Lets talk about Czech Stereotypes! | 9 Types



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    Being a foreigner isn't easy. After living in Prague, Czech Republic for +4 years, there are still super Czech things that I cannot seem to wrap around my head. For example, making eye contact in a restaurant to order food. Here is a list of 9 things that I still find funny about this country.
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    1. Lion KING

      Hahahaha I liked it

    2. Jern Pasita

      spent 4 days in Czech and already can feel that most of them are so unfriendly, grumpy, and have no feelings

    3. Lori Crippen

      I’m from Russia and I can say that about 90% things from your video are stereotypical for a lot of Slavic countries... especially public transport and fashion 😂

    4. Patrick Ananas

      Whats a post-communist mentality like?

    5. toneman335

      Interesting video!

    6. Jitka Hromádková

      I really enjoyed this video. Born and grown up in Czech, love my country, but no place is perfect. Except "czech people being too active is something annoying", I agree with all points in this video because I am probably too active myself :D

    7. pix man cz 01

      IT IS True | máš pravdu

    8. Justlixo

      3:52 Darude Sandstorm !?

    9. Prokop Krasny

      Jdi se vysrat, blbečku.

    10. JanPospisil42

      That's a nice coat!

    11. _secluded_realm_

      The drivers are hiding in their trucks feeling strong.. good observation and not exactly flattering trait

    12. Veronika Paluchová

      Have you considered to just leave? You seem really unhappy.

    13. M M

      this was the first video i watched from you and i really liked it. You are very likable

    14. Uyen Artist

      I got you ..

    15. Liquid blue

      staring in general is a hing in czech. people stare at me and just people around and dont care, just...INTENSE EYE CONTACT. i agree with what your saying a lot of what your saying actaully

    16. Filho Jose

      My friend congratulations you are very honest.100%. 👍👍I’m from New York City

    17. INVICTO

      2.only depends on what area you are at if ur in Prague 75℅of the people will knock u out if u talk back

    18. ridiqk

      Been to Prague 2 years ago. Their drivers are no match with Manila drivers..

    19. M.M F.M

      This was a great video, thanks for sharing. New sub. I was looking for some info on my heritage and found you. Great personality. 👍🏻


        M.M F.M appreciated 😁

    20. M.M F.M

      We all have ADHD😂 I smoke a lotta weed. But then again I'm American version Czech. I drive like that though lmao

    21. Stanace

      No tak polovina z toho není pravda možná tak v Praze co já vím ale ne celá ČR

    22. Daniel D.

      see, that's why we had to invent the best beer in the world. It makes us happy despite all of these less pleasant details in our daily lives.


        Daniel D. 100% satisfactory after that beer 😁😁😁

    23. Emma Lord

      That dog is so large

    24. bflmpsvz

      Czechs have their own ways in many things, usually determined by their historical experience. It is up to you to either assimilate or leave. There is no other option for you as a foreigner.

    25. hhh h

      Being Czech I have to agree on many points.

    26. Alon Gaiduk

      Agreed on most of the points. This what made me a bit depressed when I moved here recently - service, fashion and general mood of the people, all typical for a post-communist country. One should not expect too much of Czechia, even 30 years after collapse of communism. This was my mistake - overexpectations after hearing from other people, how goos is the Czech Republic

    27. Gordon Fiala

      Alright I do have something to say. I was going to not, but you mentioned the complaining. Czechs want proactivity. They want cohesive existence. They want dis-vanity. They're not onboard with cultural standards, because they believe in being Non-annal about petty things. That's Czech: no further minutia into standards above necessary, just enforce the standard. Nothing else matters.

      1. Gordon Fiala

        Because so long as the standard is upkept, literally nothing else Matters.

      2. Gordon Fiala

        In other words they are free of opinion-dependancy.

    28. rohlikos

      When i was going to school with my dad in the car we were going 50 km h witch we were sposted to do and a guy from the street started to run after us and screaming at us.😂

    29. Anet Mertová

      One good thing about us Czechs - we don’t get offended easily and we actually like jokes about us.

