Local Elections 2019: Thank you, Kentucky! We love you, Virginia! | Full Frontal on TBS

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    Republican Matt Bevin has finally fallen off his high horse after Kentucky elected a new Democratic governor. To make things even better, Virginia Democrats now control both legislative chambers! Turns out people will vote you out if you don’t give them what they want. Who would’ve thought?
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    1. Lex K

      The people probably also voted for Beshear because many probably "read the transcript" after Trump endorsing Bevin at his rally.

    2. Julia Callan

      I love your show,keep reminding voters to VOTE BLUE in 2020,especially in Kentucky,get rid of MOSCOW MITCH

    3. Marcos Mota

      Don't let your guard down. Those who support Trump aren't just going to slink away.

    4. oil9vinergar

      they'll be sorry.....

    5. James Clark

      We did it to you trump No more communist red.

    6. the village idiot

      Be sure to thank mr drumph for sinking the Republican Party 👍

    7. Justin Credible

      And somewhere a child shot and killed his little sister by accident. But hey, NRA pays well, right?

    8. John Winslow

      It's White supremacist against the rest of America and American people will win or at least we better win or America as we know it is destroyed forever people

    9. Ella Presley

      What about Texas?? They glorify in being a RED state, but I believe that's gonna change

    10. Marlo

      MS was a given for red. But some usually red counties did turn blue.

    11. Daniel Vigil

      Geez.. I think some of this stuff crosses the line.. keep doing it it's hilarious!

    12. Steve Cole

      I love you! Let's have a hysterectomy togethor.. Nod, Nod, wink, wink.

    13. kim clarke

      That guy is creepy. That his mind went there that children were going to be assaulted because they might be alone at home. Really.....

    14. D. Love

      Was there no other candidate? You had no choice? It was the only way to get rid of an incumbent POS? I still don't think that I could vote for a DEM.

    15. Jason Wolski

      I love you Samantha Bee

    16. Payne_is_good R.J.

      Stop saying Quid Pro Quo not enough people get that it means This for That Use the word Bribery everyone gets what that means and everyone can say it without the tongue twister plus it is actually mentioned in the impeachment part of the Constitution and it is the same thing as Quid Pro Quo in that withholding vital military aid in exchange for Personal Political Favors IS BRIBERY which is clearly an IMPEACHABLE OFFENCE and they're not even denying a Quid Pro Quo anymore so call it what it is BRIBERY!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Roger Urias

      Chuck Todd isn't a real journalist.

    18. Michael Previs

      I guarantee you theres a trailer in Kentucky where 8 kids were left home alone with no TV to babysit them while their mama was down at the dish office begging for another extension on that cutoff notice 🤷

    19. John Barry

      Bet she gets very wet...lol

    20. reg fleming

      From a Biblical standpoint, is there a distinction made between condominiumize and condomize?

    21. Ramblin Chuck

      Hey, let's get up to date--Bevin finally did concede!

    22. SavvylikeaPirate


    23. wayne johnson

      lets hope the wave keeps going

    24. The Piper's son

      Sorry folks, Ky is a red state. Bevin was definitely a tool, but McConnell, Paul, and Trump will all win next year, and the House will be Republican again.

    25. Post Oak

      Missouri is one of the states that has not passed the Equal Rights Amendment. I have to laugh, thinking back on the frenzy that occurred in this state in the 1970s about the ERA, particularly among the religious folk. If the ERA were enacted, they said, women will be forced to use the same public restrooms as men. Now, 50 years later, because of the universal worship of the business bottom line, lots of small towns in this state have public restrooms that are shared by all.

    26. wildman

      Kentucky should be a poster child for AMERICA FIRST! Vote out all the senators that won't put America first!

    27. A S

      Louisville KY voter here. I was actually excited when my polling place was crowded! Gives me a sliver of hope that we can finally Ditch Mitch?!

    28. JonJon

      Chuck the dumbfuck Todd.

    29. Kilal Googlestaffers

      '… 100 years is a long time to think about baseball...' slain

    30. Tidbit

      Texas Next! Red to Blue, common lone star state!

    31. Hopper Mantis

      Kentucky elections was rigged. Can't wait.

    32. Anvil /s/

      Trump 2020!!!

    33. Baldemar M

      You're amazing Samantha

    34. Dion Govender

      This is great, but where are the other political parties? Green Party for example. Surely this is their chance to gain more support and make inroads? In fairness they deserve at least a mention in the mainstream media.

    35. Patrick Jenkins

      🗿Republican Matt Bevin's use a Black kid as a POLITICAL PROP in his ad and then mentioning "child abuse" on another occasion seems like a form of HYPOCRISY taken to a new low. As far as I'm concerned, it matters NOT if the child is one of his adopted children. The kid in the ad is being used as a (prop) plan & simple. 👎🏼

    36. Egypt *

      📣DitchMitch2020 💩

    37. wino99999

      2:54 Equal Rights amendment WOW that would be something that the remaing states wouldn't/couldn't possibly object to. Wonder how close the LGBT discrimination legislation is??

