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    Officers engage in a high-speed car chase with three men who robbed a bank. When the men jump out of the car and run, police are approved to fire shots in this clip from "08.16.19". #LivePD
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    1. A&E

      Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!

    2. Helen Kruse

      I'm in Cassatt,SC, the county East of where this happened. This was the talk of the area when this happened. I remember hearing it on the local News, and others had it on their police scanner. This kind of robberies don't happen often around here. I also have my house on the market. I live in the country,just 10 minutes from down,and about 25 minutes East of where this clip was taken. Anyone want to buy a place on 2.5 acres, look on Zillow and enter 1164 Yarborough Rd.Cassatt,SC and make me an offer. We'll see what happens. Where I am, it's quiet,so quiet you can actually watch wildlife and it not be scared off,and watch When Lizards Attack live on the front porch.

    3. Atouk

      I don't see no weapons." I'm so glad the police are literate.

    4. Nik D

      Look how well they are protecting the banks !!! They became 100 cops in less than a minute to chase the bank robbers!!! Citizens vs Banks which cops protect.

    5. Maddy Caparella

      I love that they used their turn signals

    6. James Breedlove

      Bread and TV dinner for all of you lol!

    7. TC Marino



      bravo mikes hmm what could that mean

    9. Emily Mcduffie

      I’m gonna sound dumb, but what does it mean to PIT?

    10. ItsInTheDetails

      Then people wonder why cops get out with their hands in their guns. Cause people trying to kill them! Give those scum life.

    11. josh anderson

      That went from 0 to 1000 real quick

    12. 716Abdallah028 Here

      People everyday problems with police 👮‍♀️ 😕 I mean no good

    13. kyle patterson

      that lady sheriff tho 😻

    14. Summer Dawn

      Wow thats crazy they can say that

    15. Evolved Primate

      Did they shackled the feet coz he was runnin too fast?

    16. Dan McGrath

      Bro why would you use ur blinkers in a high speed chase😂😂😂

    17. thelonewolf191

      Guy gets shot in the leg? I say leave it. Serves him right for robbin a bank and being a waste to society

    18. Mr. Pewdiepie

      If you were in one of the houses when they started shooting

    19. Ryan M Adams

      What 3 black men pull out guns on the police and none of them die? It’s almost like the police don’t want to kill anyone

    20. Thomas Fields

      That 3rd guygot out of the car late af.

    21. NateTheFantabulous

      The dude at 1:05 straight up Naruto runs out of there.

    22. Pearcey111

      There goes there lives 25 to life in jail for sure trying to kill police

    23. Jackson Pearcy

      Running away from cops but using their blinkers 😂

    24. Jay Risso

      That female deputy sheriff who was carrying off the suspect. She's pretty & strong💪

      1. Secret

        I wish they had interviewed her 😻😻😻

    25. Robert Tari

      Did anyone else see the Guy Airbender Running at 1:06 ?

    26. Ida Stephens

      That poor traffic sign. So sorry you had to go out that way. 😂😂😂

    27. Kevybear

      “That wasnt me”

    28. Chris Cyanide

      All this for money that wont even last you a quarter of your life. Bunch of geniuses

    29. Dave7777

      Officer: Do they have any weapons? Dispatch: No. I don't see anything in the report about any weapons. Car pulls over, three guys jump out firing guns. Dispatch: Of wait, there is something about weapons. It's at the very bottom of the page. They all have guns.

      1. Chris W

        I laughed pretty loud at this one

    30. Lyrical Baby

      1:05 i think he got shot in the leg and if he did i give him props for running that fast after getting shot

      1. Deoris

        they said at the end that he got shot

    31. reinplat

      "Three honor students viciously ambushed by white supremacists", lawyer tells CNN.

    32. TheFallingFlamingo

      I never know if a live PD title is describing what's happening or just something crazy a crack-head was yelling.

    33. ReachLobbiez

      Says armed robbery but then says no weapons

    34. tianna c

      dumbasses 😂

    35. MusicInspire

      Those n's are going to prison for a looong time.

    36. Bubbbaa

      Despite making 13 perce...

    37. Donn Blood

      ran low on their honda accord supply.

    38. FannyPackZack

      The man is running from hella cops and he still using his blinker

    39. Tomasz Pasternak

      They forgot to replace "Black Honda" with "Bravo Hotel".

    40. Kevin Erickson


    41. WassupItsMike!

      Shooting at the fleeing guys wasn’t the best , a stray shot could of gone thru a house

    42. kil0gr4m

      Why were they signaling lol

    43. CaseOfThe Sniffles

      the shooters got life

    44. Erik Allen

      First time seeing a bank heist on Live P.D. Surprised the 3 robbers didn’t get shot by the officers.

    45. Steven Barron

      Got shot in the d almost lol

    46. Nico Morrone

      Legend says there was a police officer, long time ago, who didn't wear Oakley sunglasses. But nobody could prove his existence till today.

      1. Robery Lawler


    47. William Sult

      These dudes got Honda's for days

    48. B. Vaughan

      "Dem good bois. Day wuz goin to da church bible study"

    49. Every 60 Seconds A Minute Passes In Africa

      But but people dont understand they robbed a bank because they really needed that money to buy new weapons and bullets. :(

    50. King Kable

      that female officer could def hold her own. you can just tell

    51. Reshaona Yates

      Did they really start shooting , I was not expecting that

    52. Ashlea Davies

      Why can the people who drink drive , abuse and fight people all have there fases blanked out but as soon as they go to jail everybody gets to see there faces

      1. Wind Tail

        I mean you’ll never see them again an they are felons 😂

    53. GF Chanel


    54. N L

      Great job. I did not expect them to catch them. I understand now why the police send all that manpower.

    55. Rich Piana

      Run your mouth again and see what happens.

    56. O11_ foo

      How can people be so stupid lmao

    57. Mike Floyd

      Should've killed them all

    58. Mark Johnson

      Weird how they have to say bravo mike instead of black male over the radio

    59. UDubFootballFan

      South Carolina. They're never getting out.

    60. ScarceGaming

      they all should have been shot on site.

    61. Lisa B in Hawaii

      The first police officer that reported "shots fired" was extremely calm about it...

    62. Andrew Moore

      Then nergos wounder why they get killed by police

    63. Look at this du-

      Last dude getting out the car was sleep or sumn?😂 tf you get out the car for then gone stumble while you getting shot at.

    64. Bbw GoDDeSS

      They robbed the bank on killian they were all over the news

    65. Heath Fitzgerald

      Should've just went ahead and shot them to save our tax dollars from being wasted on those thugs.

    66. John Silverman


    67. Zombie E Girl

      It’s over for these guys

    68. CDC 232

      Good job officers🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈.Now put all 3 in a CAGE with hungry GORILLAS👹👹👹👹

    69. Brian

      Enjoy the next 25 years dumbass Losers

    70. karim aljabri

      Police in America its not Social bad cop. woman its more friendly and more Social