Last To Fall In The Pool Wins $10,000 or Game Master Clues! (Disney Princess Challenge)

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    Will Rebecca Zamolo or Ro Pansino be last to fall off the plank into the water to win this fun challenge against the Game Master spy ninja?
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    Last time Rebecca Zamolo played last to sink wins $10,000 (game master clues vs ninja spy gadgets challenge) and Matt and Rebecca uploaded first to pop wins $10,000 challenge (game master spy reveal new clues) they went back to their safehouse. Today, Rebecca chose a Lizzy Sharer last to fall challenge to compete against the quadrant with her friend Ro Pansino. The girls decided to wear diy Disney princess costumes while they try not to fall off the plank. Matt and Rebecca don't want the cameraman Daniel to know we went through his camera roll, but the quadrant almost reveals it wasn’t missing when he arrives. Matt wants us to surprise him with a lie detector test when we confront him at our safehouse. We learn how to balance an egg on spoon while walking over the pool. I hope this doesn’t turn into a 24 hour overnight challenge to find the winner. For the final round, the 3 princesses balance on a tiny plank but the girls fall off. The quadrant spy wins but choses a gamemaster clue instead of $10,000. Another mystery quadrant member appears and reveals we had been tricking him to think we knew where the Game Master mystery location was and it turned into a chase. Will we be able to find the rest of the mystery devices and stop E2? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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    1. Rosanna Pansino

      What a hard challenge! Stay safe Rebecca! 😊❤️

      1. Shao Tong

        +2028 Meme it's probably the twin

      2. THE SQUASHY

        +netia tunson I stayed at the end.

      3. netia tunson

        I staded to the end

      4. THE SQUASHY

        Love you Ro and Bec. PS at 11:40 it seemed like Rz twin took over me mind like btje doll house.

      5. gladys adriana pedroso

        Rosanna Pansino what do you mean by stay safe

    2. Ashanti Zavala

      Hi Rebecca Ro got switched by her clone

    3. pachun collins

      i stad

    4. Andrew Pearce

      Love u Rebaka

    5. Andrew Pearce

      At the end it wasn’t ro

    6. Della Herrington


    7. Balloon Family

      Be careful why were their two of them?I stayed until the end

    8. Jordana Shepard

      i think q

    9. Lloyd Dayao

      That's not Ro

    10. Aveyon Reed

      Rebecca that is not Ro Pansino that is her clone

    11. Kira Harris

      I sade tell the end

    12. Firasha Ali

      omg what happens to ri

    13. Alaistair Saunders

      that isent Ro

    14. tippy smith

      Guys were are my spy ninja friends at the girl at the end SONDES JUST LIKE PZ4 AKA Regina You Know chad wild clay and vy qwint

    15. kc Conway

      Don't be to mean to Q he might be nice

    16. Dora Ramos

      they swicht roe

    17. kool_ gamez

      Omg compare the height of Q and Ro When she comes back with the dress for Q HE IS SO TALL

    18. Shey Maldita

      Ro pansino

    19. Shey Maldita

      I knew you will all make it!!!

    20. Hatti Stewart


    21. Hatti Stewart

      She was switched out

    22. Hatti Stewart

      No he didn’t

    23. Content Blocker`


    24. Content Blocker`

      the guy cheated he mad it wable

    25. Grace Reddell

      I stay to the end of the video

    26. Daysha Lewis

      quadrant cheated

    27. Olivia Prudencio

      I when I saw the qudruant in that dress I laughed so hard

    28. Music_4_Life !

      I stayed until th end

    29. Blake V-06

      He cheati

    30. Jennifer Showalter

      I am a part And you will not do that again or I will delete your channel

    31. Lorena Bahena


    32. Jamie Melvin

      Quadrant switched red Pansino with her clone

    33. Nattelia mitchem

      That is the rz twin of row

    34. The Wild Cowgirl


    35. Salman Conserve

      I stayed until the end

    36. Heather Jordan

      I think Ro won the cake NOT Q

    37. Aylla Peters

      Rabeca the Q has fellings don’t shove stuf in his face that is rude

    38. nabeel anil

      That was funny Q looked funny in his dress

    39. Addison Patton

      I washed to the end

    40. Sian McNama

      I stay to the end of the vid

    41. britney rabago-lopez

      That rose clones

    42. Dianalee Prensa

      Yellow cake

    43. Bongbats Batbatan

      rebecca ro is a clone

    44. mama moomin

      Rosanna achly looks like bell

    45. Gracie Aspinall


    46. Sophia Moore

      Round 5 was unbelievable!!! It is so

    47. Martha Manual

      I tink Q

    48. Louise M

      That was funny

    49. Cheyenne Spike

      I stayed till the end!!!