    30. Nate Munno

      You traitor: what's wrong with socks in sandals :) Another really good video.

    31. Nate Munno

      5. We don't like "american" style of service, when they come 10 times to check if we need something.

    32. We Wj

      Nejdřív se nauč Česky a pak něco řikej. No a co všichni lidi nemaj hezký nohy, tak nosí do sandálů ponožky. Mě to přijde úplně normální, než aby tu lidi chodili s nemocnými nehty. Tak se trochu zamysli a když se ti to nelíbí, nikdo ti nebrání odejít. Máucta.

    33. xXDrobassXx

      Hej im from CZ republik hustý jestli je tu nějakej Čech tak něco napište do momentu a označíte mne

    34. Kryštof CZ

      Kdo je Čech??

    35. krystof

      I don’t know about the bus part tho

    36. Ellie 'eli

      You know people are failing czech language even though they were born there. It’s really hard and it doesn’t really make any sence.

    37. 金魚猫Stejsky

      Zdravím z Jihlavy.

    38. Rookie

      Well arent So easilly offended but i think that we hate when someone say that we Are from Czechslovakia (sorry for bad english)

    39. Steve Cranna

      Awesome video. I love that part of Prague you were in. I love the Czech people too. Proper Grumpy though.

    40. Alexandr Asparov

      Czech republic is for whites only !!! Not Gipsys, not romanians, not blacks, not muslims allowed !!!

    41. johny B

      your new czech sub its just a little ol' me

    42. Dextrix

      Hello i am from czech if you want to pay the bill you can get up and go to the main waiter and say to him you want to pay

    43. Taiga Xp

      We're... active? Who? When? Why? How?!?!

    44. TechMickey

      yep Čeština is hard language. but you sound ok for me ;) you should visit OStrava city. and learn phrase Ty pičo its phrase taht we use here all the time.

    45. jim S

      I would disagree with number 9. I've been there 4 times now and always found good service.

    46. JacobThePlayer CZ

      Be aware of Tary he drive 250km/h



    47. DŽEJKOB

      socks in sandals are most biggest style in Czech republic😂😂


        Im gonna start rockin it in public

    48. fobos

      you chose the wrong part of our country, go to the moravia it is better: D

    49. Ladislav Šesták

      Complaining is one of the Czech national sports :D

    50. barış b

      go back to vietnam

    51. Wilhelm Chongbang

      Man you speak some czech language, i do speak same like you🤣🤣

    52. Trinak14

      You could visit Ostrava lol.

    53. foginhaler Fuul

      We do complain alot but you cannot be surprised :D we were oppressed at every possible moment of our history

    54. Barbora Krnáčová

      Nice video! I agree with a lot (especially with that negativity thing) but socks and sandals is more for the elders I think 😅

    55. Jan Rudolf

      It was not offensive at all, agree with you. The first stereotype was really funny, I haven't realized it. I am a Czech guy learning Chinese, it is also not so easy.

      1. Lydia Zhang

        What is your purpose to learn Chinese?Are you planning travel to China ?

    56. Tuxcz

      1. Not true. You can talk to or ask a waitress when she's nearby and not talking to anyone. Snapping is considered super rude, and condescending. Talk to her like you'd do everywhere else if you wanted attention. 2. Kinda true. Czechs overall don't tend to abide the rules, because they think most of it is BS. They're mostly just rude but if you drive behind people who block the fast lane when they don't have to blinking lights is adecvate reaction to tell them move out of the way. 3. True. Czechs want to be first in everything and tend to rush, most of the times with no reason. 4. If you live in Prague maybe true, but you can't make this a stereotype if it doesn't apply for whole country. And most of the Czechs are not active. 5. True. Because Czechs put themselves in the front of everyone. You want something, you wait. 6. Same as 4. Prague is overcrowded and fast travelling is needed. Thus people can get smelly. Czechs don't care if they smell unless they can't be with their own smell anymore. 7. Czech is considered one of the hardest if not the hardest language to learn. If you're not willing to learn it it's your fault and you'll never be accepted as czech. If you learn it, people will respect you for that. 8. Czechs mostly don't care what you think about them. They'll wear anything they want. Fashion is considered BS, clothes are not meant to represent in Czech Republic. It's for practical reasons. If you care about that you're superficial. 9. Czechs love to complain. Most if not all of the post soviet countries do. Czechs believe nothing is their fault but everyone elses. Aside from incorrections caused by your lack of information about Czech Republic it was pretty good video.

