Last to Drop iPhone Wins $10,000 - Challenge

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    Try not to drop your iPhone off the 100 foot tall bridge... They had to hold their phones with just 2 fingers. This challenge got crazy!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. FaZe Rug

      Who would try this challenge?

      1. Thanos Car

        Not me

      2. Felipe Gama


      3. XRN_Playz YT

        Me lel

      4. ahmed khaled


      5. Derek Serrato

        Me bitch

    2. Madison Rowland

      Camel 🐪 🦶🏻 toe Lol. Like if you get it

    3. Uncle Joey

      nice one faze rug:)

    4. Uncle Joey

      give it all to me i have no iphone men,..

    5. Girly Gamer

      Anthony was using his right hand then had to switch to left hand but 30 mins later he was using his right hand again

    6. mss lopez

      Faze rug is the best bcoz all hes video if he got games he gave price or gitfs to hes family and relatives and frnds God bless u more blessings To come for u always Dont change love u💋💋💋

    7. Reaction Kling

      Kaelyn be lookin like a donkey no cap

    8. iisunflowerii

      If Santa Claus lost 2,000 pounds that’s him right here 😂😂😂I cant

    9. king khan Faizi

      Guys Brian ex is so jealous in 12:39 or 12:40

    10. ThE bAnDiT

      Is his name Anthony or Sherman LOL?

    11. Aneesa Nizar

      faze rugg literally wants to be mr beast

    12. TOXIC_WOLF

      She dropped it on purpose 😂😂 smh smh Lmaoooo

    13. asko games

      we cant let this pass the cocaine prank

    14. Toonskid

      This video woukd have been better if the phone were there's 😭

    15. Conor and Sophie


    16. Kyle Emigh

      No one: Kaelyn: bRiaN

    17. luis vlasman

      You gauys know that the fabrication of a phone is very bad for the envoirment

    18. Gerardo Santos

      why did you copy mr Beast

    19. Baily Sauteur

      She gold digger

    20. Chris Chris


    21. Smokescreen 237

      Like an you will be a millionaire

    22. Akram Productions


    23. Akram Productions

      CZ-news makes challenges Morgz copies some FaZe rug makes his own challenges And Morgz copies them again😂

    24. Tristan Suldan

      Kaelyn wit da muffin top bruh 💀

    25. Chpalacios370

      Kaylen looks like a rat

    26. Talan Esperanzate

      I swear Kaelyn had a plan so she acted like she dropped it but instead she *threw* it. I bet she eavesdropped. She backed up her phone and *threw* her old one and got a new one! **Surprised Pikachu face**

    27. Jahsh Kaushal

      FaZe Rug, why aren't you hovering ur iphone over the bridge???? Luv ur vids

    28. Elisa

      this just called me broke in 1000 languages

    29. Tyler Lappe

      I have an iPhone 📱Xr

    30. Kimmy Angel

      They should of tooken out their chip from their phone so their gg😂😂😂

    31. keke d

      YOUR device is lava in 5 4 3 2 1 ⬇️ like if you didn't let go 😂

    32. Correction

      Guys those phones aren’t there’s I There galaxy wouldn’t of have an x

    33. relo

      holy shit this bitch is so fucking fire

    34. It’s me Victor

      My phone dropped before this video

    35. Peter Masters

      is it just me or does kaelynn annoy you to ??

    36. Funny Dks

      Arsome bro

    37. Yulissa Baires

      No offense Brian but that pimple on your face bothered me throughout the video I just wanted to pop

      1. Peggy Wilson


    38. TheOneKitsune

      Kaelyn- knows the risk of the challenge. Accepts to join. Gets mad when loses and blames host

    39. Kathy Lopes

      Oh tittes

    40. Ufty_is_here YT

      Faze rug is a truly a good friend

    41. Oliversfilmsdotcom Films

      I thought it was 2004

    42. Oliversfilmsdotcom Films

      Who thought this was Mr Beast

    43. Oliversfilmsdotcom Films

      And this isn't Mr Beast

    44. Charlottes edits


    45. Sahil The slayer

      She’s a gold digger

    46. Madisyn Uribe

      Who saw this on sis vsbro

    47. Alec Day

      That girl definitely a gold digger

    48. ChriZ Evasion

      they rlly should pick the phone back if it was me then im picking those phones back for parts i felt bad for them not taking it back

    49. Hive YT

      Hey...this is a... *Stolen Content*

    50. Odd Lynn

      Kaelynn threw her phone off because she knew she was getting a new one

    51. Eva Arias

      Kaelynn looks chubbier 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♂️(maybe its me)

      1. xAlvaro x

        Eva Arias nah she got fat

    52. Zee Clarkkk

      Faze rug I love your video

    53. Anthony C

      Anyone else wonder why brawadis has an iPhone X but in brawadis he has an iPhone 8 and kaylen has an iPhone X did they switch phone ??

    54. Samiyah Ahmed

      Why was Kaeyln mad she agreed 5o the challenge.

    55. Daisy Ludlam

      Kaelynn definitely threw her phone off the bridge. No question about it.

    56. Fredø Bøí

      Who doesn’t know who the 16th President is 😂

    57. Doritos official /



      u got one facking big pimple

    59. Daisy Ludlam


    60. jaime romero


    61. Daisy Ludlam

      This makes me nervous

    62. Alexis Garcia


    63. Zanmm

      whats the song in outro

    64. YourDailyDoseOfTristyena •

      Kaelyn said it was faze rugs fault for her phone falling but she threw it and she cheated when he was putting the plant in her face [like if u agree]{comment if u don’t}

    65. Steven Mota

      Bro she dropped that shit on purpose

    66. Cringe Youtubers

      Caylen looks pissed

    67. Olivia Fratczak

      I swear I did this at home and I dropped my phone on my laptop screen let’s just say I need to get my laptop fixed

    68. cяαsн ĸeon

      Dude thats messed up 10:55 still if he gave then new phones that torment is crazy

    69. caelyn

      when your name is Kaelyn with a C

    70. JayNR

      Anthony was thinking 13 colonues with his history knowing self hahaha