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    1. Jo Stevi


    2. Andrew Do

      Mourning Kobe and Mac to this song 😔

    3. Fieldin IV

      Rip Kobe am I right?


      Praise Jesus mac has blessed us

    5. YouTube Youtube

      Welcome back mac

    6. H U L A 92

      Jokes how is it man dead and still releasing shit music hahah

    7. Bernardo Ramirez

      "There is whole lot more waiting for me on the other side" 😞 passed away family members, a pet and even memories shit hits you on a different level

    8. Skeet McYeet

      aint he dead?

    9. rockrules rapisgay

      another boring slow song

    10. mitch 420

      Why does everybody need me to stay

    11. M3G4 KING

      I really want to listen to that song he had in the end of the video 👌

    12. Kyle Urbshott

      Mac we were blessed to have an amazing soul on this earth as the same time as us. I hope the other side knows they got a legend and we lost one.

    13. llama

      moving towards the light the entire video...

    14. Yassin Olatunji

      R.I.P That really sucks

    15. isaak vela102060

      Rip Mac Miller RIP X Rip Juice Rip Cameron Rip Nippsey Rip Kobe Rip Peep

    16. Garcia Garxiia

      Rip 2 kobe mane

    17. aj ftw

      listening to this while mourning for kobe's death. Rip to both legends.💔

    18. Gear of Fire

      Rest well Mac Miller and Kobe Bryant. Thanks for everything. 1.26.2020

    19. mika bonomi

      como te extraño mac

    20. Josh Hodge

      Anyone know the beat at the end? I need to know. I need to hear another masterpiece.

    21. Chris Carbaugh

      He was my rock though my divorce. Why did he have to go.. I’m still dealing but he ain’t. I have kids. Thank god they keep my mental health on point. Sorry. TMI

    22. DailyFortniteStreamer

      Bruh. Watch this video when you high. Thank me later

    23. Dennis Juchelek

      if i knew who disliked this.. i'd kill em.

    24. Megan Hassard

      This song breaks my heart! Be nice to others please. We need more kindness in this world.

    25. heartbeat085

      Rip Kobe...this song makes me think of you

    26. Thrash 69


    27. Granit Xhaka

      i don't find any reasons leading 10k dislike

    28. Girish Ph.

      This shit needs to get the best mv of all time

    29. Lil Red

      Anybody else watchin this n thinkin bout Kobe n Gianna?

    30. Samuel Fernandez

      I love this song and I heard it for first time like a week ago......... He's dead ???

    31. cnmmd qiuoo

      “Wake up to the moon, haven't seen the sun in a while But I heard that the skies still blue”

    32. Reel

      If you don't like what u doing or where u at right now, just repeat. “There's a whole lot more for me waiting”

    33. Rava Putra

      World War III, Australia bushfires, Coronavirus and now Kobe's death. we just want good news in 2020 man

    34. Torriante Johnson

      When someone who’s dead says maybe I should wake up instead 🥺

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        Why... :(

    35. Ruth Kiko

      Helppppp!!!...birds and flowers are attacking me!!!

    36. Lanna Dawn

    37. Jack Richardson

      Anyone here after hearing the bad news about Kobe?💔🐐🙏🏻

    38. Stridas Games

      saddest thing about this song is that we will never hear it live, your a true OG Mac

    39. Hardcore Anxiety

      The only thing I hate about this.. He can't make anymore. 😔

    40. mackenzie hites

      Holy shit, this is the most soothing song to listen to when you are having a bad day. RIP MAC MILLER♥️♥️♥️♥️

    41. Anonymous Anonymous

      Y’all know this song is about suicide right?

      1. Anonymous Anonymous

        Jal Das -He’s talking about how he’s depressed and how he uses drugs to escape... “Oh I hate the feelin’ when you’re high but you’re underneath the ceiling” -And while he wants to commit suicide, other people don’t want him to. “Why does everybody need me to stay” “I wish that I could just get out my god damn way” -Meaning he wishes the part of him that’s telling him to not kill himself, would just get out of the way. “There ain’t a better time than today” -Meaning to commit suicide. “There’s a whole lot more for me waiting on the other side” -Other side meaning heaven. “I’m always wondering if it feels like summer” -does heaven feel like summer? “I know maybe I’m too late I could make it there some other time” -he’s done too much fucked up shit in his life to make it into heaven. “Then I’ll finally discover that it ain’t that bad, ain’t so bad” -meaning death isn’t so bad. And more lyrics about being depressed and taking drugs It’s obviously about suicide but you wouldn’t know unless you’ve had those same thoughts running through your head

      2. Jal Das

        Anonymous Anonymous No it's not. Why would you think that? It's about Mac's feelings in his head. Simply expressing it doesn't point to suicide.

    42. Mark van der Eb

      I'm using Mac's music to cope with his death and now for the death of Kobe, his daughter, and those on the helicopter :( The world will never be the same. RIP

    43. Nelson Villa

      Depression is a silent killer.

    44. Nelson Villa

      I not a big fan of feminem rap.i wonder how many dead rappers stayed in the closet and didnt come out as gay.

    45. Seventh Trumpet Tattoos

      The instruments melt so well together... I’m excited that we got these last couple songs

    46. eddyedutz

      I hope y'all guys find the help you need. We need each other to have a good time!

    47. elver galarga

      This song for kobe RIP to the mamba

    48. 360flipmaster

      Never listened to this guy before but this tune is great, rip

    49. Dream scapes

      Why... :(

    50. Kayman Seavey

      The battery said 2018. 26 doves and his astrology sign.

    51. xEndowed Eyesx

      All this and were still blind to drug "culture"

    52. Hannah Perry

      God damn💔💔

    53. MrBakedDaily

      RIP Mac love the video.

    54. Jota Jeff


    55. Leon Hunt

      Wish he got to do songs with em rap God and mac would of been unreal

    56. Stevie B

      Shit I relate so hard to this, nothing makes me tear up but this shit did!

    57. Wissal Spirit

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    58. Your Thought

      Wish he came out like this💣🔥🔥🔥

    59. Kukkaleipä

      Fuck, this is good

    60. Dom Dubz

      Damn this is sad.. was listening to this song when I found out Kobe died. RIP Mac and Kobe.

    61. twntysvn

      RIP KOBE

    62. Beast Riders -Roni

      I love weed .and i smoking a fatboy Blunt .just smoke and listen mac miller ..he Is Something beyond this world .mac we Love You!💞

    63. akil sandiford


    64. Sarah Chev

      people don’t realize how much he’s talented

    65. Someone

      I thought he died long time ago

    66. just grl

      Love u baby.

    67. Chiara Esposito


    68. Joao Gonçalves

      A close friend that I never got to meet. Rest in peace

    69. Gunner Stewart

      Why can't it just be easy? Why does everybody need me to stay?????????? Oh, I hate the feeling When you're high but you're underneath the ceiling Got the cards in my hand, I hate dealing.. He knew his time was coming up (maybe with his lifestyle he was living), hell even I wonder sometime with the bullshit I do... ... He was at peace before death RIP MAC! your music has always been dope man! Kicking incredibly dope shit! Thank you!

    70. Edwin Vincent

      Some of his songs sounds like he committed suicide, don't come at me for this comment soft people