Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR Unboxing!



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    Unboxing the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR! We shot and I edited this all in 8K on the new Mac that you just watched me unbox. Watch behind the scenes of this video:
    🎶 MUSIC I USE -

    Thanks to for renting me some REDS on very short notice :)
    ► Check out for more info about my conference next year!
    Snapchat: iJustine
    📷 GEAR:
    Sony a7 III:
    Sony a7S II:
    FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
    Rx100 V:
    GoPro Hero 7:
    Insta 360 One X:
    Memory Card:

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    1. OleXa

      spends alot of money just to switch in between cool wallpapers in high resolution at the beginning

    2. Hqo Games are your life

      Those where JUST the monitors?!

    3. ExoBird

      Ah yes, $20,000 cheese grader

    4. Escape with Brothers

      next my dream

    5. Escape with Brothers

      wow supper one

    6. Hunter Craig

      I just watched the price is right where you won

    7. Delta_Dan

      Another restraining order is needed

    8. got2 integrate

      Linus will tell it that

    9. Aditya Roy

      Extreme quality video

    10. Bluefox 149

      i just realized something the monitor isn't even curved.

    11. Bluefox 149

      that's over 100 big macs worth in money

    12. Kha

      bruh my macbook air couldn't even run the 8k video quality edit: MY LAPTOP FAN IS GOING OFF FROM WATCHING 4K WTFF

    13. Jocelyn Anderson

      My moms name is justine

    14. Danny Arroway

      WHAT AN AIRHEAD! I Pity the future with bratty barbie-doll millenials like this!

    15. assassin's guinea pig

      Why is that so massive.

    16. exenderlloyd

      The most expensive Mac Pro possible (on Apple's website) costs 54.500 USD. That's more than a car. Want to know another expensive pre-built pc? Almighty Shark for 8.000 USD. Catch? The Almighty Shark is very noticably more powerful, plus an infinitely faster SSD. Also it uses Windows, so you can actually game on it without the game crashing.

    17. Russell Szabados

      Proper Mac porn. Apple for the win.

    18. Snazzy

      Wow surprise no one is talking about how she said “I can feel it in there” lol

    19. kyng_galaxy

      Apple is shit! Because you cannot change the grafic card the prossesor and more things and it's expensive for nothing but with the windows 10 you can do anything you have access to most any game and with only 5000 dollar you buy the most powerful PC windows in the world and the design of the PC Mac is so ugly 🤮 and they don't have RBG and by the way a PC windows 10 will have a Xbox and PS4 integrated the PC is origin big o so I don't spend my money on useless thing like apple 🤮

    20. ogkillla

      Does she actually buy this stuff, or is it like sent by apple to review?

    21. Japvansh Bhalla

      When you just want to try to check apple’s website for satisfaction and your computer can’t even load the website cause your too broke. Then you see this video... 😭

    22. Harrison Carter

      Full setup is like £20,000

    23. Mohit Krishan

      Ots beautiful but not mote than you....

    24. Dhruv Narayan Tiwari

      😭 I need this

    25. Buzzbomb 123

      But why isn’t the Video filmed in HDR

    26. Nevi Tattoo

      I love this!!! 🍏 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

    27. sky P

      nice mac pro . ugly desk....

    28. Bangdk

      New iphone feature The iLoan If you buy an apple product you can get a loan There is actually a good deal right now If you buy one pro display xdr you can loan 1000$ for a stand But if you buy 3 pro display xdr's get the loan for 2 stands then you get one stand for free😂

    29. Nikki Morales

      Its so satisfying when she removed the plastic on the screen

    30. Dev Sehgal

      13:52 who else recognised that palace from GTA near Del Pierre Heights

    31. Porg Gamer

      The stand is bullshit !

    32. Szymon Klikowicz

      Her monitor stand costs more than my whole pc setup

    33. Daniël Vegter

      9:00 for that price, no it's not

    34. Selaimaa

      I swear her whole house could be mac😭😂😂

    35. Kim Ziz

      Justine: iMac, iPod, iPhone and iJustine Me: iPoor

    36. Sneekiez FN

      tell apple to make a 5000 dollar desk

    37. Cathrine Catski

      That monitor is bigger than my Tesla TV

    38. Alex Lennon

      Jeff bezos: Apple is cheap

    39. UnNamed Beast

      Honestly, as Dave2D said, for MOST youtubers, this is just EXTRA AF

    40. Kağan Durusoy

      abla iban vereyim 500bin yollla

    41. PROZACTv

      you can make that pc with less the monitor worth it!!!

    42. Christiaan Verster

      “Is it in”?😂😂

    43. The speed you need For gaming

      @ijustine: can I get one....😊😊😊

    44. M. Blakemore45

      Only 47k for the whole setup.... You could buy a Tesla Model 3 Performance for just a little bit more...

    45. Marco Cannizzo

      My trypophobia is shook

    46. Elliott W

      People keep saying she's calling you broke but really she's calling you smart by not wasting hard earned money on this trash haha

    47. Ivan Ho

      I remembered when I was looking at this on the website and was in confused mode for 6 months wondering why is there a cheese grader in the Macs selection. And yes I’ll admit I’m a dumbass 🤣🤣

    48. yongdol73


    49. Ahmed Fareed

      My pc setup 600$ vs your stand 1000$

    50. javad hemmati

      You should see a psychiatrist.

    51. Smart Tech

      Nobody: Literally nobody : IJustine : buys 1 thousand dollar stand

      1. Don Gepulango

        Monitor is $6000, stand is $1000

      2. Kenny


    52. Josiah Yelverton

      When you buy a cheese grater for 6 big bois

    53. Sharplayer


    54. sun’s s u n s h i n e

      I swear, ten years from now justine is gonna have an apple house

    55. こま


    56. Bob Ross

      When u realize you can buy a better pic than that for 2 thousand 🤦‍♂️🤮

    57. DailyLifezz

      do you ever wonder what she does with all of these eclectics? like she has the whole apple store hahaha

    58. Artorio Luxembourg

      Don't know lads, looks like apple of cerebrum. I totally understand luxury of this thing, but for that money you can literally made entire room looks like spaceship cock pit with custom super high-end PC's and other crazy staff.

    59. David Michael

      Absolutely incredible unboxing! Even Apple themed nails, very cool touch :) It'll cost about $16K to get a realistic build w/1 monitor, this seems about >$40K. Realistic at her level of success and editing. As an Executive I'd probably just hook my 16" to an XDR. To be so amazingly charismatic, funny, geeky and then transition into 13:27. Sigh.

    60. Pluto Plays

      Did these come with giant apple stickers?!

    61. Thilo R.

      when the screen is simply so cheap, you gotta buy another one.

    62. Joshua K

      Die Käsereibe.

    63. BlackDUST

      4 minutes in ... i muted the audio, and concentrated on the visual's. ! Way too much Apple vanilla sex talk, going on. !!!!!!!!


      Cut dog 🐕

    65. Aardvark

      Hearing her talk to her iShit stand trying to tell it that it's not a cash grab and it's anything but an insult to the intelligence of the average consumer and the legacy of Steve Jobs makes pretty pissed, but I was expecting as much when I clicked this video, I just can't finish this trash.

    66. Mocha

      Justine called me poor for 18:47 mins straight

    67. Tatyana James

      I cackled on my spaghetti when she said “ don’t ever let anyone tell you that you aren’t worth a thousand dollars “ first of all my hp monitor was $100 and it does the job

    68. RA KIB MOON

      SANA ALL!🎉😂

    69. Marcelo Yactayo

      todo eso vale mas que mi casa

    70. Auazz

      0:43 that's what she said