    50. Quinn Davis

      Roe got taken that is her clone

    51. Carine Josey

      I stand tel the end

    52. Emma Paniagua

      I stayed

    53. Carine Josey


      1. Carine Josey

        Newer. Mand

    54. Peach Potato

      I stayed until the end of this video Love your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    55. All Around Alexa

      I knew you could win

    56. All Around Alexa

      Ro got replaced by her Clone

    57. Ramesh kumar Reddy

      Quadrant switch ro as a clown

    58. Layla Eid

      i stayed till the end!!! please pick me Rebecca i love you so much.

    59. Tatum Selvon


    60. Tatum Selvon

      Why are you being so rude!

    61. Niaz Niaz

      I stayed until the end

    62. Danny Pithie

      I stayed tell the end☺😇

    63. Haylee Evans

      that was Ro's Clone

    64. Brennon Aguon

      I stayed to the end

    65. arshia anjum

      This video is really funny this is my favourite video 🤣🤣🤣

    66. Hannah White

      That Ro was a clone

    67. Eclipse

      i staded tell the end

    68. Melissa Comeau

      Rebecca that was wrong. You put the pie in Q's face

    69. Stitch Plays22

      The a Quadrant member switch Ro with her clone

    70. Ashley Arellano

      I Vote Q will win 10000$

    71. Soulfire Kelsch

      I stayed til the end

    72. Raneen Sameer

      I like you

    73. Jesus Rivera

      Thats rose clone

    74. Toys & Animation

      I stayed till the end!!!!!! Love u guys 💗💖💝❤️

    75. Jocelyn Jakela

      Looks like ro is hypnotized...

    76. Joanie Depriest

      That’s ros clone

    77. Noor Alameeri

      The time ro get inside the house they swap with the clone

    78. Danielle Smith

      The queodenr has a camera on his head

    79. Risha Teal

      i stayed till the end of the video

    80. Mya Rod

      That was funny

    81. Nathan Lavaggi

      Keep the time coming

    82. Wolf Pheonix

      I stayed until the end

    83. huei huei

      Hi rebeca do you know i love your youtube

    84. BlOuB52

      Q did not cheat.

    85. Crystal And Jessica In Magic WORLD!

      I know that Q change Ro pancino she was the other Q

    86. Kayson Nguyen

      Rose got switch up with a clone

    87. GOWRI B S

      very. nice

    88. Remixes Playing

      The game master had swithched ro with er twin

    89. Leona Silk

      Ros bean is so thic so its easier for her

    90. Keerti Kumar

      She is a clone

    91. Tina Jariwala

      Rebecca when do was wet and went in someone switch rosana and put a clone see in gamaster network fast hurry

    92. Hayley Wilson

      I stayed to the end

    93. Aaliyah Garcia

      He did not cheat

    94. Aaliyah Garcia

      Your mean Rebecca have some empty even tho her your enemy

    95. meraly u

      I see what happened in the end

    96. Kevin Darby

      Love you Rebecca be safe and Matt

    97. Kevin Darby

      Rebecca Pansino was a clone on the gamemaster Network video she told us that roller switch with her clone from the dollhouse the quadrant took her into the closet maybe on your next video together you should ask her when we did last to fall in the pool did you get to looking into the closet or or in the bathroom bedroom or maybe the basement I don't know but just make sure to ask her she can't keep it to yourself forever cuz maybe she can tell you guys she found a clue in the closet if they said something just make sure she doesn't keep it inside

    98. Brandi&Chris Mundt

      I stayed to the end

    99. Zakirah Shah

      3:12 was my favorite part LOL hilarious

    100. Zakirah Shah

      Aww man I wanted Ro or Rebecca I love you two stay safe I just realized Ro backwards is or