    38. wino99999

      2:14 talking about kids being assaulted - No not like that!

    39. DeonteSoWavy

      Andrew Yang in the lead on her app 👌😏

    40. K R

      what a joke...

    41. maribel caudillo

      I have hope in my fellow Americans now. Thank you Kentucky and Virginia.

    42. Nathan Rios

      Why she is still here 😂😂😂

    43. Cindy Antiquey

      Bring in the illegals, add Democrat voter fraud and watch your country turn into a third world nation

    44. DanGan808 Ella

      Obey your thirst, and obey congress lol!

    45. Mudd Hammer

      Whats this nasty kunt doing on my feed? Filthy liberal baby killing dog.

      1. L D

        You christians ain't what you used to be.

    46. MindOvOMatter

      Please get Chuck Todd out of there! He has been a hot mess since the legend passed away.

    47. Deacon Davis

      Matt Bevin and Roy Moore should rent a cheap motel

    48. Brian Greenwood

      I get it. Trump’s incompetent. WHO IS GOING TO LEAD AMERICA OUT OF THIS MESS? I see no one proposing a positive message to rally behind. November will come around and the Dems will still be enamoured with impeachment, instead of a good strong message.

      1. Brian Greenwood

        L D Frog in a kettle.

      2. L D

        What mess?

    49. Steve Shaw

      *TRUMP 2020* *Promises made. Promises kept.*

    50. Gary Cooper

      The best thing about the Kentucky election is that Bevin was ahead by five percentage points in voter preference polls, until Trump held a rally supporting him. They day after the rally, Bevin lost by 5000 votes.

    51. Culvea Solvere

      Samantha should thank Trump because she wouldn't have a career without him being POTUS. Maddow should thank Russia and the Clintons pushing legislation to accept endless amounts of money from any foreign government during campaigns!

    52. Pvt Read

      actually his worst nightmare will be when Ivanka dumps him hahahahaha

    53. Roberto Beltran

      Build a wall around Kentucky and this inbreds their foodstamps away !

    54. Barry Werdell

      Dear Samantha Bee: Love your show, here's my favorite Trump joke; Donald Trump is walking around Washington D.C. when he see's a little girl selling kittens. "What kind of kittens are those little girl?" "They're Republican kittens." she answers" Trump is so excited that the next day he brings Pence, Lindey Graham and Giuliani to meet the little girl. "What kind of kittens are those little girl?" Trump asks "They're Democratic kittens." "What! they're the same kittens as yesterday, what's the difference?" She picks one up and shows him. "Today their eyes are open." Enjoy

    55. Hassan Suriya

      🤣🤣🤣🤣Glad I stumbled on to your channel..... I love you already 👌🏽👍🏽

    56. mark g

      Thank You Virginia! Thank you Kentucky!

      1. R. Whitaker

        @mark g Yes, whenever I go to the cities, it's like a different planet! Purple is progress 💜

      2. mark g

        @R. Whitaker All the big Texas cities are actually quite liberal. When you get out to the white suburbs and rural areas, then it flips. But change is coming to TX ... we are now definitely a shade of purple!

      3. R. Whitaker

        @mark g YES! Thank goodness for the DFW area 😍 I live in West Texas,which is a different story.

      4. mark g

        @R. Whitaker I'm in Dallas. The last few TX elections have been close. We can only hope!

      5. R. Whitaker

        I'm hoping my state (Texas) will follow the example.

    57. Sandy G

      I would love to live in Kentucky or Virginia. Smart people. ❤️

    58. Rishi Krishnaswamy

      Apart from Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski, all GOP people must go.

    59. Rishi Krishnaswamy

      Thanks to giving a shoutout for Danica, Sam. You are a true LGBTQ advocate.

    60. Mike C

      Just when you think he's hit rock bottom, he makes the election about him! What a tool. I'm almost ready to believe Moscow Mitch will get kicked all the way to Moscow. This tool got paid for doing nothing. Maybe with him gone the mountain of congressional bills might be considered. Most of the bills will help those who were desperate for help.

    61. Mark Dowse

      Can't wait for ORANGE POISON SACK to be impeached and removed.

    62. Bobby Hill


    63. Eric Tchindongo

      So hilarious this lady!!!

    64. Harry Helen

      5 out of 6 elected officials were Republicans. Democrat Governor was the correct vote though. Doesn’t mean Kentucky will not vote for Trump. So everyone go vote !!!! Trump 2020 !!!!!!

    65. Night Knight

      It's too late, the Liar-In-Chief's cult followers already drank his circus peanut orange koolaid.

    66. Betta Blue

      Republicans always project’s their behavior. This GOP Governor is a molester of children.

    67. Let’s grow

      If you win~claim victory If you LOSE~claim victory ~trump 👇🏼 And his supporters will fall for it EVERYTIME

    68. Let’s grow

      Moscow Mitch is next to go.

    69. Sandra Arnal

      Hope this is just the beginning!

      1. Scion of Madness

        Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment. : /