Look at These Assholes: Trump Family Edition | The Daily Show

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    President Trump attacks Greta Thunberg on Twitter, Don Jr. kills an endangered sheep for sport, the Trumps are taken to task for abusing charity funds, and Ronny Chieng explains the right way to use charity dollars. #LookAtTheseAssholes #TheDailyShow
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    1. Patco Ayong

      Trump and some his kids are sick minds

    2. IQDouche

      All 2.3k dislikes are from the Trumps

    3. Bektursun Sovetbekov

      A**hole junior🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣

    4. Mary Gilbertson

      Get the ASS Family out of the White House

    5. tubbergen

      Is this the Ghadaffi family? Not exactly, but you’re close.

    6. Katrielisa

      You seem to be obsessed with Trump and his children.

    7. Nang Ephriam

      Trevor you a funny ass.....

    8. Phuen_Tshog

      Dysfunctional family ever! 🙄

    9. Trapti Kaushik

      Namaste 👩‍💻

    10. Rockers Mood

      What happened to the American people,? voting for this piece of shit!!!!

    11. Rebecca Jo Steelman

      Too funny.

    12. Saudovsty Vides

      Wrong man in power.

    13. Richard Alexander

      Asshole Jr. didn't just bugger the sheep? Oh wait, maybe that's why Jr. had to shoot it, somebody told the boy it was a catch and kill story.

    14. IchigoGamer

      Uhhh I don't think he really bullied her as per say. Greta really is just a face and she has done a good job spreading global warming activism, but she really doesn't know how corrupt corporations are.

    15. dedda

      Indian prime minister is a brown trump and did this to Malala. You just didn't hear about it. Sick of these mfs

    16. Ravage CalHera

      Greta is a spoiled brat who is refusing to go to school until "the world changes" instead of actually doing something to change it.

    17. Corey Mondello

      Trump, his family, and his supporters are enemies of America and common decency! If I wasn’t banned from Twitter, I’d subscribe to Greta!

    18. Ivy Li

      Trevor Noah should run for the next election and he should win

    19. Anthony Spadafora

      You mean like someone who would leave their mother in Africa to be beat by his stepfather as he runs to LA..Did you mean that kind of asshole...Fucking PUSSY!

    20. [ Closed Captions ]

      Imagine being so neglectful of your country and not knowing what do you have so much free time you start to bully children.

    21. Aqua Marine

      In Pakistan, We hv 'Sitting Ministers' bullying opposition & putting a boot on table in front of opposition members in a political show.

    22. Jonas Larsen

      I dont like Trump, but Greta wanted to be treaded like a grown up, so Trump treaded her like a grown up.

    23. Arya E. Putra

      is it safe to mock your president like that?, well in my country, you will definitely end up in jail or worse

    24. Sandra Rosario

      Donald JR. A** hole, take on a man with a rifle...you won’t... because you are a coward M F...you will go to hell, 🤮🤮🤮piece of 💩💩💩

    25. Omar Hibeljic

      When will TRUMP respond to all of this

    26. Lala Sisli

      U know I agree with trumb and he did not bully her ,yes this girl is over drama she is right yes shw has a good goal yes but she need to relax specially in that interview when she said : how dare u

    27. Santosh Rai

      Trever is just jealous he isn't president

      1. Robert Graham

        I'd believe that if he ran for president and lost, but he hasn't.

    28. Poorun Last

      1:28 killed me laughing again n again

    29. rlmiller007

      Biggest racist on TV.

    30. Mauricio Figueroà

      Or just call a companion like he did

    31. Lafdhuun Gashay

      The only solution to have Trump to stop bullying others is to pick on and bully his family. I mean his soft area: pick on his children. Note dont try to pick on or bully him (unless you are Putin) because it has no effect on him

    32. Shane Smith

      This video is hilarious 😭👀

    33. yazeed 911

      nah bruh the trumps are a mix of the kardashians and a hitler if they also had an orgee with a donkey and a zebra

    34. pnkyalln


    35. Shawn Walker

      Hey Trevor you are just a piece of shit 💩💩💩💩💩

    36. realtalk313 H.Z.

      Yo this guy is mad funnyyyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭😭. He's mad stupid. Inhale and exhale. Let the air rush into your lunhs. He does the best impersonation of trump for real. My stomach hurts 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

    37. Samuel Muiruri

      Imagine calling that tweet bullying, won't support the charity thing won't justify it. *Remove canned laughter to assess the joke with a clear mind.

