Letting My Ricer Youtube Friends Drive a 1000hp DRAG CAR! +JH Buys a Burnout Truck!

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    We did some drag racing last week at Bradenton Motorsports Park! Let some of the guys rip Ruby and their reactions were epic!
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    1. hogtownhenry

      What car can you drive to the track and run 8's ( and 7's) A Barra powered 4l 6 cyl Falcon. That's what.

    2. Derp Herbert

      9:05 That Beamer is sweet.

    3. Porshe15

      That vett is fuckin clean tho 🔥

    4. E-Racer

      That was an OK Wheelie... I absolutely have stood a car straight up and all four wheels were off the ground because he hit the bumper then fell I hit the gas again and hit the bumper again it destroyed the transmission the front end and the side of the car when I hit the guard rail LOL. I usually hit the nitrous after the 60’ but the car ran 6.00s and I was running a turbo stang that ran 5.80s So I hit the gas and nitrous at the same time and I crossed the 60’ on the bumper. I had an .041 light on pro tree and the stang had a 1.88 light. Dude in the mustang said I can cut a better light but after you took off I wasn’t going anywhere because that vega was violent as fk and I wasn’t taking any chances. Come to find out I won anyway. I was running a footbrake car and he was actually a pro car running a delay box and trans brake and air shifter. Yep no one got a damn video but a woman had her camera going but it was sitting on the bleachers because she was lighting a cigarette and her son came running and said I got a video of it. Nope but you could hear it all lol. Actually the dude did do a really great wheelie and that vett is Scootin too.

    5. Thelas Time

      LMAO!!! "I feel like I shifted a little bit early...!" 16:47

    6. Chris Thompson

      James need a wrap for the 240 for his birthday 🎁🎂🎈🎉

    7. Daniel Kapsner

      PLEASE take the cbr golf cart golfing!!

    8. Rules Of Engagement

      Cleetus for president!

    9. Rules Of Engagement

      I came to see the 370z race and was let down

    10. Deplorable Citizen

      Shit would be fun a.f.

    11. jackattack

      Contact the original owner of ruby, and invite him out to watch you race.

    12. Trev0r98

      Why can't he show James' times?

    13. Jesse 6661

      What I would give to make a pass in ruby! Even just as passenger

    14. Big Hill Garage


    15. NeedForSpeed2004

      Is that wat VTEC feels like yo?

    16. getstuk

      10:58 look at dem eyes bahahahaha


      🙏 0:37 💙💗 👇👇👇💞

    18. Ross S

      You know it's cheaper if you buy three of them for like $20,000 a piece but no one even but you have to it's cheaper over material when you make it come to look almost the same with change the color but you'll see more money but I don't know who's investing and who the hell is actually putting it together and they know what the hell they're doing I don't like left feet are like right hands right right right Snap-on or craftsman are you going to bring your older bushwa but I don't really understand them

    19. Ross S

      I need a trick is you put your foot on the step when they auction but they don't advertise us the weirdest part they keep on looking it up look it up look it up Where Were You live in a circuit

    20. Ross S

      Imagine putting a couple guys to work I spend $50,000 purchase a house in my soda for let's say 250000 how much materials and how much labor does it cost for operation

      1. Gilbert Franklin

        Oh, so this wasn't the 8f8 guy? 🤣😜

    21. Ross S

      You know me funny dude Levi by stop something from the they have the they don't advertise the govt but they have some website if you look it up and I look or talk like an index or something like that and they have a auction and you know get a U-Haul or pick up stuff like aeroplanes and a bunch of other crap but is something USAGov I don't know but look it up it might help you or hurt you in the same time but hopefully help you I think yours Marshalls like trying like bad people or something like that and then they auction it but you can buy houses you can buy truck cars aeroplanes I would look it up if I was you if you had a few extra let's say Franklin's or grants or green Baxter whatever

    22. Ross S

      Yeah that gold car slash pm I don't know what the hell they have is salvage yard This voice recognition that is not what I put in but somehow and they put whatever the hell they want to Google has this weird way of doing things car-part.com Hello doggy please look for a freebie from a guy that likes people that fix old stuff

    23. Ross S

      You want to hear a joke what came first the chicken or the egg? Stupid old school

    24. Jacob Grizzy

      Damnn jame's 240 is badass that launch

    25. Adam Brown


    26. Sisekelo Duma

      Ruby is by far the most consistent, composed, effortless and trouble free car the team has ever built

    27. Phillip Jack

      Didn’t expect tj to be so calm about it

    28. Chris Brown

      Ruby is gonna be a fking legend

    29. Sam Lopez

      Id bid $5🙋

    30. Aaron Malczewski

      Wow, not your daily drive like this one. It has an engine restorative additive that really brought my engine back to life cz-news.net/online/video-9JUV5g3vtvs.html

    31. Bryan Rose

      "No trans codes..." as the trans cooler emptys itself on the trailer...