    57. Alena Řezníčková

      everything is true!

    58. Jan Linhart

      6:30 Imagine yourself going to like a 15hrs shift at 4 am and the outside temperature is around 6°C in Summer, what'd you do? Your closed-up shoes'd melt after 4 hrs when the ambient temperature rises to around 30°C, so the alternative is to wear sandals, BUT your toes'd fell off in the morning so you'll try to balance the temperature boom with socks .. 7:00 "loose construction pants" that's called: "work outfit on a lunch break" ... I don't think, you'd change your working clothes to your regular clothes all sweat up after a 6hrs of hard labour when you're about to go to lunch .... Don't forget we're an industrial country for the last 60 years-ish & still being butt-f*cked by commies even they've been overthrown ages ago ;)

    59. Jan Linhart

      It's like, literally, reviewing only one side of a coin .. Dude, you should get out of Prague and visit more corners of the CR :)

    60. Pavel Vodnar

      6 stereotypes of foreigners living in Czech rep. ....1. Prague, 2, Prague, 3. Prague,..........all about Prague. And im writting it as Prague citizen.....

    61. Keyance Konopáčová

      ehm, I always thought it´s okay to just ask the waiter, or say something. Never even noticed this eye contact thing, maybe I should eat out more :D

    62. Peruz Honzák

      If you dont like it here get the fck out of our country you western spy.

    63. Libor Supcik

      First 3 are just Praha not Czech stereotypes

      1. Read this as loud as you can

        Libor Supcik *Prague*

    64. killerbee

      Have you ever consider coming or living in Brno? Amazing city and (in my opinion) a lot better then Prague! :D

      1. Trinak14

        No Prague and Ostrava is Best of Czech Republic

    65. Sam Meyers

      Well I guess I am one of those traitors that has learned to speak Czech. It's not that bad, you just have to keep on plugging away but actually choose what it is you are trying to learn and not just learn like a headless chicken. :) Maybe see you out on the streets some time!


        Sam Meyers this gives me motivation guess it’s not impossible 😝😝👍 thanks for the tip and stop me and say hi 🤙🏼

    66. Petr

      I will tell you one more stereotype about the Czechs - we don't get offended ;)

      1. Trendom

        Petr That’s absolutely not true .. If a Slovak say one negative thing about us the war begins xd

      2. Emily Quesne

        Petr expect my little cousin lol


        I need to get this immunity as well 🤣🤙🏼👌

    67. miroslav cibula

      :-D interesting - to see us (OK I am from Slovakia but basically the same :-D ) from a foreigner point of view :)

    68. Denisa Z.

      Hahah the one about people getting up before the stop, I do it all the time lol. Never made me think it was weird. I almost fell a few times. Gotta get that door bro :D


        You are committing a crime!!!!!! 😝😝😝

    69. Ana Cantellano

      I loved your video. I'm Mexican and also moved to Czech Republic a year ago, but I live in telč, and you say a lot of thing I've already notice. Great video


        Thanks a lot for the kind words!!! Wish you the best here 😝

    70. 22ndCenturyBasterd

      Customer service omgggg 3rd world standard


        22ndCenturyBasterd haha tbh it depends on the restaurant. I’m mostly over dramatizing it a lot of new places have pretty excellent service 👍