 "whoever came up with this is a genuis"

    34. Gracie Thayer

      18:11 Ethan: "in your gullet"

    35. Kelly Anne

      2:25 ETHAN I THOUGHT U WERE DAIRY FREE or is that dairy free cheese....

    36. Kelly Anne

      2:08 when my sibling wants to high five me when im mad

    37. Kelly Anne

      Grayson: COMMENT down below which meme food..No😑 Me: which meme 😂😂😂

    38. 19steelers59

      Pineapple pizza is actually good people try it if you haven’t they are living proof that they ate pineapple pizza and I love it you should try it for the Dolan twins

    39. Kermy The Frog

      18:30 Just keep replaying jt

    40. Marika Bertrand

      Are you Copy Space Valley???? 🤗🤗

    41. Zaynub Imran

      No one: E: let me cheess it up with you

    42. Nadia B

      Ethan reminded me of Nolan this entire video

    43. Marcus Stuckey

      It can be called Cooking With Twins or Cooking With The Dolans....

    44. eva wasnik

      I just searched... N yes normal water boils faster than salt water💧

    45. joya karam

      pinnaple pizza is amazing

    46. Deepa Ail

      2019 anyone?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?

    47. lily

      i weirdly really enjoy watching u guys cook

    48. Annsx Help

      I thought y’all were dairy free...

    49. C*A*R*T*E*R 101

      Did you get sickle from that sninckle? 😂😂😂

    50. C*A*R*T*E*R 101

      16:47 When picky eaters don't see "chicken strips" on the menu.. 😂😂

    51. Katt Whittaker

      I giggled non stop thru this whole thing

    52. WaRy Or


    53. WaRy Or

      Ethan wear grayson's shirt

    54. Martyna Zielińska

      Grayson: “Who holds a strainer while pouring hot water!” Ethan: *A loving brother.*

    55. Taylor1389

      I LUV U

    56. Jaden Dixon

      Ok so from this video apparently I need to go f*ck myself and I’m a f*cking asshole

    57. The 9NINE

      The snickel took them to flavor town

    58. Jennifer Perry

      i like pizza but i dont like pinaple

    59. gabi chokova

      i miss you guys😔💔😭💜

    60. Hipster Hippooo

      The dislikes are from people who like strawberry pizza.

    61. Vpup's Galaxy

      escuse me what did u say about icarly boi 😠😂

    62. Claire Humes

      I’m watching this to try to stop crying about their most recent video.

    63. Ab Carlyon

      Grayson is so moody in this ahahaha

    64. Winzlo Honetana

      i love pineapple pizza

    65. Evalynn Macgregor

      Personally pineapple pizza is delicious🤤

    66. The not so Basic Ari

      Ethan: I freaking love my brother. *casually just throws a knife at Grayson*

    67. The not so Basic Ari

      Ethan: I freaking love my brother. *casually just throws a knife at Grayson*

    68. BDennis

      Well, i love pineapple pizza!

    69. Black Light Cherry

      Grayson you are doing it right salt in water makes the noodles not stick to the pan so much and also to them selves it makes the noodles get softer and also easier to separate.

    70. Fitri Indah Sari

      rewatching their old videos because i miss them already since today's video