Kygo & Whitney Houston - Higher Love (Official Video)

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    “Higher Love” out now!
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    1. James Joseph

      this is bad from whitney very bad

    2. Cristobal Tirado

      Whitney Houston the best voice of all times🔥. Rest in peace Whitney 😪

    3. Gabrieltriol dreaf

      Which is Better? KygoMusic = Like OneDirection = Comment

    4. Mandy

      I listen to this at least 3 times a day

    5. wayne le claire

      Women were not that hot in the 80's FACT

    6. crip drip

      This is the worst song I have ever heard in my life

    7. Luka Muren

      I guess the way things r going... In 2030 all music videos will be a porno...

    8. A G

      No one else getting "Call On Me" vibes from this music video or just me?

    9. cold iced tea

      anyone here from the Bubble Pop playlist?

    10. Gautam Kumar

      I like in Indian

    11. Gautam Kumar

      I miss you Whitney Houston

    12. Reply Mahlangu

      Excellent tribute to a fallen legend by a living legend... I love both of these amazing artists.. I wouldnt change anything about this song, its perfect..

    13. Hugo garcia

      Whitney houston the voice ❤❤❤❤

    14. Gada GetGet


    15. 迫いくみ


    16. Sergio Vasquez

      Wow I can’t believe I missed this song back in the summer!

    17. Tcnjeislf

      Please delet this ;) not make bad a classic song

    18. Krystal Duncan


    19. Felipe Sousa

      Eita essa musica ficou top 👍😁

    20. Tears Rankapole

      Ndlovu Youth Choir brought me here. I know that I'm not the only one🤗

    21. kiriakoz

      Steve Winwood = legendary song writing genius, Whitney Houston = best female vocalist ever. Combination = heavenly.

    22. Mónikavukl Dáner


    23. Mue

      I hate all the music dead brain people who are giving this artist more credit then the late Whitney. Without her voice and the songwriter, this would just be as generic as all the crap online today. All these songs today sound the same including this if you take away whitney's vocal and the amazing lyrics. Mixing existing songs is not exactly genius and to think they get credited for this is revolting. This is why music today is the way it is BAD and GENERIC . The lack of creativity in music today has really damaged the music taste quality of this short attention span generation. I give this kygo credits for this downgrading remix exposing Whitney to a music dead generation that would have had no idea who she is and to be blessed to hear her Vocals. I mean look at the music video, how generic, uncreative and clearly a copy of another generic video.

    24. Leyla S

      wie geht das wenn sie tot ist


      "I could light the night up with my soul on fire I could make the sun shine from pure desire"???

    26. Rey Holliday

      Wow, this Whitney Houston lady is gonna be big :)

    27. REGINA K.

      🤔Und die Withney hat wohl Husten!Die muss mal zum Arzt oder so????

    28. Thee Punk Poet

      Whitney would be horrified with the video .. she said already the new generation dress like sluts

    29. Vincent Lorente

      Trop belle musique srx je kiff

    30. Liboriolombardoo

      Stop doing money with witney 😡

    31. Roux Quier

      Nobody: Me : *Bisexual scream*

    32. James Grundy

      Hoar better learn oh

    33. Rodrigo Cordeiro Carvalho

      Imaginem o Marcos Mion analisando esse clipe... Ou o Felipe Neto reangido!

    34. flávio Barbosa

      my father said: whitney is so young on the video lol

      1. Betty Swole-Patrol

        flávio Barbosa haha

    35. Denada Kullolli

      What a gorgeous song! Love you so much Kygo.♥

    36. Im Watching You

      Dude is gay.

    37. Fran Morales

      Qué video más bien hecho.

    38. KEN BEE

      Ah Before they got sued by Eric Prydz...

    39. Jennifer Aizprua

      Kygo the best - perfect song

    40. Deny

      Milenial Divas Such are Ariana and Demi Lovato can't take her Throne

    41. austin wiseman

      Number #1s in the 80s, 90s, the 00s, 10s and now 20s! What a superstar! Very much missed! Brilliant

    42. raglanheuser

      "kygo and whitney houston" is a bit pretentious isn't it tho

    43. overbanked

      I love Whitney, but this song should've stayed with Steve Winwood.

    44. sleepmaster3000

      Call on meeee... call on... wait wrong song O.o

    45. Keith M

      hiGher love.. phat asses, got it! click bait

    46. Doll House

      I want this type of happiness :')

    47. E230Kompressor

      3:43 Dropkick

    48. TheAngryAArdvark

      Loved it, ah the 80's a much much easier time.

    49. kayla M

      So I guess everyone rather hate then stop and talk about how gorgeous the main girl is ...?

    50. Jose Pimentel

      Steve Winwood😎💪

    51. Paradox Ngo

      1:30 levels dance?

    52. maximun tutorials

      call on me baby

    53. Kris Cooknick

      Look at those pervs at the window just leering wtf and I like how those woman let any man touch that smh

    54. Alexandra Valverde

      Esto le ha gustado a McDonald's


      fucking thots

    56. Asad Ali

      This video reminds me of song Call on me

      1. Nina Mo

        Ever thought of the fact that Whitney recorded HL in 1989?! Kygo remixed this1989 recording that only appeared on the Japan version of Whitney's 'I'm Your Baby Tonight' album in 1990. This is how Kygo did it!

    57. Sharon Pakine

      This video is gold

    58. Kpazz

      This is a ripoff of Eric Prydz ripping off Steve Winwood.

      1. Carlos Casillas

        A tribute, all those and Whitney are classics. Kygo is now classic too

    59. Bunnygirl 87

      My fav song Ever ❤️😍 it's in my head daily 😍

    60. Hazel Nut

      I love the song and of course whitney, I just feel there wasn't a need for all those asses in the video.

    61. NailPolish Gangsta

      Who is the guy in the video??

    62. Epetra

      This shit is always on the radio and it sounds like ass.

    63. Reny Rex

      Ironic that this song was recorded 30 years before it was released, how come? Plus it was released 7 years after Whitney Houston’s death, 4 years after Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death and a year after Aretha Franklin’s death. I hope Kygo got permission from Houston’s family to release this song.

      1. Reny Rex

        Oh, that’s good. At least it wasn’t similar to the Otis Redding Honey you left the water running incident from 1977.

      2. Nina Mo

        Kygo didn't only get permission to do the remix, He was asked by Whitney's estate/record company to do it.

    64. Twinik

      Whitney Houston died, 2013.. 2019 alive what???!

    65. coole Ente

      When you hear this song in GTA 5 🤣

    66. BlackLabel R6


    67. james harden

      Only 62M...

    68. Zvonimir Slibar

      Evolution :)

    69. Rebecca Henson

      The videos very Eric prydz call on me!!