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    1. TheRevivist

      0:52 I love the robotic sound effects with the music. His music is fire goddamn.

    2. Anaga Anil

      Panini is a very tricky but an environment encouraging song. it is how cause the video symbolizes that our life is taken up by gadgets and billboards that there is no more environment left. It tells us that we should plant trees and not get carried away by the world of gadgets. Thank you Make the thumbs up symbol blue and you will live a happy life.

    3. sky gamer188

      Lets just not say that when she jumped out of the plane she would have killed everyone else on it?

    4. Jake Haver

      i mean 1:13

    5. Jake Haver

      2:13 she is like NANI

    6. theterrariaboy5


      1. Ryan Sousa


    7. Jennifer Anderson

      This dude went from, Toy story. To chicken nugget tossing contest 2020.

    8. Alexplayzht Roblox

      Oh Old Town Road And A Future Ha

    9. BAYU

      Yeah boii 2020

    10. Matthew Galan

      Indian Versions are always better.

      1. Ryan Sousa

        True true

    11. Kasey Roberts


    12. J11 Coggins

      Lil nas x made this song from oozaru to mastered ultra instinct

    13. Fidel Gael Aguirre Arreola

      1:13 the girl says "what the f***" Like if you noticed 😂

    14. Olivia _ Thornton Gacha

      0:05 Me see tiktok sighn

    15. Joey Rootovich

      3080 BIO !

    16. roman villagra

      0:53 apex pass 4 whith the marvins

    17. Jodier Santana

      When he landed on the wing of the airplane I was like !!!!????THOR??!!!

    18. Karelia From JP

      I saw him in R6S! www.windowscentral.com/when-rainbow-six-siege-shifting-tides-release-date

      1. Ryan Sousa

        Foda se

    19. Cody Robinson

      Is this a music video or a gigantic advert?

    20. ‣•·DonutPłαyz 24·•‣

      Lol da girl was like "what da fu--"

    21. shekuconteh


    22. janie ochoa

      Yo that's skai Jackson

    23. Alex Pollard

      Amazing person in the Navy

    24. Ally A

      When your girl friend mad at you but still loves you 0:15 XDD

      1. Ryan Sousa

        @Ally A I am Brazilian I don't understand what you want gringo safado

      2. Ally A

        @Ryan Sousa ;-; Por que yo por quee im gone bye son UwU

      3. Ryan Sousa

        @Ally A i dont know gringo safado

      4. Ally A

        @Ryan Sousa wHaT dO yOu MeAaAAAN

      5. Ryan Sousa


    25. Ý Ə Ə Ť BØÏ

      1:09 vibe check

    26. A.J. Gaming


    27. EOUM Golondrinas

      ella es la de una serie xd

    28. Candra Kessler


    29. Alex Escalera

      Ok this colllllllllllllllllll

    30. Sarah

      Where is Keanu Reeves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      1:13 her: what the fu-

    32. PandaBearJenn

      Stalking doesnt get you the girl bruh

    33. Rebecca snow Fluffy

      why didn’t she buckle up she needs safety on the airplane:l

    34. elluisxd luis

      I love

    35. 긴사오저

      0:30 와 한국어다

    36. Muskan Jamshed

      zuri looks different here

    37. Bruce Jaraczewski

      Mom: what do you want to eat for lunch Me: panini

    38. KeyZCube Epic

      Say uehejssjsj if you see dis

    39. ? Furry


    40. joseph fire ball bern


    41. Danielle Howard

      Our future

    42. Miyah Walker

      Omg sky Jackson

    43. {Blue •Gacha• Wolf}

      Its Skai Jackson!

    44. Xenoslyce

      Man went from McCree to Soldier 76

    45. Laura Garcia


    46. Mcmillan Khile

      So basically she went to Korea... cuz 2:12 it saids 전세계 비전 behind her

    47. Charles Standwill

      i bet nobody realizded that lil hit the woah at 1:03

    48. David Luna

      Bro the song

    49. Davide Bucci

      Ma chi é panini

    50. Jenny Duong

      So much lights and all that shit

    51. Abay Dirrs

      How can a person go on a airplanes wing

    52. esther edun


      1. Ryan Sousa


    53. JaidenDark 87

      I love the beat of the song

    54. Thuy Duong


    55. SALVADOR gamer

      I like song 😁

    56. Hyman Bjorn

      Sooooooooooooo glad I grew up during the golden era of rap/hip hop (80s & early 90s)!!!!!!!!!

    57. Joe Mama

      Who else came for the robots

    58. Brandi Nezey

      Who dislike ??🤬😱😱

    59. DJ&DR&RM Family


    60. Beasty Beast

      Skai Jackson!!!

    61. Vero De la rosa

      Lil nas x te amo

    62. loucura 456

      Alguém BR?

    63. Gobi Pakora

      Man went from woody to buzz light year

    64. Cheif

      What the actual fuck is the aspect ratio

    65. Our Awesome Life!

      He just went from woody to buzz

    66. iiSunxOfficial

      Rest In harmony me

    67. Lanaize St vil

      He's. From

    68. Lanaize St vil


    69. María Susana Burioni