Lillie Practices a Z-Move | Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon-Ultra Legends | Official Clip

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    Lillie and Snowy want to become stronger, so Hala encourages them to try using a Z-Move with their new Z-Ring. But perfecting a Z-Move isn’t as easy as it looks! Will Lillie and Snowy be able to master this move together?
    You won’t want to miss the newest episodes of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon-Ultra Legends on Disney XD!
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    1. Betty Rodriguez

      i LIKE pokémon

    2. Pepper Mint

      Horrible VA

    3. Joshwa Henry


    4. Mastered Pancake

      My first time hearing Lillie’s anime voice *WHY THE FUCK DOES SHE SOUND SO OLD*

    5. jc23aircraftchannel

      Anyone wondering why Melemele’s Island Guardian never opens his eyes?

    6. Astermations •v•

      Lillie fails at everything

    7. louis sevilla

      I love snowy

    8. Blue/Poker The Galaxy Exploring wolf fox :3

      Is this a new series if so or not when will it come to Netflix :D

    9. Jis1300 Yummy

      I like it in Japanese tho and Lillie is so good with her z move

    10. Octo-Ninja25

      I mean it was good WHERE IS THE EPISODE ON NETFLIX THO

    11. Cartoon Kid

      ok< I know its ultra legends and i havent watched it yet cuz im waiting for it on netflix, but what the hell did Tsareena evolve into?

    12. Cartoon Kid

      My sis when she hears Lillie's voice: dEaR mArIo pLz cOm 2 dA cAsTLe

    13. Jonwryy

      0:14 the chilling sea power covering ZA WARUDO

    14. Sarah Wilderson

      Lillie has grown too fast ;-;

    15. Littlepie95

      since when did you have to perfect a z move pose?

    16. Jigar Joshi

      She sounds like a lord

    17. Isis Le

      it's better when it's japanese

    18. Gincuba 2

      You know pretty much everyone is complaining about the dub if you don't like the dub why did you watch this video

    19. gdelgado38

      Lillie's voice is sounds like a 40 year old woman.

    20. Alain Reyes

      Sounds like a fat old woman faking a young girl's voice. Not gonna lie, im happy i dont have to watch it this way

    21. Doctor Strange

      So close oof XD

    22. Kori Jenkins

      She's supposed to be, I assume, 11-12 in the show (though they'll say 10, we know that's not true and their effective age changes from season to season to fit the writing) Why does she sound like she's 20?

    23. Hexx

      Minnie mouse pls go back in your house!!

    24. Kawaii Desu-chan

      This is just another comment complaining about her voice. Keep scrolling

    25. Jayden carter

      ohhh so close lille you will get it some day

    26. I am a Man

      Hey dude when I get pokemon tv and signed in I don’t see the shows please help me

    27. Surajpandey 109

      dang some of these comments are bout lilies voice if u dont watch this on pokemon TV everytime a new sun and moon ultra legends series comes out then stop reading this comment she owns a flippin' Z ring how come this not on pokemon Tv yet I mean ash kiwahae and lana owns Z rings right? im pretty sure in the future mallow is gonna own one too

    28. mario_sonic1 123

      When will this season be on Netflix?

    29. Fox Gaming

      0:33 Lillie: uhhhhhh......... and i oop. *snowy drops her hydroflask*

    30. Random Boi


    31. yukito shiino


    32. Jellyz_ PG3D

      99% of the comments " THAT VOICE IS NOT GOOOOD! " 1% of me " Oh cool Sub Zero slammers nice try Lilie you can do it next time"

    33. Pawel Garczynski

      good job Lillie

    34. Jesús Trejo

      Ey why Lillie sound like a whiny 8 year old

    35. Eli Ayase

      her voice is really horrible

    36. Alex Carlson

      Snow howls at 0.24!

    37. Oscar Readmore

      Lillie is one of my favourite characters on pokemon universe.

    38. Fibr Badger


    39. Plushies WATER BOTTLE

      Lillie hits the woah at 0:16

    40. hlavco

      And then while she's saying all that stuff the opponent just uses a Quick Attack.

    41. Joshua Haddock

      Me cool speach Also me just says subzero slammer

    42. ShadowDragonGamer 476

      Lillie’s voice doesn’t fit her character at all XD first time I heard her voice I was just like “That’s no good!”

    43. MrThaPerson

      Lillie’s english voice is terrible. You can clearly hear a grown woman trying to emulate a soft spoken teen girl but failing horribly. They should have gone with someone else.

    44. Jude Bamford

      What's that.... lillie used a Z Move...? Well... guess I hate lillie now

    45. du bu

      Dat voice... though

    46. maxplaying

      Que fea voz, esto es Steven universo?

    47. swag chriz

      Make more pkmn generations. Not this trash

      1. breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc

        I know it's really confusing. But stay with me here. This is generation 7. And since the art style isn't changing in shield and sword. And with team yell. The humor isn't changing either. So get used to it. As this is Pokemon now. 😒

    48. Derek Phillips

      Ahhhhh hate her voice actor lol

    49. The Goddess Of Edge

      *i'm sO PROUD OF HER*

    50. Hanners

      She sounds like a mom. Uhg. It makes me sad cause shes one of my fav all time characters. :(

    51. BookPvP

      The cringe levels are once again bursting at the seams cause once again english voice acting is complete trash compared to japanese voice acting

    52. omegablue22

      She's becoming sailor moon!

    53. Plexter C

      When pokemon ultra legends coming to sweden?

      1. Jose Manuel Balod


    54. Shashi Sharma

      Please please please please please please please please rease in india

    55. bigga juice

      Lillies voice is greating

    56. Bass Galaxy

      She tried so hard! 😔

    57. Humberto Mateo

      voz más mierda xd

    58. Erbee

      Oof idk about that voice thank god for subs 😂

    59. Mubin Dilse


    60. Will Iam

      So close! Yet so far from my imagination of her English dub voice.

    61. doctor leak

      Z crystals are horrible for Pokemon with little mobility or certain parts.

    62. cursedGalatea

      Do you ever think that one day the localization of the anime will have children voicing the child characters?

    63. SSJwiggy

      What are Z moves? I only know of the features included in Sword & Shield...

    64. Brian Griffin

      Thats not a kind of voice for a cute girl...eww

    65. Rony epic

      Thats It i cant TAKE IT LILIES VOICE ACTOR IS A *MAN* Finally got the system out of me

      1. Jose Manuel Balod

        ME:😶💥 🔫

    66. jereex 2

      Why i dont have this??? :(((

    67. Animating Gamer

      Lillie: I’m going to attempt a Z-Move! Me: you still have much yet to learn you pathetic weasel

    68. Smoke19th

      Hala might finese her z crystal

    69. EJ-Bishop-1988

      Might as well jump on this bandwagon... her voice irritates the hell out of me

    70. ArtistaLyss

      Anticlimactic lol