    38. Frank Advice

      Covering twitter is the laziest form of joke writing.

    39. Lefty Me

      Set the Trump family free so we can hunt them!

    40. pindiwal

      This family is a sick fuck family...Ivanka fucking daddy, junior fucking Melania.

    41. R Long

      I'm in awe that anyone truly believes Trumps tweet was considered bullying! What a joke! It makes perfect sense why our new generations are soooooooo sensitive. This is why little boys are having a hard time figuring out if they are male or female. Boys should be tuff to protect the sensitive girls but now boys are becoming more sensitive then girls....

    42. Jeffrey Turner

      That crack me up! It was laugh out loud funny! Very funny! Thanks for sharing!

    43. moe bezz

      So if someone says they're going to kill the president or his kids then I guess they get in trouble but the truth is if you kill an endangered animal like that then we're all going to gang up and kill these m************ so Secret Service do yourself a favor stop going to rest and all these people that say they're going to kill Trump and his kids why don't you just kill Trump and his kids and then we don't have to worry about this whole b******* it's about morals their Compass is broke and I'm the bad man is going to fix it

    44. Rock Nouveau

      There was a crooked man who led a crooked life. He was a crooked husband with a some-what crooked wife. He had some crooked children and son-in-law--a louse. And they divided this great nation from their White and crooked House....

    45. Yasoboy

      The whole family is disgusting asshole and stupid Yankees made him the President. Killing an endangered sheep for sport. That one is worse than a mother f**ker.

    46. FLOXshui Lee

      I hate that girl so much, it's the only time I agree with DT.

    47. Dogwood

      Trevor you are only intelligent enough to shine the shoes of the stupid people who watch you. This is it for you. This is as far as you go in life, you fucking caffer.

      1. Yasoboy

        Didn't you watch him before making your comment?

    48. KING JUDAH

      Was it really bullying

    49. unoblivion1 264

      What did the namaste mean?... just asking being an indian

    50. Billy Wang

      The title lol

    51. Kanta Semwal

      This guy has got real sense of humour😍

    52. Heena Thakur


    53. Crystal Gomez

      Asshole jr lmao

    54. William Pinkard

      I think rich people should get put in jail or prison for life with absolutely no chance of bail or parole at all if they steal from charity.

    55. vnoockthebrain

      Trump is clearly an asshole. But GT is being praised for really doing nothing. Instrumentalized and menthal deseased poor girl. And people who really deserved attention - real scientists and inventors, who are doing a lot are oveshaded by her big words that change nothing at all.

    56. Deborah Fox

      Trump Jr is an ASSHOLE 😡

      1. Yasoboy

        Killing an endangered sheep for sport, that is worse than a mother f**Ker.

    57. Nicole Osaji

      This Trevor you better chill, Trevor chill. Omg you certainly always make my day. Kudos

    58. Terry Kane

      I wonder how long it will take for Barron to commit rape for the first time?

    59. E S

      sad God will deal with you

    60. Debasish Raltepaul

      Saying the same words in other democratic country like here in India might get you lynched by fanatics. America has its own flaws and beauty where freedom of expression really exist.

    61. M. A.

      Jr. is a KNOWN PRICK, BY MANY, not an asshole. Also, wasn’t Trump’s best friend Epstein, who liked young, young girls? So maybe there is another reason Trump likes bullying this 15 YEAR OLD. ICKIE OLD MAN.

    62. JahRandom

      wow I jus almost died laughing when Trevor did FDR "this little girl can't dance for shit!" Lmao

      1. R. Harris

        I died😂😂😂😂

    63. Hyneeph Ali

      Would you have the train UK ng video for stupid managers

    64. Maria queen09

      His freaking impersonation amazing

    65. afsana mimi

      And they made him The President 😆

    66. Marimilitarybrat

      You are a racist

    67. Burn .D. Day

      For all we know that sheep could be one of Osama bin laden's concubines, just saying 💁

    68. New Generation


    69. CjPiper

      And then after all of this name-calling at the end of the day Trump is still the president And Europe still a black son of a bitch

    70. emslas

      Trevor you are an asshole too. An ugly asshole.