    32. bhappynick17

      Garrett makes Ruby look crazy easy to drive. Looks like he could be taking a sip off coffee between shifts

    33. Johnny Hendrix

      Who else wants to see James 240 vs Leroy the savage ?

      1. Mahmoud Salah

        If james car hold the nitrous the whole pass during the 1/4 mile + powerglide (if the engine holds all that) as much as i love a trubo and a stick shift but my guess is leroy would be a prey for that gnarly 240

    34. Barrens chat

      Mr Mitchell you sir are 1 of kind!

    35. dlockett99

      Anybody know the rear end setup on the 240?

    36. BSMotoVlogs

      You think that truck is rusty come on up to canada ill show you rusty

    37. George Dennison

      How bad is his accelerator foot shaking at the end of his first 8 sec run? I still remember my first hard run in my gasser in 1970. My ledt leg was shakin' so bad, I could hardly shift, after it was over. And it was a 12.xx Ahh... adrenaline, what a lovely little drug...

    38. George Dennison

      Sorry to tell you, but That is NOT a 4' diameter turbo in the wall!

    39. George Dennison

      Been to a boat ramp... ??? YOU GUYS LIVE IN FLORIDA. You got too far left or right, and you're in the friggin' ocean! The salty ocean... (I don't know... some people's children... they musta been dropped one too many times...)

    40. Ryan Hogan

      The cart needs a 4 foot swing arm extension.. and widen out the front end by a foot or two..

    41. Ryan Hogan

      He better change that oil filter cap before he starts leaning on it..

    42. Dyan Atol

      the end of the video all i see is James taking out his pack of Sig's

    43. Bob The Builder

      Cletus when can I come and run the vette?

    44. napalm6969

      I want that truck so bad

    45. Samuel Rubio

      I bet he is one of those trump c lover

    46. Hong Bitter

      I love the look on everybody's face when Ruby hits! All wide eyes!!

    47. S J

      thats cool, id probably shift the same the first time

    48. Allan Francis

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 that frame is fuckin perfect up in Canada your frame is flaking in 3 years

    49. Adam carpender

      Hell yeah brother

    50. Adam carpender

      Want beautiful car great job building

    51. Emily An

      Ruby is what the hood guys call a “pass around” lmao badass car though

    52. More Boost

      Lmao The look in Taylor's eyes 😂

    53. Pj Syfrit

      No JZ swap! Let ruby do ruby! Keep her clutch! Perfect the beast! I love ya’ll 😁 bartle skeet and imma make it down to see cleet soon 🤙🏼

      1. Pj Syfrit

        Put the 2jz in one of those stangs 😜

    54. Scott Stangler

      Thanks for the great content guys. Always have a big smile wishing I could participate. Always great stuff.😊

      1. Emily An

        Man you hardly upload anymore

    55. Rajah Rucker

      That damn 240 is nasty james!!!

    56. SwaffyX

      I mean, I would trip out if I accelerated that fast xD musta felt amazing

    57. helicopter269

      Its time to buy a Ariel Atom. Baby Leroy

    58. dan's daily blog channel

      hey cleetus that white truck at the beginning of the video sounded like it had a school bus engine inside of it

    59. ryan lemons You Tube Channel!!!

      Buukt ford tough my ass

    60. Zach Bento

      Where’s the galaxy been

    61. fouoii gyhh

      Imagine how fast James could go if his headlights retracted!

    62. Eli Broome

      I would love to see a heart monitor "heart rate" at same time..

    63. nikolaiownz

      James 240 is looking killer. Damn that looks fast 👍

    64. Lionel Baron

      auction Vette has been such a great car!

      1. fouoii gyhh

        James.. The 240 sounds very healthy and is moving out!! Looking good. Keep it up..

    65. RichRusso4218

      That Evo in the background though!!!

    66. dan yole

      You guys run out of fuel just before launch pretty often! LOL

    67. greg83083

      Dang, that guy in the 240 looks just like Dr. Sprayemall

    68. Eli Waldrep

      "Im sure you've done well over 160, in your life... So" 😂

    69. Nick Noyes

      Man you hardly upload anymore


      🙏🙏🙏 1:45 💗💟 december 19? 👇👇👇👇💖