Lil Nas X - Bring U Down (Official Audio)



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    Official audio for "Bring You Down" by Lil Nas X
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    Animated by FvkRender (@fvckrender)
    Produced by H+ Creative (@hplus_creative)
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    1. ??

      This and rodeo are the best songs on 7 honestly

    2. Daniel Saladbar

      Mmmm rap rock done right

    3. Ibrahim Mughal Y1

      F you

    4. Ibrahim Mughal Y1


    5. Leander Neves

      Hey @davie504 this guy has a funny bass

    6. Maniac

      My mom when i do my chores and she has nothing to yell at me for😂

    7. Rachel Romero

      Conspiracy theory: "bring you down" illuminati 🤫

    8. Alysha Rice

      All lil nas x music videos (except panini and old town road) all was repeats the images 🤔

    9. Marvin Braxton


    10. Nic_IT

      can we just take time to appreciate this man. he is bringing different genres together. at his concerts you’re going to have people ho love soft rock, rap country; it would he lit.

    11. Stephen Ford

      The meat is calling.

    12. Marvin Braxton

      Is he a young GOAT?

    13. Tuty Fruity

      I wil bring u down

    14. Justin R

      FAKE! The music is a paid actor

      1. Stephen Ford

        The Goku Black to Justin Y's Goku.

    15. CarlosThePro

      me* this sucks mom* why i love it me* its dum mom mom* ok me* np mom* oh ok i love it gain you said nope me* noooooooooooooooooooo

    16. Willman604 Games

      this sounds like it would be a bop in just dance and that tunnell thing needs to be in it if it was in a just dance

    17. Willman604 Games

      this looks like it was animated by surreal entertainment

      1. Stephen Ford

        Kind of.

    18. Zach Global

      My mans got his own genre


      2K20 Vibes???

    20. J9 Wise

      Really cool vid 😎

    21. Angel Monge

      He must love sliver guys

    22. alexajas23

      Why does this remind me of a fnaf music video

    23. black nokia

      это что получается, Lil Nas X сделал кавер на песню "Чиж и ко - в каморке, что за актовым залом"?? вы только послушайте, они одинаковы!

    24. Alexis andrew noriega sánchez


    25. Blake Hunt

      What kind of video could you do

    26. Bob De Frog

      Slap like like i slap that bass

    27. khari dunn

      Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

    28. Charizard Trainer

      :D Sooo 😎

    29. Bárbara Li

      He will be Micheal Jackson or Freddie Mercury but of Trap

      1. Connor Devlin

        Bárbara Li is that cos he and them likes dick 😂

    30. WimpieSaus

      The first 2 freds on the guitar kinda sounded like Blur song 2

    31. C3H5

      Everyone else: talks about the song Me: wonders how these 3D models and animations are made

    32. Izz The Boy

      the pink guy is super scary

    33. Spicy Potato

      They leaked the loading screen for a new guitar hero game

    34. Faze _ikon

      I’m sorry but I’m not feeling it

    35. Nasty_BlitZ

      It sounds like he put no effort into song

    36. uff sales

      Hellou boy

    37. STAYNER React Oficial


    38. Chank Mank

      I’m listening to this song and I look at his subs 6.66 million My brain: It’s not a coincidence

    39. Lemon Bread


    40. Marisleidy Delgado

      i love this song btw im a boy but im using my moms account

      1. Damien Espinoza


    41. Daniel Menezes

      editor: I'm a joke to you ???? ; ---;

    42. Weather McWeatherson

      Billboard: Old Town Road was a really good song, you should make more like this Lil Nas X: "I don't think I will"

    43. Chrystian Piedra

      Imagine the processing power of the computer that rendered this video

    44. Clay Dude

      Another banger

    45. FirelegendYT

      Not gonna lie, not a huge fan of Lil Nas X, but this song is amazing

    46. Simala Kureishy

      Ooh i love this

    47. Mister Mister


    48. TJDawgieStyle

      i had been playing this song in my head i thought this was kid cudi wtf

    49. Nirvana846

      This is one of the best modern rock songs i have ever heard

    50. Uncultured swine

      This is probably saukura’s theme song

    51. Tiva Williams


    52. Anisur Rahman

      Director:how many times we can rewind a video Lil nas x:yes

      1. Stephen Ford


    53. Naruto Mydoria

      Animator: we have 1 minute to upload Nas: bet

    54. Exodus Gamez

      The court when sixnine comes with lawyer

    55. _Lua _

      Cade os br? 😂♥

    56. Jourdan Brothern

      This song sounds that one song your friend made on Music Makrr JAM

    57. RNGmisterDeen M

      Love the song... But wtf is video

    58. Cykaslav Blyat

      Why are the audios just the same clip that repeats

    59. Axel Ynostros

      Man he’s awesome he can play any genre and all of them will sound good

    60. Mikey Barrigar


    61. Paper zin


    62. Nana Carolino

      Deadass sounds like Nirvana

    63. Laur Davies

      So underrated 🤯

    64. Oğuzhan Karakaş

      if you listen this shit you have a probably good taste.

    65. hubert Farnsworth

      Why does this sound more like rock than rap

    66. Jennie Mason

      Love you 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 I like all your songs

    67. Zurks

      I think it’s about him being gay, someone found out before he revealed it and could make him grieve him being homosexual but he revealed before the person who found out could reveal it

    68. LEN4VI FourSixx

      caraaai, lembrou mt arctic monkeys tá doido

    69. yeet yeet

      Bnhfgfc cccd my cat said that

    70. Drooglemonkey

      Genres: Rock Pop Country Classical Lil nas x