KSI vs LOGAN PAUL AFTERMATH! #DramaAlert Jake Paul FAKE Cries! Gabbie Hanna EXPOSED?



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    1. DramaAlert

      1 correction I would like to make in this video is that Jessie Smiles claims she never said that Gabbie collaborates with her XBF. I missed that part watching her video while I’m reading comment on that video & twitter saying “I can’t believe Gabbie collabs with Curtis ect” so sorry I got that bit wrong. It’s confusing.

      1. Darius Loves gaming

        Logan paul won should of never took awau 2 points

      2. J. Lo.

        You need to make multiple corrections in a video. Get your facts straight!

      3. hannah jade

        Sebastian shut up let see you get 5.5 million subs he corrected him self soo...

    2. Wahis Bot

      You are a bich

    3. Edvárd Rácz

      Another banger 💣🔥

    4. Tylar McKenzie

      You do your research except obviously didn’t watch Jessi’s video at all

    5. Tylar McKenzie

      She never said Gabbie collaborated with him

    6. Captain Rex

      Logan lost he’s a sore loser

      1. XNefyX

        Captain Rex fax

    7. burj

      tbh it’s probably not hair on the makeup might just be like some dust or some shit

    8. Jon Ber

      The spencer this was a stretch but yeah wtf are they thinking?

    9. shark bite07

      The best part about that fight was when jameskii ate pizza 5 hours before the fight

      1. PuncakE MaggiE


    10. {Sad super man}

      U da best mate

    11. Jett Christian

      I thought you did not give you opinion on dramaAlert🥶

    12. Yudi Escareno

      Shut the fuck up

    13. EclipsE radradi123

      where did u get that hoodie bro

    14. Xero Z

      I don't get why so many people hate on him just bc he doesn't like tfue like fuck off pussys

    15. Sandile Mnyengeza

      Dankie KSI 🎉🎉🎉🎉

    16. PhestoLIVE

      fuck this guy sounds like the biggest bitch! holy shit!!!! GET ME OUTA HERE!!!!

    17. Im Fuuri

      Wtf now way I was saying what was that lol 😂 Haha 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    18. BloodyLegend 716

      Why do you get so much dislikes? I know he gets roasted on twitter but still.

    19. Abdullah Khalil

      this is if not the gayest shit I’ve ever watched

    20. Łunatic_ h1ghrise

      I swear jake was an actor Am I missing something or is this how actors ”cry”

    21. Anthoney

      *hey fatboy* you blocked me on Twitter for pointing out the obvious: Mia is going to hate you for the bullying she will receive in school because of who her fatdad is. Gnome sayin?

    22. Lililetus C

      No, Gabbie put Jessi into the picture by sending private messages to a 15 year old girl. So don't say Jessi was being opportunistic.

    23. Domen Petrovič

      Keem just die

    24. Grownvirus


    25. nolan Juann

      Muslims can smoke dumbass

    26. Abbie Archer

      1. It’s not allegedly he pleaded guilty 2. She Never said “collabed” she said they hung out which gabby confirmed 3. She had tons of receipts did you even watch the video what the fuck dude

    27. Ty99x

      0:55 Just. To clarify for some people that can’t seem to get it

    28. Donkey Con

      4:50 Thank goodness I got a James Charles Palette instead 😃😥

    29. elsmb

      u fooking funny not all muslims don't smoke or drink as same as christian or any other fooking human being

    30. ice705

      4:18 who the fuck said that muslims dont smoke, i literally know muslims that smoke

    31. Daltira

      He doesn’t even capitalise the “i” lol

    32. Jony Boi

      Logan Paul:leaves chat

    33. Ms. RayRay

      Trisha was just trying to deflect attention from her transgender video and yall gave it to her the out

    34. Thisgirlsayswhatever

      The facts are all wrong in this Jessi smiles/Gabbi situation. It makes me cringe to watch. I feel embarrassed for keemstar

