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    Officers engage in a high-speed car chase with three men who robbed a bank. When the men jump out of the car and run, police are approved to fire shots in this clip from "08.16.19". #LivePD
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    In-studio host, ABC’s Dan Abrams, alongside analyst Tom Morris Jr., guide viewers through the night, giving insight to what audiences see in real time (via a mix of dash cams, fixed rig and handheld cameras), bouncing minute-by-minute between the featured police departments and offering an inside look at each live incident.
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    1. A&E

      Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!

    2. Dr. Jeremy T. Tate Th.D.


    3. iTzRekk-

      Anyone else come here from an “xQc watches live PD” video

    4. Tiger Steele


    5. cyan0xide

      i hope they rough these guys up bad when the cameras cut

    6. Linda Fowler

      Good job officers


      Have a great vacation, guys..

    8. Jason Murdock

      Those dudes ain't seeing the light of day for a long long time ...

    9. Shira Alishaba

      Omg this is so scary, how do officers go through this??? 😳

    10. oprah_did_9/11

      Black people be like "wHy dA CoPs Be haSSlIng uS."

    11. SoCalGamer

      Amateur crew, frfr

    12. Samuel Cantley

      They wont do it again

    13. Brentan Llewellyn

      Now shoot them all in the head

    14. thejanusproject32

      Did that trio of idiots score like, 20 years or something?

    15. cameron weaver

      I can't help but think that if the third guy stayed in the car and denied knowing what the other two were doing, he'd be let off.

    16. El Coronel / Nacho AT

      On the radio: I got one! On Camera: we dont know if he shot himself

    17. BF3 forever Greene


    18. Curtis Jones

      Kill them. Save the taxpayers money.

    19. Vlyx-agar

      And they had to be black.

    20. Colonel Sanders

      Lol three bravo mikes.

    21. Darren Green

      Should have terminated these POS thugs

    22. Legit Almighty

      Welp we’ll see these brothers in 300 years 😂😂👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾.....they DOOOONNNNNNNEEEEEE

    23. Tony Cuccia

      Why save the suspect that's bleeding? Let him bleed out he shot at officers.

    24. Jackobt Thoronn

      Romantic ending..💥👊🌹

    25. Turbulance ECO1A

      They have the aim of COD AI on easy.

    26. caroline

      I’m sorry HOW are you going to rob a bank in 2019?? please elaborate.

    27. Spongebob NiggaPants

      Robbed a bank, got in a high speed chase, jumped out and shot at police, ran away, but used they blinkers so i think they good

    28. R Anderson

      Trump 2020 Get used to it losers !

    29. Jev's Older Brother

      Black people am I right

    30. 90s Alternative Rock

      Honda Accord for a bank robbery?? Imagine that. That's the type of vehicle that John Dillinger always used for bank robberies. He was told in prison that they're the best cars to use for escape.

    31. Jun Roman

      Parasites of every community.....🦟🦟🦟🦟

    32. martinez5664c

      Kind of disappointed the cops return fire didn’t take them out on the spot 😕

    33. Adalberto Garcia

      Y los perros porque no los soltaron un ratito para que sea más divertido

    34. Marty Robbins

      I'd get shot if it means that lady would carry me to the police cruiser

    35. Jimmy Olsen

      Great job

    36. Gus The Loaf

      0:45 running from the cops and still uses turn signals lol

    37. big yeet

      Always use the armored Kuruma for heists... Has GTA taught them nothing?

    38. Rodrick Evans

      You want equality.....there's your equality and social justice. Boom!

    39. Michael Matthews

      If Bravo Mike's are black males, would that make white males Whiskey Mike's? As a Mike, I approve

    40. Kevin Joyce

      Animals 😐

    41. fifty years

      What your watching is extremely rare, something like this last happened in 1957.

    42. jour de flamme

      Awe their black...that's racist! Let them go! Quit picking on the black folk!

    43. LOOKUP2

      Great job serving and protecting, the very reason to have these agencies. Don't go after petty stuff arguments, cannabis, etc. nor escalate situations and you guys will have the public back on your side again.

    44. Chucky z6

      Thats a 25 right there

    45. Eric Johnston


    46. AmericanPatriot 1776

      You cops ROCK, baby! This was outstanding team work, I'm so shocked/impressed.

    47. Mel F

      How did they get a second same color Honda Accord?! Did they steal one?? Was there a 4th person involved who had a 2nd Accord on standby waiting for them or did they just luck out and steal a same color Honda Accord after ditching the first, firing and running into a seemingly random neighborhood? That would be a very coincidental steal. Something about this is fishy.

    48. Don Upton

      You missed you got him in the leg, he was supposed to get him in the heart

    49. Bob Himself

      I hate female cops woman shouldn’t be allowed to be cops from all the example we’ve had over the years it’s just asking for police shootings some people are not gonna be degraded like that they won’t stand for that

    50. Alpha Orionis 911


    51. saul ibarra

      The dude was using his blinkers 😂

    52. Sam Norberg

      The female deputy at 1:57 🥵

    53. angel Alvira

      Google map : turn left , in a quarter mile bail the f***out and shoot at cops

    54. More Avxry

      Thats was no mercy 😈😈

    55. Damian_22 1

      They rannnn

    56. Drumhailer

      Sucks they dont get to just take them over to one of those trees and hang them

    57. Lil Lighter Thief

      Just figured out what a Bravo Mike is....

    58. J. Tueur

      Such a racist video. Imagine three black guys robbing a bank.

    59. RuffleMUTT

      1:05 ... was that guy doing the Naruto run?

    60. nick

      lemme get this straight. criminals shoot at cops: 25 to life. cop shoots at unarmed citizen: paid leave. biggest gang in the US is the LAPD

      1. ThePsychoReturns

        You have earned no argument. Quit being a dope and repeating dumb talking points you've heard from stupid people.

      2. nick

        @ThePsychoReturns that's your argument for my statement? cops are just like ordinary everyday citizens but they get on this big power trip because they went through 6 months of "training".

      3. ThePsychoReturns

        Oh, shut up.

    61. Joseph Shackett

      That was crazy bad shooting...

    62. Cyberdactyl

      My wild guess is they incurred an additional 60 months for the gang-banger exit from the car.

    63. can you see me

      Come on, currently you rob banks behind a computer screen. Days for stickups are long gone!

    64. Mark Maxwell

      Sounds like he shot his self SMH not a smart move!

    65. Tim 0903

      Cop sucks at shooting like wtf

    66. mrmatalino

      Three bullets would have fixed a lot of problems

    67. J R Deckard

      In New York they'd be set free, because they're too poor to make bail.

    68. CDC 232

      Good job officers🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    69. Andreas MonteCristo

      3 bravo mikes. ...typical.

    70. Theo

      I wouldn’t call those criminals humans, they are something else -animals