Lil Uzi Vert - Futsal Shuffle 2020 [Official Audio]



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    Lil Uzi Vert - Futsal Shuffle 2020
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    1. XCellXT

      Starting off wit a banger🔥

    2. SOUIRIX

      00:00 Tyler creator - boredom ?

    3. Eddie

      I Like This Thanks For Uploading This Uzi!

    4. RainZ Yt

      I showed this to geometry dash. I beat the level

    5. Lebogang Jr

      This needs time to hit. 😂

    6. Diego Ortiz

      No one: Absolutely no one: Mosquitos at 3am:

    7. Leo

      Futsal shuffle (prod.geometry)

    8. Jason Powers

      Pow pow

    9. Seba 13

      La e escuchado como 35 veces desde hace 12 horas

    10. LeekyOverHere

      This shit harder than The Box I’m gonna go head and say

    11. HAVVK

    12. Hector Hand

      I don’t get these mosquito jokes, mans from the uk 🇬🇧

    13. Tyrone Toney

      Juice Wrld would of ate dis bihh

    14. QwertyLegos

      Everybody gangsta until the Dame Tu Cosita alien starts doing the Futsal Shuffle

    15. Emronz

      Geometry Dashes next release for 2020 *Geometry Dash UziVert*

    16. Nick From Wii Sports


    17. Gamer Time

      thicc anime bitches

    18. Sapphire Lee

      Y'all leave the poor mosquito alone

    19. ThunderVoltzツ

      Beat sound like an Geometry dash demon level with epilepsy included

    20. Amin Zainal

      Wtf wit da beat

    21. Ryan Bracley

      This beat sucks

    22. Louis Nicholas

      uzi no cap just can't make bad songs best artist without insane talent ( not saying he aint talented )

    23. Khamari_k1

      Lil Uzi Vert - Futsal Shuffle (feat. Tyler The Creator)


      Producer: what type beat you want Uzi: mosquito freestyle orchestra

    25. Dabens Emile


    26. 1_ Usedtoplaythis

      Nobody : Nobody in the world : The weirdo in you class : doing futsal shuffle 2020

    27. 1_ Usedtoplaythis

      0:00 does it sound like tyler the creator to you too or is it just me

    28. BIG BUNNY

      its catchy asf

    29. Lynx Oofy

      Aight so homey we need a beat that ain't when you scratch plastic

    30. Vitin 2020

      BRASIL ✌

    31. Logan Flojack

      I love this song, but mad people hate it. Smh

    32. NinKenShi

      are you serious? i swear my money get serious.-UZI

    33. SadVibesForever

      Is this song copyrighted? ;/ Why everybody sayin it

    34. Jones 2PhoneS

      I honest to god this bih was never going to released but im so happy it did

    35. Steve EM

      Y' all sayin that the beat sounds like a mosquito...WHAT KINDA MOSQUITO DO Y ALL HAVE IN YOUR PLACE

      1. GlidyTV


    36. High Man

      Future is right there

    37. sally

      Tyler in the beginning tho

    38. Cryptic Elite

      Why does the very very beginning melody sound so familiar???

    39. xavier

      Symere woods😔😔 July 31,1994-

      1. IAmLegend

        July 31st 2094

    40. bitch shut up

      What happens when you live in the hood and there are many mosquitoes :

    41. coosee :v

      Does anyone else feel underwhelmed? I've been trying to force myself to like it since it released, but the energy is not there. Saying this as an uzi fan btw

    42. Thepackofdogs

      the beat sound like a geometry dash soundtrack 😂😂

    43. queen b

      yo sing that shit are y’all fucking dumb

    44. TTB NarcosTv

      Is that Tyler I hear

    45. -‘ruth alvarado

      are u serious

    46. Dalinda Pope

      Hit different 0.75 idk ...

    47. Yanzz

      *Me and the bois freestyling over a geometry dash game*

    48. Danny Ceniceros

      brb gonna learn the dance for this, might take a while

    49. youngcashmoneythe3

      Futsal shuffle : 0:20 Me : Mann Start that shit over 💯🔥

    50. Shadow Dragon

      “I sent that girl a dm she ain’t answer me so you know I gotta shoot two at her” BLOCKED “Sad uzi noises”

    51. f o r k

      The girl at the bottom looks like toga lol

    52. Julian Dunn

      this stuff hard uzi

    53. melanie bailon

      the beginning sounds like tyler the creator live singing boredom

    54. Abby F

      Did y’all know that was Tyler in the beginning 😳😳😳😳😳😳

    55. MP Doodle

      comment “gift card” and your instagram or twitter in my recent video to enter a giveaway for a free $10 amazon gift card

    56. Clutch handla

      We need that eternal atake no cap

    57. Kertina Yu

      wait is that Tyler at the beginning?

      1. IAmLegend


    58. big fan

      Are you serious?

    59. jzirpolo12 Gaming

      Narduar 😂

    60. playboi kane

      bro was there a mosquito in the studio


      Love the nard dog in there

    62. viber mc ricer

      who else want to be a anime character

    63. Cruz Montelongo

      Who remembers lil uzi verts old hair

    64. julian_ lopez14

      Is that Tyler in the beginning?

    65. brandon

      Yo tyler at the begining tho :o im just noticin now 😭

    66. heyitshackgod

      Beat hits harder than my dads belt

    67. Charlie Lipschutz

      For some reason this feel like something from 2040

    68. Ruth Ahia

      I was in the library and realized my headphones weren't in...🤦🏾‍♀️

    69. Big Chungus

      This sounds like a geometry dash song 😂😂