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Queen Naija

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    1. Milah Terry


    2. 0Kay0 0129

      Ohhhh myyyy gosh I love the sunrise sunset smoothie from tropical smoothie cafe but I also like the 3 chesse chicken quesadilla

    3. Jovy phancy

      never seen queen driving

    4. Nana Cam

      I picked a dress 🤣😩😩 you would’ve looked dope asf 😩😩

    5. Kayla Cooper

      I love your videos queen

    6. Princess Fever

      was that Clarence Behind u with the vest on it looked just like him..

    7. ur dad

      she mad thicc

    8. •Alexandra Serrano•

      JAJAJAJAJA la amo, es bien loca❤️

    9. aniyah gordon

      Love you

    10. Ashley Rodriguez

      You sing beatiful

    11. Dominique chambers

      Most likely because you have two children my mom is tired and she has three me my sister and my brother the bad ones

    12. Dominique chambers

      Her yall can't rush greatness me dang that that dang she told us hahaha

    13. Kamisha N John


    14. HHT FATBOY

      The way how she move her ass still jerk off to it im glad she wearing them legging 💯💯😍🥰 and i put it in solw mo

    15. Rae of Life

      dont yuu just love queen😩💗 i'm on the road to 100 it would mean the world if yuu subscribe!!

    16. Kimora coxx


    17. Ruth S

      Am I the only one that yawned when Queen did ?

    18. CandT Fam

      your so pretty

    19. Barbie Babee

      I love queen but I feel like ever since Clare like it ain’t been the same hes so lazy playing games n shit 😭😭it gets old he lives off her money clout etc a bum bro what does he even do besides CZ-news n sitting on his ass

    20. Bahama Mama

      Stay humble be blessed ❤❤

    21. Daaaij _

      i Thought Clarence Was Supposed To Watch Him While You Went There 😂

    22. Wynter English

      The hips in the red shorts tho😍😍😍

    23. Beulah Mbogmasse

    24. Toado Campbell

      I will forgive you queen

    25. Toado Campbell


    26. Janna Adel

      Queen gang 🤟🤘

    27. your daily feed

      Keep ya eyes all on this fatty..if you like what you see take your hands and grab it🆗️🎶🎶

    28. Aaliyah Neeley

      Over hearing you talk about donating to The Bahamas I was touched. We are in a mess right now and would appreciate the smallest! Thank you soo much for even considering it Queen. You didn’t have too, blessings Queen.

      1. Rosa McMillian

        hey can you text me on instagram @roseaamarie I may can help

    29. Maya Angelou

      Queen 👸🏽 you’re so sweet and I appreciate you sweetie, I would love to see you LOVE on your beautiful Mommy & Have more time with her baby girl. I’m only saying this because I lost my Mom on Mother’s Day and I wish that I had been more understanding that she was definitely all that I had and now she’s gone I really regret so much. I know you’re heart ♥️ I know you have such an amazing spirit and loving you is so easy, I became so inspired by you speaking of God & I wanna see you back in that spirit of the Lord for you are the vessel that deliverers the People so much hope. I Love You 😘 Queen 👸🏽 Be you 🙏🏽🦋🙏🏽

    30. Vicky Tuitupou

      Love you queen

    31. keit heart

      I know i'm a bit late but Legend'smile gives me some goosebumps😍😍😍😍

    32. Shakema Zimmerman

      Girl you ugly as hell bitch

    33. Mishka Parchment

      You are the best couple ever ❤️

    34. Kimberly Edmonds

      so you dont have no security?

    35. ImańNichóle

      Lol y’all ain’t see the dudes staring at queen in tropical smoothie lol

    36. Lele P

      Babe please wear your seatbelt :)


      Good vid

    38. Griffin Gang

      Hey y’all Go Subscribe to our channel @ Griffin gang we are a new CZ-newsrs thank you guys so much if you go subscribe

    39. onnie c

      Clarence it ain't about that, dont no homeless person wanna be on camera ...if they care or not, why have them on camera like that? Its silly

    40. Jay Flogs/fun vlogs

      I have those shoes the Nike shoes the spider man thing

    41. amandaaa

      @ 6:24 she said : ⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳

    42. Aaron Simpson

      Queen: oh stanky self

    43. Rayshonda Davidson

      That big ole booty


      In ATL all you have to do is pass out free food.... but at least you're doing something good for someone.

    45. Kya D

      Girl you can get waxed on your cycle too

    46. Cornstarch Babiie

      Go subscribe to my channel Cornstarch Babiie

    47. Alexis Collins

      I’m a fan and I watch you and the Royal family

    48. Lyric_Janise Johnson

      At 8:46 She did her butt like that and where y’all live y’all live in New York but is that a appratment

    49. Asia Daniels

      Mocha Madness - Tryy Itt .!!!!🤤🤤

    50. Willandria Clarke

      TOOOOOOO MANYYY ADs sis dang

    51. Iam Hope

      Queen needs a laughing face emoji button made just for her channel hahaha

    52. Allusion

      Why you don’t let your mom keep legend like she keep cj? I mean you let Clarence mom and sis keep him...that’s fucked up you letting that man dickmatize you so much to keep that baby away from his maternal grandmother! You need more self esteem & a backbone.

    53. Dyon Mcfarland


    54. Mia Nicholson

      The first outfit was way better 😩

    55. Exclusively Nesia

      Queen is me finding parking 😂 Edit: Queen is also me justifying my bad food choices and being nosey in traffic

    56. Alexis Taylor

      Stop it with the need to mention surgery😒her ass phat either get with it or not💁🏾it been that

    57. Paris Videos

      peep the ring

    58. Babyy Cakess

      Glowing ☺️☀️

    59. Lola Ray

      Lol how can you not live queen she’s so adorable & Funny

    60. Kayla Tate

      You can share CZ-news videos.

    61. Dijean Tillman

      anyone else ever noticed how queen holds ha hand by her face when she's eating 😂 not all the time i noticed mostly when she eating alone

    62. M & E sisters 4L

      Omg when I saw queen change into the crop too and she showed her body I was like omg body goals frfr

    63. Destiny Coles

      I can’t wait for this album to droppp!!!🥳🥳

    64. Savannah Green

      My question is why u taking him to A baby sister when Clare at home smh y’all needa pick y’all bds better 💀

    65. Denajia Travels

      black tights wouldve looked better, still cute though

    66. Savannah Green

      All them men behind queen when she went to get a smoothie 💀

    67. 90 Day Fiance My Way

      Ideal: Spend more time with your mom Queen❤

    68. Arrianah West

      hey queen I’m I Met Chris in I took a photo with him

    69. Roseaa Marie

      Make a video feeding the homeless ❤️❤️ , i would love to volunteer and help ❤️❤️❤️.

    70. Christina Adderley

      Aww Queen your such a gem ❤️🙏🏾 Thank you for donating to my hometown the Bahamas 🇧🇸❗️