Last To Take Hand Off Boat, Keeps It



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    Last one to remove their hand kept the boat!
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    In this video MrBeast will do a funny challenge with his friends for $10,000 where everyone try to be the last to leave. This video challenge is for entertainment but it is not a prank. A real boat worth over $10,000 is being given away all for the fun of it. I also started a new tiktok which is similar to vine which you should check out. If you like my videos you might also want to check you PewDiePie’s Try not to laugh series.
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    1. MrBeast

      Subscribe or Chandler will cry

      1. Serpentzz

        Already did

      2. arandomanimator246


      3. chloe

        maybe i want him to cry, JK JK LOVE YOU CHANDLER

    2. Renia Perou

      Why the water so dirty?

    3. darkspammer Plays


      1. darkspammer Plays

        And I want the mini yacht

    4. Fabian Martinez


    5. Just a Memer

      Theory: Chandler should of win all those challenges because he has a remote controlled stand and we cant see it but he just doesnt wanna tell people

    6. Tired Vilmer

      4:39 chris out

    7. Kayden Punter

      Yo fly me down there and I will win a challenge

    8. R B

      I seen alligator gars and snakeheads the fish

    9. Pop

      If I did this, I would literally sit on my hand.

    10. Bill Dim

      12:17 I can't stop replaying this😂😂


      This is the money Mr Beast has spend throughout his career | | V

    12. Eva Sholla

      Subscribe or chandler will poop

    13. Reddit Boss

      6:40 I DIED

    14. Erin

      Philanthropic fish catch with Youngbloods Spearfishing.

    15. Subscribe to me or you are forever gay

      My mom after me and my sibling ate dinner 5:43

    16. Ezra Is Loser

      Wait where da heck is Garrett?

    17. Relyea

      I wonder how cold that water is

    18. PandaFox _KBI

      *says in a cowboy accident* Tell that to jecop I bit him earlier

    19. Sophie Haswell

      Mr beast is 6 3 wtf

    20. kit kat

      i want the boat ;(

    21. Veer Patel

      This is how many time chandler has lost 👇🏻

    22. Winnie Gomez


    23. CoopBoss games

      All mr. beast challenge= Chris getting sick

    24. Meg

      You guys are crazy on a good way😨

    25. lina elfasi

      Help me my fortnite account is deleted hit this 👇 To help me get my fortnite account back

    26. Lizzie Lyden

      “He made the channel he makes THE RULES!” - Chris

    27. John Clarke

      V. Vrd

    28. Joe Mama

      Does Chris moisturize??

    29. Zac Taylor

      “Tell that to Jacob I bit him earlier” -Chandler, October 19, 2019

    30. Kaden Hayes

      Chandler is so funny

    31. Sky Whiddon

      7:39 it would be hilarious if chandler lost twice *holds up 3 fingers*




      You know who spy ningas are?


      Hhhhheeeeeeyyy bbbeeeeaaassstttt

    35. De Gekke mwan

      16:07 whats this song called?

    36. Jaro Cacid


    37. Bismuth Gaming & More

      At least Chandler got to the point in the challenge where he gets food.

    38. Its_ya_daily_cringyness_Lily *

      “Sign me up for dude perfect!” -Chris

    39. United001

      10:19 Jake's movements are... Weird..

    40. Denis1902

      how did chris put on his hoodie and t shirt?

    41. SilentNinjaYT54

      Chris kept swapping

    42. HTG NASTY

      He got so serious when his hand cane off

    43. Sushi Lover

      6:35 When reality hits harder than you expected 🤣🤣🤣

    44. One Shot win

      Nobody: Chandler gets secound chance: Everyone:🥶🥶🥶🥶

    45. Br33ze

      The ECU corn hole board!

    46. T4K5

      2019=last to take of hand from boat win it 2025=last to take of hands of Mr beast owns him

    47. Aadi Tamargo

      1like = chandler wins 5 challenges

    48. Iconically Bratz

      40 degrees is cold for them but it’s 6 degrees here and I’m hot

    49. Kea Jacob

      I appreciate Chandler. He reminds me of myself

    50. Alex Prentico

      are you NicsterV

    51. GachaCraft Kitty

      R.I.P. Chandler

    52. Adrianne Weltner

      Jacob looked so sad man

    53. Shiv Chudasama

      I just feel bad for chandler

    54. Fariko Wishless

      Chris... Chris was waiting to roast him about that for a long time I bet.

    55. Daz Bernardo

      2nd life chandleeeer

      1. Daz Bernardo

        Wait hes gone again, 3rd choice first guess, (you cant prove otherwise) VIKIIINGS NEED A BOAT

    56. FLAREBLITZ 95


    57. Luisa Benavides

      OMG how many cool ideas do you have mrbeast?! 👇👇

    58. Purple Sloth Gaming

      MrBeast need a TV SHOW OMG 📺 💻

    59. Selena Casey

      Can I please go in here and finally win something on my life???

    60. Crap

      Chandler is crap ahhhhh

    61. AwesomeSkill

      Kinda annoyed that the new guy got kicked off for something so stupid so quick and chandler got 2 tries and has won multiple challenges.

    62. -Łøťůś Ňıģhť-

      Challenge Idea: last to stop smug dancing wins

    63. shayaan zulfiqar

      Buy me a car Mr.beast thanks :)

    64. Shadow The savage

      I wish I could do one of these challenges

    65. Kenadi Stevens

      This videos are awsome

    66. Tony Glaire Tubon

      Im thinking wheres garet?

    67. assistant trent

      Am I the only one who fells bad for chandler

    68. Leon Schulz

      How did they change their shirts and hoodies ten times without taking their hand off the boat??

    69. Mr.Gaming

      Chandler really does suck