Lil Nas X - Rodeo (ft. Nas) [Official Video]



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    Official video for "Rodeo" by Lil Nas X featuring Nas.
    Listen & Download “Rodeo” out now:
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    Starring: Lil Nas X & Nas
    Story By: Lil Nas X & Bradley & Pablo

    Directors: Bradley & Pablo
    Production Company: PRETTYBIRD
    Cinematography: Pablo Berron
    Production Design: Greg Allen Lang
    Editor: Lauren Dellara
    Visual Effects: Chimney
    Strategic Partnerhips: Jen Frommer & Raquel Roberts
    Producers: Megan Gutman, Candice Dragonas, Chris Clavadetscher,
    Producer/Video Commissioner: Saul Levitz
    LNX Stylist: Hodo Musa
    LNX Hair/Makeup: Brittany Thomas
    Choreographer: Jamaica Craft, Josh Smith, and Antonio Hudnell for Jam Session Ent.
    Nas Stylist: April Roomet
    Nas Hair/Makeup: Marcus Harvey
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    1. Maelee Davis

      Omggggggg why is he like this now like really

    2. mushroom ua

      I wonder what will be his next role for the next music video?

    3. Hershiez Kissez

      I love you mom

      1. Hershiez Kissez

        P is the same person I feel different

    4. vibes fam

      This music vid is litttt

    5. Antowne Craig

      i love you bro ig fat_man_121

    6. Isa bel

      Noooooo Cardi B has to be here doing her paaart!

    7. samuel ayoola

      this video is f**d up

    8. Metód brus

      Wow epic

    9. Scott R

      They mixed Matrix and Blade

    10. VSCO Save the turtles sksksksksksksksksk


    11. ryan Unknownerror

      Lmfaoooo funny looking asssss fucccccckkkkk

    12. Try6 flacco

      Good flow boy

    13. Boss Man

      Thriller vibes

    14. Red Llama Kayden and Rj

      𝘛𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘖𝘚 𝘥𝘰𝘱𝘦

    15. Raquel Adkins


    16. Dirty hairy

      Yeah we're does he get his acid from

    17. Raquel Adkins

      Thai here a werewolf

    18. Cun 7

      Nas Looks like Blade from the Movie

    19. Larry Waters

      me dancing in the middle of the street at 3am 2:39 XD

    20. God Brim

      I wasint notice that death note was gonna be in this 🤔😅

    21. Insa Djanfar


    22. JaLyn Lockhart

      Boy you got some moves I like this song

    23. INIYA


    24. Okikiola Amodu

      Damn this song is a vibe!!

    25. Döniz Karadag

      U look like Ryuk from death note👍💛👍👍

    26. Seven Oli

      I like this

    27. Shagai shagai


    28. Krisna Jimenez

      Lil has x is now Bart from simpsons

    29. jon david

      He is so hot

    30. memeboii boiii

      2:15 me trying to run away from my mom just she can ask me do u have homework

    31. Felipe Ribeiro

      Quem é do Brasil e é fã deixa o like

    32. Mr Hater

      What do you think you look like: What do you actually look like: 2:40

    33. fabian wolfe

      Y’all some lying ass big head yellow teeth ice cream cone shape bitches because this song was bland as FUCK without cardi b verse, don’t get me wrong tho it’s alright but it wasn’t hyped like cardi b damn I wish she was in the vid I know for a big fucken FACT she would’ve murder the hoe and had y’all sucking on her dick big mad !

    34. AfVer en

      Oh here we go ayy!! Pls let me know ayyy!!

    35. AfVer en

      Ayyy!! :D Vampires would cool to watch this

    36. Monkey Madness

      Nice tune Im a producer if you like to check my tunes checkit feedback is always welcome

    37. Dazlek

      Rip that girl who didn't want to eat those doritos.

    38. Jessie Ngs

      Sometimes I just afraid of opening my CZ-news. No offence, I can't just handle these fictional horror scenes. But I have confess that it was a good music video .

    39. kirolous N.William subscribe status whatsapp 🔥❤❤🔥

    40. Riam Gohil

      Dude this is literally the matrix??!!

    41. roshanda price

      Lord I thought it was October!! I actually like this

    42. Batbileg Uchiha

      0% Naked ppl 100% Halloween 200% Autune

    43. Lucifer Morningstar

      I'm just here to see the "Japan" comment.

    44. alka THAKUR

      Nice video....... i like it

    45. Annie Kautz

      Why would Estee Lauder be sold at the grocery? Next to the booze... lol

    46. Simon Baan

      This videoclip is so insane sick!!!!

    47. gagan banga

      Why isn't this 100m yet.?

    48. mu171 i

      You epic!!

    49. Al Messinger

      TBH I want some Cool Ranch Doritos now..

    50. SoulKnighty Night

      Isn't it a bit too early for halloween?

    51. Devin Sauls

      Man they selling their souls hes a demon right now

    52. V P

      Drinks Blood.............

    53. Nofal 96

      So same song just different lyrics?

    54. Bill Cipher

      I love how the sponsored doritos vampires be like blood nah doritos YES QUEEN

    55. Angry Crimson

      Lil nas x: Why don't you say that to my face? Also Lil nas x: *Scream*

    56. Timothy tittot

      This song is good but i feel like nas kinda butchered it

    57. Kitty Cityy

      Omg Micheal Jackson vibes much

    58. Dwarf in a box

      his hair look like butt plugs on his head

    59. Jordan fakedotcom

      1:50 wow that scene is so famous that someone made a movie about that

    60. Emotional Evolution

      Would have been dope if not for the Doritos product placement, and the nail polish or whatever the fuck that was. I fucking hate commercials. The market and the government are owned by a handful of conglomerates, we need to take the country back. BERNIE OR BUST

    61. cringey Boy

      Finally ive been waiting

    62. In my bag

      I can’t be the only one who found Nas’ verse lowkey cringe lol

    63. Gray Heath

      isn't that guy the guy of the CUT video of the 3 old guys smoking weed together???? 0:32

    64. Dilshan NAGRA

      2:20 me when there is 100% off for toys in the store

    65. Barneo

      Самое лучшее,что я когда либо видел и слушал!

    66. Predators Team

      0.19 what is that instrument ?

    67. Mc Stiff SP


    68. Alex Balandrano

      Like si vienes por el anuncio de tutub

    69. andria eremeishvili

      he has ''great'' acting