Last To Fall In The Pool Wins $10,000 or Game Master Clues! (Disney Princess Challenge)

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    Will Rebecca Zamolo or Ro Pansino be last to fall off the plank into the water to win this fun challenge against the Game Master spy ninja?
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    Last time Rebecca Zamolo played last to sink wins $10,000 (game master clues vs ninja spy gadgets challenge) and Matt and Rebecca uploaded first to pop wins $10,000 challenge (game master spy reveal new clues) they went back to their safehouse. Today, Rebecca chose a Lizzy Sharer last to fall challenge to compete against the quadrant with her friend Ro Pansino. The girls decided to wear diy Disney princess costumes while they try not to fall off the plank. Matt and Rebecca don't want the cameraman Daniel to know we went through his camera roll, but the quadrant almost reveals it wasn’t missing when he arrives. Matt wants us to surprise him with a lie detector test when we confront him at our safehouse. We learn how to balance an egg on spoon while walking over the pool. I hope this doesn’t turn into a 24 hour overnight challenge to find the winner. For the final round, the 3 princesses balance on a tiny plank but the girls fall off. The quadrant spy wins but choses a gamemaster clue instead of $10,000. Another mystery quadrant member appears and reveals we had been tricking him to think we knew where the Game Master mystery location was and it turned into a chase. Will we be able to find the rest of the mystery devices and stop E2? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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    1. Rosanna Pansino

      What a hard challenge! Stay safe Rebecca! 😊❤️

      1. Nisar Ahmed

        Does Ro Pansino have a clone?

      2. Ilenia Portelli

        She didn't change hairstyles it was her clown

      3. Veronica flores

        that is Not the Real ro.that is her clone👩👩

      4. Arham Shah

        Rosanna Pansino i love cake

      5. Bella Hermosa

        Rebecca someone took to

    2. duncan deng

      that was funny

    3. It’s you boi dave Gamer dave

      I did

    4. Ayden Tatham

      I stayed till the end

    5. Emma Alcock

      That wasn't the same to but she was nice

    6. Sophia’s World


    7. Courtney Williams

      I stayed till the end

    8. Amandeep Kaur


    9. Amandeep Kaur


    10. Amandeep Kaur


    11. Amandeep Kaur


    12. Ashley Orth

      13:01 how did the quadrant know to jump 0_0

    13. Frida Muscat

      He tricked you

    14. Molly Pop


    15. Unique Clark Carr

      Ro is smiling too much

      1. Unique Clark Carr


    16. Master O'Connor

      I did

    17. Josie Wiland

      These people are in trouble Ro , Kurt , and Carter

    18. Jimin Lover

      I stayed till the end

    19. Alexandra Prim

      I stayed to the end and in round 5 the quadrant jumped off so he saw like if u agree 👇🏻👍🏻

    20. Danelle Tompkins

      Istayedtill the end

    21. Danelle Tompkins

      That’s Ro’s twin

    22. Michele Niev

      That was ros clone

    23. Maricela Garcia

      that's is Rose clone

    24. Julie Avalos Madrigal

      At 11:30?

    25. Julie Avalos Madrigal

      What happen to ro

    26. Lila Westbrook

      Love u watched till end

    27. Jolynn Dominguez

      i satad to the end

    28. Lily Waddington

      Ro was switch by her clone when she got a towel

    29. Aurora Taylor

      Omg that's ro clone did you guys notice that ro hair was dryed and she was only in there for like 5 seconds

    30. Gael Rodriguez

      I stayed to the end

    31. Isabel Reyes

      I stayed intel the end

    32. Isabel Reyes

      Ros cake was the best

    33. Fa Tima


    34. missy booboo

      That guy from the quadrant stood next to ro😂😂😂

    35. Kaylee Osborn

      Stayed till end 😁

    36. Fun with Soha

      I stayed until the end and subscribed

    37. Timor Olivieri

      I stay till the end

    38. Mais tv

      I love ro but i think she will never act weard i dont now if somone did somthig to her

    39. Mais tv

      I thik ro or rebecca mite win

    40. Operation Co

      i stayed until the end!

    41. Lally Mae

      That was so funny

    42. Kiara Reid

      I stayed till the end

    43. fantastic faith

      I stayed till the end

    44. Archiemgamer 123


    45. Sanel Diaz

      Rebecca at the very end The game master replaced Ross for her clone By the way I want a shout out please

    46. Brian Maxie

      Im 4'8 feet tall and I am 11 years old

    47. Iris Sanchez

      Wow that guy it’s a cheater

    48. Meyeres Family

      I stayed until the end!

    49. Dwayne Walker

      I saw all of the show

    50. RCL Trollzem

      I stayed till the end

    51. denise whitecotton

      I stayed till the end 😍😍😍

    52. Valeria Gaytan

      I stayed till the end

    53. Mya Randleman

      I stayed till the end

    54. Rhiannon Stark

      Roe was replaced by her clone

    55. Ava Costello

      I stay till rhe end

    56. Savannah Speak

      That was funnu

    57. Lacey Goddard

      It was strait when she took it out

    58. Lacey Goddard

      And it was Curley when it was up in a bun

    59. Lacey Goddard

      I think Ro was replaced with her clone because her hair was lighter and shorter and she sounds different and she had body pins in her hair and it would take half and hour to get the nots out. Stay safe rebecca

    60. Lacey Goddard

      Stay safe rebecca

    61. Lacey Goddard

      The quadrant has tiny holes you can’t see on his mask

    62. Megan Hamilton

      I stayed to the end.

    63. Douglas Rymbai

      Frossting - Quadrant

    64. Asa Labra

      Roy penseno

    65. Wendy Stewart

      Ummm she was kidnapped

    66. (Aim) Arisa Thongtang

      I ᔕTᗩYEᗪ TIᒪᒪ TᕼE Eᑎᗪ

    67. Ruel Kerr-Stewart

      That was funny😃

    68. Noemi De Leon

      Q won

    69. James Johnstone

      I stayed till the end 😁😁😁

    70. Mohamad Khalil

      I stayed till the end