Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian - Battle Scars [Official Music Video]

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco

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    1. Nirman Magar

      This is an underrated song........ Its bars are so dope and deep...

    2. Loliee_Me_ Official


    3. D Y

      its 2020 and i am still in love with this song😍🔥

    4. Cezanne Dutta

      Anyone here from Isle of Man TT?

    5. Kakarot-Goku Taengoo-SONE

      Great song, cheers me up a lot

    6. Pawan Kumaran

      Its a sixer song, thats why not popular

    7. OnceUJin UCan'tJout

      ATEEZ TREASURE FILM brought me here :') gosh I haven't heard this song for years still one of the best songs out there

    8. Muhammad Najib

      Listen this song...also watching isle man tt...

    9. NexGen|GetRekt

      better at 1.25x playback speed

    10. zoey fish

      My favorite!!

    11. 合コン


    12. กรรณิการ์ สีสัน


    13. Ma nid

      2020 ??

    14. Koray Gunduz

      This was music, these sorts of music dissapeart

    15. Abhishek Garg

      anybody from mtv hustle ???

    16. Laltanpuia Colney

      I still listen this song......


      ok people BE YOUR SELF be brave kind not mean have courage in YOU


      we don't show it but still ALOT of people have battle scars even I do but be proud of your self no matter what... be happy if people think that your ugly they are super jealous of your self cus no one out there is as good as YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Timothy Yap

      Found this in a mcpe texture pack video no regrets

    20. Chris McNally

      Set fire to the rain..

    21. Dean Ackles

      Lupe fiasco has a real unique talents...His lyrics are just too deep and too good for majority of people to understand and appreciate it...

    22. Rashan Greene

      Came back in 2029 and this song still a bop First time in 6 or 5 years that I’ve listened to this again I remember omg 😆

    23. James Pullen


    24. G3RCraNk

      Best Song.. 2020.. and querly

    25. 抹茶チャチャ

      朝倉未来から来た( *˙ω˙*)و

    26. Testingaja Kali

      all song with a good piano melody playing always sounds good.

    27. Edmar Ortega

      2020 who's listening

    28. Brent Davis

      Lupe in 2020

    29. Jestem Hardkorem

      Can i use this song in my video?

    30. chad t

      ndafarira paataura nezvesadza risina muriwo

    31. Pïxel gunner


    32. Siegel Gaming

      So many asians here 😅

    33. zel daa

      Best song ever❤️

    34. Mpho Chwenyane

      I found myself singing this song after so many years. 2012 > 2020

    35. Lois Vega

      When everything in the song relates to my real life...i got to step back and say damn ....hope wounds heal...but they never really do still have my scars😔

    36. Setanta Una


      1. Setanta Una

        Krass... 😂😂😂

    37. Vaimast

      im in blucle whit this music

    38. 701Simmel

      Someone coming from isle of man? Goosebumps guys...

    39. daraksha khan


    40. Samx Sub

      Now i understand this more, RAAAAAAAAAAAA

    41. Dark Angel

      This should have this number of support times 10000

    42. Wayne’s Channel

      Last time i was here the views were 958k views im not kidding wow

    43. Tanis Leonhardi

      PTSD sucks.

    44. Samx Sub

      i never heard of dis amazing song till now!

    45. ปาริษา ใจเรือน

      Like this song.😘

    46. Zaq Huzaifah

      Guy sebastian from 🇲🇾 proud to be Malasysian

    47. Jes Jaafar


    48. TheMarked00 ‘

      Definitely the best song ever made and you can't change my mind

    49. Shazwan Faris

      I still wondering what is the problem with people. This song is telling the facts and people nowadays is listening to mumble rap shit with no facts on their song and keep mumbling random word over and over again.

    50. عقيل /aq.99aw

      تريد أغاني مترجمة ⁦❤️⁩ ادخل قناتي

    51. 雪希


    52. LuCk Panders

      I remember listening to this song 6 years ago on repeat. This sparks up some good emotions

    53. K3vinazo XD


    54. Hasmat Ali

      Who is after hustle

    55. Bella

      Here I am back again... Guy Sebastian's voice is one of the most BEAUTIFUL male voices in the world!!! And doesn't Sebastian look like Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson's son? He does to me!

    56. David Otieno

      Gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it like it's the first time. Damn!

    57. Shivam Rangila


    58. Fairuz Aiman

      2020!!! Awesome song 😍

    59. Yessica Redmond

      Love this song definitely helps especially with the one year anniversary of me finally telling my mom that a kid from my school she really liked had been raping me all school year and in the same month and week he did it for the last time...I've been so depressed thinking about and stuff kids that found out about it tell me I deserved it and wanted it and stuff...I actually have PTSD, anxiety, depression, eating disorder in a way, multiple personalities, scars, and other problems from it and everything I've been through. This song definitely helps me.. Edit: damn I'm really upset and hurting right now..I'd never say that randomly... please don't hate.. thank you..

    60. Walter Jones


    61. Julio Ginting

      Dear, You.. Thank you for never give up..

    62. משק 42 - טל שחר. עיזים ועוד

      למה יש כאן כל כך הרבה סינים?

    63. Kamila Alicja

      The best song T^T LEGEND

    64. Rupa Tiwari

      Who firstly hear the song on Badge99👌👌

    65. メ GodメGodAຮຮaຮຮᎥn

      How come I've never heard of this song before it's amazing

    66. nasjey nas

      why are chinese suddenly commenting everywhere

    67. Ikma hisyam

      Support lah skit anak malaysia

    68. You Tube


    69. TCN ลาก่อน TCN ลาก่อน

      คนไทย 2020