    35. Megan Gudgeon

      This whole report on the Jessie Smiles situation is an absolute mess - asking for collaboration evidence then discovering later on it was a mistake since Jessie never claimed that Gabbie collaborated with Curtis - claiming that rape allegations were alleged when Curtis pleaded guilty - why wouldn’t you re-record the segment - especially over such a sensitive and serious subject

    36. NIc Kavanaugh

      "its not that gross" *thinks about putting random hairs on face "yeaaaa thats pretty gross"

    37. jacobsreallygood

      You were just on no jumper saying mikes a good guy now you say he’s a clown stfu keem your 50 😂

    38. Mercedes Castro

      Everyone hates you...you lie to much

    39. Maha Khan

      Just gonna put this out there; "muslim guys" of this generation are the absolute fvcking worst. The title of muslim is just that, a fvcking title 😂😂

    40. Damion KnuKnu


    41. Íker Sebastián Ramírez

      You are bicho

    42. NickOnPC


    43. Leanne Fraley

      The hair in Shane x Jeffree’s pallet had a hair

    44. Jamey Cassady

      Funny thing is if Logan woulda accepted the L nobody would shit talk him

    45. Mayk - ميك

      Muslims do smoke go to a country in the middle east you will see people smoke everywhere He was probably scared that his dad would find out that he smoked

    46. Matteo Azille


    47. Crimson RGX

      If he was trying to reduce swelling with the ice cube, why did he have to hide it or why didn’t explain why he had the cube

      1. gtoss chddy

        “Allegedly raped” he got fucking charged and convicted. It’s not alleged. He raped her. You’re a clown.

    48. Jarrett Thomas


      1. gtoss chddy


    49. Jessica Bishop

      Omfg you got a lot of facts wrong and left out huge parts of the JessiSmiles story. 🙄

    50. Diego Estrada

      Bro it’s straight up two vlog squad members (Gabbie and Trisha) going at it bro another boxing match i don’t know bro but who yah think finna won Gabbie or Trisha tell me👊🏼😤🤪

    51. ESSGEE

      lol he obviously didnt watch jessi's video or trishas

    52. boredbuddha

      You call out people who clickbait, when your whole channel wouldn't survive without it.

    53. M・4・8

      What the fuck is this channel, what the fuck

      1. ceerw buty

        Jake paul didnt fake cry, he was using the ice cube to stop himself from crying, u can see him being emotional while holding the ice cube to his eye

    54. monique nunnu mogensen

      What about onision

    55. Lizzy Zoeller

      you are disgusting

    56. It's me

      Keemstars spidey senses told him that Curtis is guilty

    57. Crazy Awesome675

      Did anyone else start dancing to the song it wasn’t even good it was just making me dance

    58. CoffeeCat39 Coffee

      watch keemstar getting banned because he played a song that said badwords because of coppa Edit: coppa is people getting banned for to kid friendly content if you want more info search up Game Theory coppa then watch it all if you want

    59. -fledi- -

      ok boomer

    60. jhett gomez


    61. ุ


    62. ุ


    63. ุ


    64. Darby Clark

      “Allegedly raped” he got fucking charged and convicted. It’s not alleged. He raped her. You’re a clown.

    65. James Dean

      I’m not gay but when keemstar starting dancing I low key wanted to give him the d, he kinda sexy no homo

    66. huttio srreu

      “There’s no need to make 50 videos on the same subject”

    67. Sonny Tyrer Reactz

      your 37... stop

      1. Sonny Tyrer Reactz

        huttio srreu it’s a joke 😂

      2. huttio srreu

        Do some research.

    68. Sean D

      lmaoo Jessi never said gabbie collabed with Curtis she said she tweeted him publicly in support of him and also hung out with his and his friends... literally Keem never has any facts lmaoo and its not alleged that Curtis raped her, its public record that it factually happened. just because tmz broke the news in 2014 doesn't mean it happened in 2014

    69. Jadey Barnett

      Why would Jake Paul load a video with him using ice cubes if it was to make him look like he was crying. He was probably using it to reduce swelling.

    70. MegaInfinity8.9

      Jake paul didnt fake cry, he was using the ice cube to stop himself from crying, u can see him being emotional while holding the ice cube to his eye