Maisie Williams Accidentally Drops a Major Spoiler in Game of Thrones' Final Season

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    Maisie Williams shares her top five iconic moments portraying Arya Stark on Game of Thrones and gets upset when she accidentally lets a major spoiler slip about a big death while trying to describe the show's final season.
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    Maisie Williams Accidentally Drops a Major Spoiler in Game of Thrones' Final Season

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    1. akash sharma

      If that spoiler was true, it would have been the best series. And now it sux so bad that I can't even imagine

    2. Jay Harris

      Can you imagine if Arya actually died in the second episode?

    3. Abi Bowden

      this actually got me 😂😂😂

    4. JST Stuff and goods

      I genuinely believed her and I’ve seen the final season What an actress

    5. Mikaela A

      it would be so good but jimmys terrible acting made it bad

    6. Aman Singhal

      It was amazing. I got tricked by it and it didn't seem anywhere that I was a prank

    7. The Worst Critic

      Jimmy Fallon stopped laughing for more than two seconds “Impossible” - Thanos

    8. Poppy's Minion

      1:54 Thank me later

    9. Linda C

      OMG, she is such a good actress

    10. Sina C.J

      She spoiled that she is not gona die.that count as huge spoiler too😒

    11. Julian Games134

      Tell me why I finished the show and thought wait that didn’t happen lol

    12. Dhimas Hapsoro

      The Many-Faced God

    13. Tornado

      Plot twist: there was no crowd

    14. Meh 362

      Such a good actress LOOL

    15. daniellanier85

      I gotta admit, she's really cute!

    16. kungztar widerström

      imagine she actually died

    17. Isabella Hernández


    18. safiyyah islam


    19. safiyyah islam

      She is soooo cute.

    20. mad3ude

      Damn she's a great actress, for a moment I was genuinely confused about the fake spoiler

    21. Murtadha Odah

      her hands are even shaking what an incredible actor

    22. Nahian Choudhury

      Wow. I should have expected that😂😂😂😂

    23. Niño Malo

      every one fell in love with daenarys or sansa. i fell in love with arya through out the hall series

    24. ଳଳଳ ଚଚଚ

      Her face and body are so wierd looking, she looks like a grandma get she isn't even 21 yet. I foresee alot of plastic surgeries in her future.

      1. Dudebro13454 Bro

        What body are you look at?

      2. Dudebro13454 Bro

        She’s 22 and you’re the only person in the world who think she looks like a grandma. I don’t see her getting plastic surgery at all. She would have done it already if she wanted to. She likes her look.

    25. Sahil Gupta

      Watched this video after the season 8 and still couldn't tell she was acting, thought it changed afterwards. Such an amazing actress

    26. Tom Forrest

      She did kinda die around 7 times in the final episode

    27. Liam Stephenson

      She’s a really good actor damn

    28. Parves Koyes

      I watched the final series and I was like wait what? I can’t remember seeing Arya die? 😂

    29. Mohamed N

      Spoiler alert Area never dies

    30. فيصل القحطاني

      She's really fuckkkkkkkking talented oh god 💔💔💔💔💔 wow wooooow

    31. Luke


    32. Zain Rizvi

      She don’t die

    33. TedIsHere2

      This was very well done

    34. Maria Cordero

      JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA They are going to tweet about it JAJAJAJAJJAA

    35. Logo slizy

      Omg I was so sorry and finally found out it's a prank... she's really really really good❤️❤️

    36. Ryan Hayward

      Holy shit they played that off so well!

    37. Martin Horsky

      Since its already been released and its on youtube, it deffinitely wasnt a spoiler but I thought she pranked Jimmy as well.

    38. THE SANDBOX akasands

      LMAO!!!! I've finished the show and only saw this one now. What a prankster!!! I genuinely would have been really shocked if I saw this BEFORE watching season 8!!!

    39. Gryffindor Waffle

      She’s so good for a second I thought I missed an episode of the last season

    40. Nic_IT

      hus is acting at its best

    41. kranthi aryan

      She played that lie in order to cover D "Littlefinger's" fact 🤣🤣

    42. •Chøcolate Gacha•

      You know the drill You know the screwdriver Nailed it Damn now I screwed it up

    43. Saloni Rox

      What an actor🤣

    44. shout_out_to_ Hero_FT

      This sooooo freaking good! 😂😂😂😂

    45. Shaka Ohana

      Omg that was the best

    46. Alexander Santiago

      I remember seeing this before the season came out i was like oh wow 😂

    47. Dylan Trost

      Jimmy Fallon is the worst late night talk show host of all time. "THATS A ....A SPOILER"

    48. Tavares 01

      A girl just pranked everyone

    49. DFS MikkiMix07

      Well... she uhh handled that.........good

    50. Bruce Humphrey

      *Maisie Williams spoils GoT* HBO: Who the fuck spoiled the show? Maisie Williams: A girl has no name.

    51. Joyless


    52. Bubbly Mermaid

      Omg, she looks so scared 🤣🤣

    53. Martin Zimmermann

      In Germany we call this : Ehre genommen

    54. 1998sims

      Haven't watched the final season yet and didn't see the date the video was published, her shaking was what really sold it

    55. Gamer COD

      lier ayra stark malady

    56. David Mizrhi

      U got me soooo good there hahaha 🤣😂

    57. Satyabrata Swain

      Finally a girl is no one

    58. Vidit Deshpande

      Lmfaooo!!!! She is shaking so much!

    59. Abdul Nayeem

      I was like : Did watch the fake version of the GOT....😧

    60. Maisie Murtagh

      She looks like Peyton list anybody else or just me?

    61. Grace Morrison


    62. JB HORIZON

      Magnificent actress

    63. J

      would have been better than the actual fucking ending

    64. Fadel Azka

      i wanna see the crowds reaction

    65. Aram Gevorgyan

      If the fact that she died in the second episode was an April fool which means it is not true, so Arya won't die in the second episode isn't this a little spoiler?

    66. Adam Burgos

      Holy shit that’s great acting

    67. Evan Monroe

      You know, if this spoiler were true season 8 would have been significantly better.

    68. Mo7 mo7

      Actress at heart

    69. MTechBasics

      what a moment. she acted amazing but i noticed Jimmys bodylanguage and he didnt sell it good enough.

    70. Hazreti Nasus

      Nice troll :D