Last to Leave Giant Beanbag Wins $10,000 Challenge! (PawZam Dogs vs. Game Master Incorporated)

PawZam Dogs

PawZam Dogs

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    Matt and Rebecca are missing so Agent S from the GMI decides to watch them while playing a new trending challenge.
    After Rebecca Zamolo uploaded I LOST MY MEMORY PRANK On Husband Matt! (Secret Revealed while Missing for 24 Hours) Matt and Rebecca tried BUYING EVERYTHING Rebecca Touches Blindfolded! **NO BUDGET 24 Hour Challenge**. Now its up to the dogs to rescue their pet parents. Agent S from the Game Master Incorporated found the two dogs and brought them to the safe house. He decides to question them and see if they are hacker dogs. They both search for the reactivator as it will be very important for the mirror initiative event date. Peanut lies and would not pass a lie detector test but blackjack tells the truth. Now that the Secret Agent has the spy gadget he gives them both treats. They play a quick game of last to leave the beanbag wins $10,000. Peanut and blackjack don't know that he is tricking them with a diy prank. Will Matt and Rebecca be safe and what is happening in Bakersfield?
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    1. PawZam Dogs

      What happened to our parents? We cant figure out the clues! Please send help and treats!

      1. ranald tulloch

        PawZam Dogs are. You açai I. Hop so Becus

      2. Mike H

        Paw Zam

      3. Mike H

        Paw s up everyone

      4. destinie ortiz

        He mountain blackjack don't listen to the gym on

      5. M Crafty

        PawZam Dogs they took the peanut and black jack

    2. Wilson Betancourt

      No i Will not subscribe the Gmi.And pluse you are not going to win you are going to loose.

    3. Shawn Jackson

      I love u

    4. JonC

      Boo to GMI

    5. Amelia Stanger

      Rebecca Matt there was a hacker in your house with the dogs and GMI ancient

    6. Orla Ross

      The quadrant was filming

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      i will never go to the GMI chanlal.

    8. Chloe Rostad

      Every one loves pawzam

    9. Arianna Gomez

      You're being suspicious in this video and I know where it is but I'm not telling you

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    11. Charleigh Gizi Booth

      Oh no the GMI agent get the reactivator

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    14. Dhanika Langasvaran

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    16. Reese Cronier

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    17. Anne Karimi

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    19. Sonia Lopez

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    20. Cara Senior

      The GM I were at your house playing with blackjack and peanut

    21. Gabriel Polinesio

      Leave penut and blackjack alone gmi!

    22. Iris Negrete

      Bakersfield is my country

    23. NaTeesha85

      Even sleepy, Peanut's got nerves of steel.

    24. Jodie Mcnamee

      No I hate gmi

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      when he said i nerver did anything to your mom and dad HE IS LYING

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      way to go peanut

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      Why was the gmi on your channel

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    48. Fatemeh shirzadi

      Your being so mean and bossy to Peanut and Blackjack!!!

    49. Fatemeh shirzadi

      I hate the GMI but I LOVE Rebeca, Matt, Peanut and Blackjack!!!

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      You are lying because you captured them

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    64. Aibhlinn Pierce

      They are not with their parents because the Gmi kidnapped Matt and Danel.And rebecca is looking for them right now.

    65. Aibhlinn Pierce

      The GMI are lying to he dogs.

    66. Aibhlinn Pierce

      The dogs do not know were it is.They do not help you because they do not like you.

    67. Aibhlinn Pierce

      I know where the reactivater is but will never tell you it is in a safe place where you would never guess to look

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