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    After the Game Master Network challenges us to LAST TO STOP SWINGING WINS $10,000 Challenge! (Game Master Network Vs. GMI in real life) we have to make sure we get more points so we don't have to beg for our jobs back. Rebecca challenges us to the last to drop from the rings. Matt is the first to stop and gets no points and the agents win. Next they do a rope climb for an advantage and Matt her husband actually wins. He is acting a little suspicious so maybe something happened when he was missing.
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    1. Game Master Incorporated

      Who do you think won both challenges? Looks like Rebecca is in trouble. Can we trust her?

      1. Martina patricio

        Face reveal please GMI

      2. irene cordez

        GMN WON

      3. j model

        Yes you can trust her i'm on GMN SIDE

      4. Arielise Garcia

        We can trust Rebecca!!!!!!

      5. Alpz YT

        GMN won by points

    2. Linda٣ Gmshid

      GMI 24 GMN 26 Rebecca Zamolo won yay

    3. Isabella Knight


    4. Shona M


    5. charlene page

      GMN got 29 and GMI got 27

    6. Jamie Norton

      Game master incorporated is going to win. I'm a fan of you.

    7. no name

      Gmi 27 points

    8. Dane Tapar

      Rebecca was cheating.

    9. Megan Mcdonagh

      gmn has 26 points and gminq has 24 points

    10. Madison Paskow

      GMI sucks GMN is better

    11. JZĎáci ČR

      Gmn gmn gmn gmn winner

    12. Franncine Bariñan

      Santana winning

    13. Baby Rani

      Gmi won

    14. Salvador Baez

      Gmn won

    15. khaled yassin

      The GMN has nine points the gmi six points the GMN has won The challenges

    16. Lisa Krahenbuhl

      Gm got 9 poy6poy for gml

    17. Renae Lawson

      Rebecca won

    18. Jerieka Ewing


    19. Janiyah Hardaway


    20. XxItz CookiexX

      What happened to Matt did he just randomly come back?

      1. XxItz CookiexX

        Gmn got 26 and gmi got 22

    21. Furqan Ahmed


    22. Summer Francis


    23. Summer Francis


    24. Tina Davis

      Gmi 26 gmi 24

    25. Jessica Weimer

      Zam fam won😀😃😄😁😆

    26. Cienna Shaffer

      Go GMN

    27. rosemary, hung hung ting

      Go GMN

    28. Carter Truong

      no GMI

    29. louielove

      Gmi 24 Gmn 26

    30. Kennie Tanaya

      Its a tie

    31. Melissa Semaan

      gmn won

    32. Stacey Power


    33. The Blogger


    34. Nazila Nuradha


    35. nanja hayes

      go Rebecca

    36. nanja hayes

      boooooooooooo gmi

    37. EmilyJ

      GMN won

    38. Sophia Hernandez

      The game master network won

    39. Sophia Hernandez


    40. Kadance Marcus

      GMN has 26 GMI has 24

    41. Lukas Cica


    42. Braden Mclain

      GMN WIN

    43. Juan villanueva

      Gmn got 18/gmi got 15 points

    44. maria Saucedo

      Gmi won

    45. Rene Baldrey

      So um I made you A thing it's called gmi is in the GMN

    46. Rene Baldrey

      Come on! you got this

    47. Rene Baldrey

      I subed to both

    48. Elizabeth Milam

      GMN won

    49. Darrah Purdy


    50. Moh'd Al-Bin Ali

      Gm is a winner because Gm 17 + 9=26 and Gmi 18+6=24

    51. Aubrey Goney

      GM when's the game.

    52. wrestlenick

      Gmn wins

    53. Kelly Carson

      G.M.I is going to win

    54. Kelly Carson


    55. Carolina Ramos

      gmn is gena huen gmi gmi ur sou fat ued ur glases and mr. x is tu

    56. wan hariz Izzuddin

      Rebbeca playing not fair

    57. effie gunadi

      Gmn is the winners Gmn=17+9=26 Gmi=18+6=24

    58. Valerie Evans

      Gmn won haha gmi

    59. Ettienne Kleinsmidt


    60. Balvinder Kaur

      I think Matt slays is gonna win

    61. Friendship slimer and others


    62. Friendship slimer and others

      Hey agents this is a song I made for u GMI IS LOSERS GMN IS WINNERS GMI VS GMN OFCORSE GM VS MX WHO WILL IWN? WHO WILL WIN? OFCORSE DUH GMN WINS Hope u liked it HAHA Also zamfam like if u love Rebecca videos ;) :)

    63. Genessis Cruz

      Rebecca wins

    64. Leah J


    65. kristina mcdonald

      you can trust rebecca

    66. Danielle O'Toole


    67. 김선희

      I know that Rebecca will win but I wished that the agents will win. 😃😃😃

    68. Lorrna Pirrakii

      Gmi 6 points Gm 9 points Rebecca dainel mat Alice winnnnnnnnnnnnn

    69. Geza Major


    70. Finally Does

      Matt won