Kylie Jenner on Stormi's 'Perfect Mixture' of Her and Travis Scott



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    In her first sit-down interview since becoming a mom, Kylie opened up to Ellen about her daughter Stormi, who is the "perfect mixture" of her and her partner, Travis Scott. The 22-year-old also talked about never imagining the huge success of her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, and how becoming a billionaire has affected her life.

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    1. Daisy R

      So cute Kylie and Kris 🥰 loved the part when they were saying how much they loved each other ❤️ a daughter doesn’t understand their mother completely until they become mothers too.

    2. Arctic Cat

      Give her a kleenex

    3. Amonte and Ashley

      Oh lord protect Travis 😂 gonna get him robbed.


      Ellennnnnnnn i love you 🤣🤣

    5. haaan

      When I don’t have money, I skip meals.

    6. Graziela Santos

      Whilst most people spend money and effort in trying to looking younger, she does her best in looking older, way older, a plasticky older.

    7. MirrorMommy

      Tittle should be “The rich talk talking in rich” 😒😫

    8. MirrorMommy

      This was pointless...

    9. Laila Lolita

      Kyle’s nose 👃

    10. Dave Lambert

      Ky sounds like she's been doin rails.👃

    11. chaneliman

      “kYliE aLwaYs sNifFing” well maybe shes sick, lets not forget that rich people also can get sick, how about that motherfuckas. 🌚

    12. Sarah Morrison

      This episode broke my heart............... I’m sitting here like worried about rent and there talking about how much money they keep in their pocket but have a billion in the bank

    13. ELMO

      Is it just me or is kylie sniffing loads. Coke head confirmed

    14. heather palmer

      Don’t like that long hair thing 😩 it’s creepy 😰

    15. Rafiya Haque

      When elen held that pony, I swear all my Bollywood feels came through 😂

    16. Alexis Annabelle

      Lol sniff....snifff....snifffg

    17. cessa g

      i love them but Kylie can barely move her face..

    18. Alejandra Jara

      What did she do to her face? 😐

    19. ghania amin

      First I thought that kylie was a mean villain and she just roam around and show off her money but these videos that came lately.... those donations made me realise that not all billionaires r mean and like to show off and she is so generous to donate her hard earn money to people in need . I think now I’m even a big fan of her personality like litrAlly she is sooooo nice like even now she’s a billionaire but still she hasn’t changed completely like now also she has the same amount of love for kris and she did not dump her cuz now she’s independent . Like she has given almost a million dollars to her fans/people in need only on the Ellen show .she has litrAlly inspired me so much and though I’m only thirteen . It’s now my goal to b as generous and hard working women like her. And there is like 0.000001% chance that she will actually read this but if she does ......(I LOVE U KYLIE!! AND THIS IS ALL FROM MY HEART) ❣ . Actually I have no idea how I wrote all of this like in just 1 min😂😂😱😱 me realising my talent??😂😂😂😂

    20. Jawn215

      Anyone else notice Kylie NEVER STOPS sniffing is it sniffing perks or from all the face surgery?

    21. Fiona Colonna

      in twentys

    22. Haley Murphy

      Ellen savage

    23. Suraj Yadav

      Hindi seaksi

    24. Kyra Shalise

      Beautiful baby 😍😍😍😍😍

    25. Yakeisha Campbell

      Y Kylie sniffling like that was she sick

    26. Expat Lifestyle

      I totally get that, I’m from a family of 10

    27. AF-P Queen

      She defo still puts fillers in her lips😂😂😂

    28. Aizhan Zharas

      Kylie lowkey looks like an indian girl

    29. OhIDid

      Which mom

    30. harlequin

      Kylie's sniffing is a little indicative...

    31. harlequin

      Kylie's sniffing is a little indicative...

    32. leilani kay

      Kylie snorted Coke b4 Ellen...😂

    33. smat meriam

      Someone give Kylie a tissue

    34. jim ross

      Kylie sniffing like a coke head

    35. Ani Ghazarian

      That yelling the first partvof the names always happens with my grandma she calls everyone's names before sje gets to the one she actually wants😂😍

    36. Elanor .D

      And here I am having no money to study 💔 I really feel tired I am happy for them and for everyone who’s happy but I just feel like I need a life where I can at least do some of the things I love because it’s just a waste of oxygen and resources. My birthday is on 22nd of September so basically after 6 days I will be 25 and I feel like I’m turning to 99 its hard and heavy 💔 I am tired of my presence. I just say this because I feel the need to talk, I can’t explain myself to anyone.....

    37. Tessa goode

      They always say; we work so hard. They dont even know what that is!

    38. Maya does ASMR

      Kyle there are posters of you in our school because you’ve inspired a lot of us teens

    39. Sla'ya

      I wonder how many white lines stick in that nose so she refuse to get a tissue.....

    40. Tihem

      How much is kylie doing coke with that sniffing and hdd

    41. Keke Ho

      She is no where near lookin like stormi , only da eyes and dats all

    42. Victoria xo

      5:43 my mum does this too 😂😂


      Perfect mixture...

    44. R. R.

      Kylie did not like that prize idea

    45. Kira Hernandez

      Kylie sounds sick

    46. Smith gNarly

      does kylie have a sniffing tic or did she do coke before this

    47. We Here

      She looks like Travis :.....🤣where .....b ....where

    48. Melissa Martins

      @5:44 the only time Kylie has ever made me laugh 😂

    49. Micheline Barbie doll

      Love ELLEN she’s so open ✌🏻🙏

    50. Violet Macias

      4:24 "here I am"😂

    51. Frieda Claxton

      Kris is always well dressed. That’s my nice comment for the day.

    52. The Life of Stacie J.

      Ellen trying to get them robbed 😂😂😂

    53. Noelle Wescott

      that’s a lie because Stormi is obviously her body gaurds not travis’

    54. Isabelle Claire

      Kylie be sniffing so much got me wondering, is she sick? or is she snorting lines of coke before interviews🤭

    55. Hayley's Channel

      Oh wow how relatable 😂 I totally can relate...🤔😫

    56. Morgan Ariel

      Kylie can barely move her face...

    57. Patricia Tuttle

      Ellen maybe you can have us on your show with Kylie so we can tell her my husband has stage 4 cancer and cobra insurance is 6000 for 6 weeks and his prescriptions are not cover either!!! PLEASE LET HER KNOW ALSO WE AIN'T BLACK!!!

    58. cam Nguyen


    59. Kobe Fonkeu

      Wow they are throwing hands. The subbing is so loud

    60. Marcus

      I'd give Kylie the world if given the opportunity

    61. Jiji C.

      When you’re born into privilege becoming a billionaire isn’t really rocket science


      Kylie bothers me with her runny nose

    63. Kendra Evans

      I feel the going through all the names until they get to yours, my family’s names are Corey, Kyle, Kolby, Kaleb, and mine Kendra

    64. Dee y francis Tirado


    65. Sandra Bouchereau

      Que cosa tan horrible

    66. Nashwa Ahmed

      Is Kylie doing coke? What's with all the sniffing?

    67. Style 9ine

      Wow unrecognizable. Horrible. Nose job sniffle.

    68. Natashua Prather

      That pretty lil Stormi is my grandsons future wife.!!!

    69. Rashad Robinson

      Kylie got the nose drip. 👀👀

    70. Cheyenne Mundy

      She is sniffed her nose 100+ times during this interview 🤧🤧