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    1. Armando Munoz

      This lil nigah got that mac dre soul!!!

    2. Luigi

      Since you couldn’t keep dat shit a buck here catch dis hunnit rounds

    3. Heaven Pena

      this my favorite song rn no lie 😩 on repeat

    4. LOST Soul

      On god this shit hits different , now my comment is legendary 🔥

    5. Anthony Pablo

      Thank you Boss Man and the clean crew ! #1A.N.T PABLO good. and bad.= nogood -child+MEDS

    6. Sesi Julid

      Came cuz hood clips

    7. MrEatUrChips s

      This shit fucking slaps 🥴🔥

    8. Yahche Lasha

      Who came from hoidclips❓❔

    9. Carson Morey

      Please put this on Spotify 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    10. Irineu

      THIS SHIT FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. smoked out Wolverine

      Looks like the West Coast really fuck with that Detroit sound

    12. chico5099 Granados

      Now this is that kind of rap u can bump in the hood cuz the homies know what's up 2020 banging

    13. Kalil Celestin


    14. Nolan Akitt

      Damn Daboii went off

    15. Future News

      hoodclips anyone??

    16. DabbingIn MaisonMargiela

      What’s the sample?????

    17. Omar Strachan

      Who here from hoodclips, song 🔥🔥

    18. Pg G

      Ey he mentioned Kentucky 😂💯💯

    19. kB Toyz

      Here From instagram 🔥

    20. Alyssajnae

      Who came from Instagram?

      1. Alyssajnae

        Derrick White excuse me?

      2. Derrick White


      3. MrRayan

        that drunk dancing meme???

    21. chris x

      sound way too much like lucas coly

    22. Harrison Stell Golding

      Hoodclips 🔥🔥

    23. Jose Aguilera

      Who else is high af and listening to this in 2020? 😙💨

    24. // REDACT3D

      my girlfriends nickname is lil bean... needless to say we had a good laugh when flipping though youtube... good luck with that name rofl

    25. Amon Ra Wulf

      00:59 when you know you killing the beat 🏌🏾‍♂️🏌🏾‍♂️

    26. king Tutu

      Daboii snapped like always. Hardest out SOB

    27. WestHauxTaliban


    28. Peanut 408

      Dope ass visuals with the barz💯🔥⛽

    29. Bang Bang Niner Gang


    30. SeanitO Xx

      “I like my bitches bad but ugly with the neck with snot coming down “😂😂😂 me too Nigga me too

    31. Awesomeliitllewolf23

      Came from an ad

    32. Isaiah Garcia

      “I think I wanna be a rapper” “What’s your name gonna be” “Idk I like beans tho”

    33. Sylvia Orosco

      Go listen and you’ll be rich m.soundcloud.com/ybk-dub/bitchuarydubmobstas-remix

    34. Joshua King

      shout out the Bay Area boys

    35. Sammy Tavake

      Somebody please tell me what brand hoodie this nigga wearing 😂

      1. Skuba Steve

        Sammy Tavake www.mltd.com/product/billionaire-boys-club-bb-heart-mind-pullover-hoodie-golden-poppy-133003

    36. Luna

      “ Im strictly only brothers but I’m always to tha neck fr” I felt that

    37. Highlights On Highlights

      why tf you say vanvleet like that lol

    38. Mike Baltazar

      Sound kinda like T.O.🤔

    39. Anthony Morales

      On... 🔥

    40. LIL Flex


    41. Abkshit rawbruh

      I fuck wit daboii , he nice wit it but he sound like dlo a lil bit

    42. charles the entertainer 2


    43. BlackQuest89

      Nigga be humble you talking about niggas rockin bubble letter chains and look at how small ya shit is around ya neck.

    44. Adam De la cruz

      You Cuiddes....!!!!.. Keep doing u Cuidde$,👊🔥🔥👌👏👍👿😎✌💨😎 and keep your Circle small!!... because out here, we don't play checkers we play chess!!!.. 🔥💨💀👿😎🍃✌👊👈👌👑👋👍😎😎

    45. Brittany Jones

      “Stick this bitch up, it’s a 50 in that tittie watch him lift up”

    46. abbie4949

      I love bay shit!!! I never seen or heard you guys, probably cause i'm not young no more LOL but I'm still reppin' for the bay i'm so SCO....you guys hella tight. I keep playin' it over and over......".baby I don't love you, take it any way but personal....." I love that line...OMG and that beat hard AF.. y'all slappin.....#AlemanyBlackHole

    47. LhatrellTheFreshkid 2

      everybody subscribe to my youtube imma get an interview with lil bean soon and like my comment

    48. Master sαηsυ

      Daboii up there lookin like a sonic character.

    49. Dan De Wils

      Aye this beat is ON POINT

    50. No deceit in My Spirit

      This the best song I heard all year 💯 and I’m 34

    51. Abdu Gallegos

      Skronny nigga but my money chubby

    52. Jessica Lopez

      Dam did it again slappin 🔥 🔥 🔥

    53. Trave

      nalyd wya

    54. SLIME E

      My lil shooter come in clutch call em Vanvleet 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽

    55. samiegrrl

      This slap! Shout out to CZ-news for the interlude...I clicked Watch and it's added!

      1. Joseph Miller


    56. BG ACED

      I’m sick niggas rocking bubble letter chains

    57. miah leshay

      fuckin banger

    58. Vnut K


    59. Mista Mista

      Boyyyyy! Da boi big snapped

    60. Sushi Uchiha

      Dope beat, sick lyrics and beautifully shot video specially with the city ecapes. Quality stuff right here

    61. xPc Z

      Main reason niggas go broke cause they Comfortable 💯💯💯💯💯

    62. Daveycrocker44

      Song sucks but at least he didnt put lil in front of his name. Oh wait.

    63. Big O

      Where bean from

    64. Owen Waters-Ducharme


    65. Brandon J

      Lil bean burrito🌯🌯

    66. Jason Alvarez

      already sound like a detroit beat

    67. MOB925 : .

      It’s that Bay Area shii ✔️💯 East Bay 925

      1. LaFlaminBoomin

        San Ramon, CA 📍

    68. Garge Luy

      Lmao how many times they needa tellus it’s daboii in the title?! 😂

    69. Playa R

      BAY AREA 🌉

    70. Papi bryann

      Man man man daboii never disappoints me 🔫gng☔️