Last to Leave Trampoline SKYSCRAPER Wins $3000 Vacation! *SLIME CHALLENGE*

Dangie Bros

Dangie Bros

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    We accepted a mystery holiday slime unboxing inspired by Unspeakable to make this epic slime video. For today’s challenge, we built our very own trampoline skyscraper and battled to see who can last the longest at the very top. Whoever wins, gets an all-expenses paid vacation to a place of their choice!! Excited to share this video was in partnership with Elmer’s. When they challenged us to a mystery unboxing, we couldn’t turn it down. Think you have an awesome slime idea? Comment down below using #ElmersWhatIf and follow along for more holiday slime boxes. Huge thanks to Elmer's for sponsoring this video!!
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    1. qlerkie

      Its belgium fries actually

    2. Spirit

      Unspeakable is to kind But yet makes it a mystery

    3. MrJJ 603

      Unspeakable has a youtube channel go check him out at unspeakable gaming

      1. MrJJ 603

        wow i will

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      That was from Dustin

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      I subscribe to unspeakable

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      Poo poo

    8. princess cupcake 563

      Is it going to morejstu or jstudios

    9. Lea B

      Jeff: eww how the slime thinks: whyyyyyyyyy jeffery im nice not naughty slime is a good thing to play with and u say ew jeff u are ew not meh.

      1. Leeta Cockerham

        So lame that's what yours is

    10. Lea B

      omg unspeakalbe gave u something wow and its slime ME LOVE SLIME!

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    12. Kory Nepper

      Which unspeakable videos

    13. Jasmine Torres

      why do you have a 🐶?

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    15. Super Kitties

      Y’all have some slimy balls

    16. Oliver Stepanek

      I am a professional rockclimber

    17. Zara-Lee Hamilton

      What if the trampoline’s fell?😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    18. Jayla Hutton

      Unspeakable sent u guys a gift 🎁 how nice of him I hope unspeakable is watching this

    19. Daisy Cain

      That’s my cousins cats name too

    20. Mr. NoName

      Chris: im nice and warm in my tarp Chris 5 minutes later: I left cuz I was really cold

    21. Hockey Legend

      Yo please support hockey legend and recommend some vids for me to possibly make

    22. gamer luke

      Jelly and unspeakable are brothers with preston

    23. Jason Stonebridge

      Omg unspeakable he's my fav youtuber

    24. Matthew Szelagiewicz

      I cant stand hights!! I hate them!! 2+2=4 I'm so smart lol

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    26. Love Love01

      like of you like the Dangie bros 👇🏽

    27. Max Barker

      The green rc car is meant to be like unspeakables Lamborghini

      1. Max Barker

        Esther Daintith yeah me too!

      2. Esther Daintith

        Max Barker I watch unspeakable

      3. Owenleg van wyk

        Oh yeah

    28. Naomi Wiechman Skol!

      Rob: ew its slimy me: thats because it is slime

    29. rachard walsh

      X X

    30. Dakota Bowers

      i know right

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    32. Gayle Clark

      i know unspeakable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33. Nintender

      This was my favorite channel and then I come back a year later and it is still my favorite

    34. GamerJoey The poop!

      Give it to Dantdm

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    36. Cabe ***

      And I know Gabe and James

    37. Cabe ***

      And I also know unspeakable

    38. Cabe ***

      I’ll be a danger bro you bro

    39. Kira Markham

      love you Jeff you are the best .

    40. John Doe

      You should do a videos unspeakable

    41. Legend :P

      Me: Does not even have one trampoline. Them: Owns like 1000000 trampolines

      1. Owl People

        Me: Has one trampoline

      2. Amanda Escheman

        I can relate

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    42. Bryan Wieland

      You guys are the best just like unspeakable

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      I love undpaekable soooooo much and dangie broes

    46. MindlessShark78

      5:39 who put the backet upp

      1. Brian Petersen

        MindlessShark78 Ryan did

    47. Ville Vesanen

      finaly good money schallenge not something like morgz clikbait videos

    48. Amy Friedman

      That’s a cute cat

    49. Uuu HUjh

      They said it was a baby revealer... What was green for?

      1. Izzy’s Watermelon

        Uuu HUjh ATTACK HELICOPTER..... if u know who sssniperwolf is then you know

    50. Elizabeth Schiwart

      Unspeakable is very good

    51. Bodhi504

      Unspeakable is a popular youtube 4m subs

    52. brown bro

      You should make a video on CZ-news about punishments only for Jeff and Chris

    53. Braydon Foster

      If I got the car I’d trade it in for a 10,000 vacay 😂😂😂

    54. kolbygaming XOX 2

      I am actually about to explode

    55. kolbygaming XOX 2


    56. J’ Gang

      Top nub repellent airhorn

    57. Kodiak Reiniche Gaming

      Denkops-Chris Denker he is a CZ-newsr who does WWE And other videos

      1. Elizabeth Zothanchhungi Khiangte

        wr3d...he played it didn't he

    58. GamingWithFatih

      I just saw u guys on my subscribers list, I really had no idea who dangie bros could be until I clicked on the channel. Makes me happy to see that the family channel is successful now, I remember when it was first created and it was on 2 bros. And just a question, any chance the good old cam sucks at gaming is coming back?

    59. Wade and Irvin Partners

      Rob: its tireos

    60. Casper Eklund

      I love unspeakable and dangie bros 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    61. DemoGirl414 Roblox

      Brianna and Preston?

    62. ya boy canlope yeet

      He’s a scaredy bro lol

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      Send me unspeakable address please!!! Mail it to me.

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      Yo yo dude

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