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    1. Jessica

      Bring Clarence with u obviously to give food he’s so sweet to offer u a massage

    2. Jessica

      Queen so beautiful natural

    3. Pink Rose'

      Hey Queen, u coulda just went to the store, say Walmart & bought some food & just donated it to a food pantry.

    4. Pink Rose'

      OMG! Legend is BEYOND GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    5. Pink Rose'

      Hiiiiiii Queen 👑! I just stumbled upon ur page and I'm invested so far. I Love ur 🎶! Ur beautiful!

    6. Amora Isonguyo

      Queen is so gorgeous

    7. Marlene Sanchez

      First timer LOVE YOU GUYS❤️❤️

    8. Kyanese Clark

      Queen getting thicc

    9. My New Walk With Jesus

      Legend is literally the cutest baby ever. He just has this sparkle of like purity in his eyes 🥰 hard to explain but he is going to be a good soul!

    10. denise the princess

      it'll look cute if it was the other crop top bc it's red and black and it matches the shoes ... with some black tightz

    11. Kee M


    12. smd yeo

      Put that thing in slow mo and you see her cheek move more then onces i jerkin off to that 💯

    13. Tyesha Flint

      you are cute girl period yes girl tell them how it's done i will support you and i love your channel

    14. Riyyahs World!!

      Should’ve worn black tights but other than that 😻

    15. Obeyobee

      That tattoo on your chest means “love your self first “ such a beautiful tattoo and love you cute face 👌🏽💖

    16. Samarre Gregory

      cardi b

    17. Samarre Gregory

      u look like cards b

    18. kyrathaballer _

      “uhh , legend done booboo he stank”💀.

    19. Nia J

      The fake cry 😂😂😭

    20. West Virginia242

      am from the bahamas

    21. Shianne Keams

      Oml I love you 💙

    22. Technology Gamer

      Next Chris Video:How I Feel About Clarence Recommending my ex’s outfit

    23. Aniyah Anderson

      Come back to Wisconsin

    24. Dominique Sanders

      Baby Do. Not let CZ-news Control your life

    25. Danniell Dickens

      I love you you are my fav

    26. ki love

      peep her soul train awards outfit in the back

    27. jelena collins

      call me out but i liked the hair before it was flat iron

    28. Mina Lewis

      i love you

    29. Charlene Monfort

      I love you queen naja your beautiful

    30. Sara Aderoju

      shawty thick as shit🥰

    31. alicia johnson

      You look soo dope ...

    32. Mylittlecorner Original

      You look beautiful Queen as usual and the baby has grown so fast and looks so much like Clarence. Queen, you look so relaxed on that bed I would have been snoring and farting away lmao. This was a very nice video I enjoyed it.

    33. sofia maine

      Your so pretty

    34. Khloes Lions

      I i'm 1 of your fins and haveing instagram control your life macs you lac like a doll

    35. Anaiylah Baukman

      Ana oop did y’all see when queen moved her butt 😂😂

    36. Shaquai Potts

      You should go to the worst rated braided and nail at the house

    37. Shaquai Potts

      You should go to the worst braided

    38. Jahleah Wright

      She is soo relatable

    39. Rose Johnson

      6:01 her singing was so butifull

    40. Lamonie Chambers

      So don't let them fool you

    41. Lamonie Chambers

      You're a grown-ass woman

    42. Lamonie Chambers

      Girl don't let them bother you you can eat whatever you want

    43. Lamonie Chambers

      You got a big booty

    44. Lamonie Chambers

      You should wear your hair natural and curly

    45. Tyra’s Life

      omg legend really look like his dad!!

    46. Akon Gay

      I LOVE YOU ❤️😃


      I hate seeing people homeless when i get older i am going to donate to the homeless😊😊😊😊

    48. A’Sia Davis

      Queen so 😍🥵

    49. Maleah Durr

      Wait queen why are you on a diet

    50. Adrian Marcuson

      Her body figure though 😍

    51. Sina_ Network

      Girllll stop you cute regardless of how you look🙄😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Love youuuu Queen

    52. Stan Servantez


    53. Sabrina Campbell

      I love you Queen continue doing

    54. Leon Parker

      Chis who were when oh yah

    55. Oshawnti Ross

      Crop top jeans air Jordans

    56. Mother of Twins

      Can I get help I'm on the road to 1k

    57. Mother of Twins

      Hey everyone I'm on the road to 1k.

    58. Nevaeh Gibson

      Queen gettin thiccc

    59. Olivia Nolasco

      That’s me I be like I’m going to go on a diet but I’ll get hungry and eat some junk phone

    60. Nyla Gaming

      Want some 🍆

    61. Caleah Campbell

      Your outfit slays YASSSSSSSSS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    62. Juwells Wells

      “Clarence be using this on his hair so ima use on mine” awww 🥺

    63. kellisa burrell

      Anyone else yawn when she yawned.. 15:06

    64. Nita Lee

      she a to hit wonder

    65. Haley Landry

      Hey girl do some time you forget you are doing a video??

    66. Jazzma Pennerman

      I live in the Bahamas and for anyone to see this could donated that would be greatly appreciated. I live on Grand Bahama which was one of the islands that got affected.

    67. Ashley Aguilar

      I feel like we would be great friends lol

    68. jayren slayed

      she look cute anyway no makeup and even in her pjs she looks nice anyway she is

    69. Seline Martínez

      Someone knows what camera she used for this video?

    70. Aaliyah Johnson

      Sis Was In The Mirror Working That Right Cheek . 😂😛🍑