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    1. Chantilly Perez

      J said it was 12:00 pm at the beginning but when ameerah was in front in the oven it said it was 10:37!! 2:0

    2. Trey Jones

      I love your channel. Please give me a shout out #PLEAS

    3. Christian Jimenez

      Pal ate noodles when he gave you some look

    4. Esther Lara

      Why couldn't Paul just give you noodles,noodles are yellow

    5. Normah Ismail

      I think this is the first time Jeddah wins 😅😝

    6. Gabriella Lynch

      Paul cheated

    7. Robrhian Santelices

      I laugh in jeddah's reaction at 5:38

    8. Robrhian Santelices

      I laugh on jedda's reaction on 6:

    9. Robrhian Santelices

      Paul is cheater he waste a vegetables smoothie

    10. Saif 2007

      Where are you cheated when you said celery was that bad you eat some and it was green

    11. Sushma Keshan

      Paul cheated

    12. Dzei Alexandreyne DL. Tan

      did ameerah just eat the selary

    13. Nikkita-lee Heffler

      Wait didn't amarah ate the the green vegetables

    14. Amina Salah

      the only good green vegie thing is abvacado smoothie goah its sooooooo nice

    15. Sanjeev Thakur

      From shivansh are you ok paul.......

    16. Sheryl Gomez

      U ate. Green

    17. johnathan ruth

      itwaas fiunny

    18. Hunter Rose

      ameerah ate cellary and she should have been out then and there

    19. michael alleyne

      I hate ameerah for giving paul vegetables

    20. challenger sister 123

      Paul good job for eating something else

    21. Te'niya Knight

      20:30 - 20:36 paul ate noodles and cheese so he is out!!!

    22. Sofia Elizabeth Vlogs

      Did anyone see Amerrah cheated and ate the GREEN celery she was only supposed to eat her color!!

    23. Vicka Goldyn

      Eggs aren't even yellow! They are white as there primary. Yellow is the secound dairy. So Ameerah only has to eat the yolk.😑 Anyway, why where they treating eachother? It's a challenge!! So it's a tie in my mind!

    24. Karmela Senior

      Paul:How do you eat this?! Ameerah:just pick up the fork and eat it

    25. Meilza life is the Best

      It Does not look like its 12PM

    26. Jonathan Nisonov

      You are the best ameerah

    27. Jonathan Nisonov

      Do the challenge last to stop adding glitter into slime and my name is Miriam

    28. Jonathan Nisonov

      Ameerah you should do the challenge last to stop putting glitter in to slime

    29. JW - 04OE - Brandon Gate PS (1106)

      ameerah you should of picked scrambled eggs cause they tasted like nothing

    30. Anna Pilarowski

      You shoulda gave Paul wasabi

    31. Mahi Shukla

      I WiLL AlWaYs wear ThE cOlor I wANT tO eAT !! ~ Me 2019

    32. Abang Razali

      I think jeddah wins this challenge fairly bcz she didnt cheat like paul did , she didnt quit and she didnt eat any food that arent her colour like ameerah did 😕

    33. Bien Lanzaderas

      So basically jeddah won this challenge cause paul ate that pasta.. then ameerah tried eating that celery.. lol

    34. Kak Yani

      i thought ameera hate banana

    35. A'jayda Bailey

      Oh no I didn’t I was laughing because she loves vegetables

    36. Na'Talia Moss

      Ha ha paully

    37. Gem C

      Do you know that broccoli doesn't have any taste even other veggies doesn't have taste

    38. Jahridsgaming Jahrid

      What i like vegtables

    39. Lauren Pomerenke

      8;09 look at Pauls face lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    40. Lauren Pomerenke

      look at Jeddah and Pauls faces at 1:24 when they found out they dont get to choose what they eat! lol!!!

    41. Kawaii Ice Cream ฅ'ω'ฅ

      I think Paul doing this challenge is good for him because at least he's eating his veggies 🤣😃

      1. Tiffany Garcia

        DECEMBER GANG ⬇️

    42. Jazzy Pie

      You said stupid challenge but you made it duh I’m a bad guy

    43. Ella Munroe

      Amearra ate green like if you saw

    44. Reasha Davis

      huh I love celary

    45. 808 Aqua

      If ameerah was red she will be able to eat hot Cheeto and Doritos and takis

    46. Markennis Jackson

      Paul been out seen it on camra

    47. Markennis Jackson

      Jeddah can have fruit punch ameerah can have lemonade. And Paul can have green tea

    48. Olivia Barry

      Paul cheted👎🏻

    49. Olivia Barry

      Go ameerah👍🏻boo paul🖕

    50. Rainer333311 /Danyale Rainer

      I feel how Paul feel right now bout the smoothie....

    51. Alejandra Becerra

      I hate Paul because he just loses for noodles what a loser

    52. Catty

      Paul is out!!!

    53. Ayalga Peemot

      Uhh.. Did anyone notice?.. I see In da comments that no one didnt notice - _ - that... Jeddah would have won bc ameerah tasted that CALORIE stick and its Green not yellow. And if u replie on my text dont say that u notice that cuz u lieh

      1. Ayalga Peemot

        Orr wait jeddah wouldnt had To eat that pepper

    54. Essem1121 Sem

      Ameerah don't trick you Paul😒😒

    55. Day Zz

      Takis have in gluten she is not so gluten free

    56. Lilith Royer

      I know Jetta didn't cheat

    57. Lilith Royer

      Amira and Jada Paul cheated he ate the noodles and the cheese Paul and Jetta I know I didn't cheat but in all the Slime challenges she does so no no no no cheating bad bad bad.

    58. Satori Senpai

      Technically, Paul was also wearing red too xd

      1. Dalal Khallo


    59. R and J Forever Friends

      Paul u lost

    60. Harsono Karyadi

      Egg yoiks

    61. Kiruthika Raj

      just put food coloring in water

    62. Lia Henrichs

      I hope you when Paul 👎🏻

    63. Izzabelle Brewer

      She at the green celery

    64. Suha Yacob


    65. Anijah Williams

      At the end when Amara went to give her mom a pepper and they turned to amara I saw something and amara ate the green celery

    66. Anijah Williams

      You could give him/her water all you have to do is add green or red or yellow food dye

    67. Natasha H

      Red Spicy food Red ice cream Red cool drinks Red sweets Peppers Hot sauce Meat Salami Jelly Jam Tomato’s Red chips Cherrys Strawberries Raspberry Green Green sweats Lime milk shakes Green cool drink Apples Mint ice cream Veggies Fruit Yellow Pasta Cheese Yellow sweets Yellow cool drink Banana milkshake Banana Corn Yellow Fanta

    68. Natasha H

      What color u would do I would do yellow

    69. Mona Abdirahman

      Eggs are white

    70. Shubhi Goel