Kid Francescoli - "Moon" (Official Video)

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    "Moon", from the album "Play Me Again" (03 March 2017)
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    En concert le 19/11/2020 à L'Olympia - Paris (75)
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    1. Marc A.M

      When I hear this song, i dream about getting a girlfriend that loves me too... Working hard to get a job so I can make her happy and being successful and living together happily....

    2. Orane G

      tiktok check ✌🏻✌🏻

    3. Lo Ju

      Qui est là grâce à la pub d'Aldi ?

    4. ɘꙅibɒɿɒꟼ E

      this makes me emotional, but also a bit happy.. It makes me just wanna travel the world, explore and do things. Be free.. Happy. but then also makes me think of someone I loved..

    5. Antianire uwu

      This song makes me think about my ex, we broke up one mouth ago, but this song makes me asking if i don't have feelings for him anymore... What if we all say what we see? ;)

    6. Vintage Broth

      3:30 For those of u waiting

    7. Kaz E

      This song makes me sad and happy at the same time

    8. Audi Seus

      ayyyy la pub Aldi

    9. Max 1912

      R u pregnant?

    10. Jules Makizar

      thanks Amadou and Maryam's "Sabali", you thiefs.

    11. simplicity

      This makes me think of someone very special in my life and how im struggling to tell her how i feel

    12. Viviana Ferruccio

      My dog likes this song

    13. Dr. Worm

      if you were wondering it gets good at 0 seconds in 👌👌pristine

    14. blank blank.

      Lyrics: And it went like.

    15. john cotgrave

      This song sounds like all the good memories from a thousand ex girl friends.


      I love and i live the music

    17. Dario Amaltea

      C'ho pippato il cocco sopra a sta merda regà

    18. mars

      this song remembers me the moment when Niccolò and Martino go with the bike in the city. -Skam italia. But this song reminds me the summer, trains and insomnia.

    19. raxhel BARR

      I love it but I was expecting WORDS.

    20. Marcus Archer-Maile

      This reminds me of that comforting feeling of relief you get after immense stress. Unreal

    21. Antynono

      Sounds like going off to college finally doing something with your life only to get a drug addiction and watch it all crumble away

    22. island star

      This song makes me wanna cry because it's so beautiful 😭😭🥺❤️

    23. lou moore

      Qui vient de la pub " aldi"

    24. aaa

      why are all the comments about death lmao

    25. michelle Guevara

      Imagine twirling in a field in the European mountains with no one but yourself and this song is in your head

    26. cringe fest

      this is one of those songs where you can put it on repeat for hours and not get sick of it.

    27. jula mua

      love this

    28. Mehran Ranjbar

      U know i liked it more when it was underrated, Tik tok destroyed it

    29. Kwint

      im in love

    30. elunicojano jacho

      de poca madre

    31. klammn

      This Song helps me through quit Smoking... everytime i feel like i Want to Smoke a cigarette i hear this Song and ist reminds me to be strong...

    32. Veronika Janáčiková

      Even the sad memories feel right w this song

    33. Nigga i forgot

      If you haven't go to a game store and buy life is strange play it and you'll know why this song reminds me of that masterpiece

    34. Jose Jesus Aranda Sandoval

      I should do a montage of everything I do with my friends to show how appreciated I am to have them in my life, how it was before and after I met them and how much they've impacted my life.I feel that this would be a great opportunity and moment for me and my future due to it bringing back the best memories with them cause I really do enjoy every moment I spend with them and I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for them, they're always the ones who tell me to get back up after i down , they're the ones that encourage encouraged to be excited to see what's next theyre the reason my self esteem is high. they dont let me talk bad about myself. they make me feel loved and cared about

    35. Daryl Dooey

      this is what music is really about. check out Pional too.. proper the same dudes and dudettes

    36. Shawn Shawn

      This song makes my think about my life I had in L.A before I had to leave to Poland with my Mom cause my father was abusive to her. And I had to leavemy 2 year old brother with other family, and all my best friend with my other friends behind!😕😔

    37. dude with Cap


    38. Kornely182


    39. Anna H.

      I'm gonna travel the world!!!

    40. Ydde Zak

      Les français sont la grâce a Aldi.

    41. Paloma Delmás

      Este tema es genial.

    42. Plays with Haze in the Dark

      Tiktok Got yaaaaaa

    43. Kiki- Løve

      This song just told me to drop everything and hop on a plane to go wherever I want and be happy- consider my depression gone

    44. Cadence Dolphincat

      This song reminds me of vacations... ❤️ So many People i've met back then.. I really miss it.

    45. André Andrade

      Merci la pub de Aldi!

    46. Quentin

      me going back to France im crying

    47. Drenamow

      I never thought such a simple song would spark so much in me. I love this masterpiece so much... All memories are coming back to me.

    48. CREATIVE LABS - Something magic

      hello people from tiktok

    49. • Mitsuki •


    50. Tyler Driever

      The faction collective sent me here

    51. MuteBait

      This song just makes me want to write a valedictorian speech and the build up would lead to 3:30 then show a photo collage of the photographed memories within the time span since freshman year to the present time. I don’t know, it just makes me feel that way and I love it.

    52. Júliakkkk

      I feel so motivated listening to that song

    53. Júliakkkk

      This makes me so happy and excited about the experiences that I already had and I will have, makes me wanna travel the world

    54. Masonthememer

      You’ve made so many friends and memories in your community, but you’ve reached the next stage of life. It’s time to leave, and as you drive off you wave goodbye one final time. You pass by everyone and everything that’s been your world for so long. You can only stare ahead now, as a tear develops in your eye

    55. Leah DLP

      and it went like.

    56. dysfunctional account

      this song made me fall asleep, goddamn.

    57. Daniel Almendarez

      Help me out! What genre is this song?

    58. Madison Galassi

      lowkey sounds like hometown- French 79

    59. Bey Iconic

      I can’t help but cry when i hear this... thinking about skam italia🥺

    60. Arsène Aupetit


    61. Cookies Crunch

      That pushes me back to the time when I had my depression... With this song I can remember all the hard things I felt ,but it also makes me feel strong for still living, because I wanted to take my life a few times... So thanks for existing💗

    62. julijan oulianov

      Merci à Aldi de m'avoir fait découvrir cette merveille 😍

    63. Douglas Clement

      This is such an amazing song just I don’t even know how to explain it. It is like I am in heaven just listening to it

    64. IndigoInsight_


    65. Pearl Easley-Johnson

      This song makes me want to go on car rode trips with. My girlfriend and friends

    66. Nikola Gamanová

      This song reminds me of my childhood, experience... ☀️❤️

    67. Michael Hoyer

      I'm amazed I was able to find this song by searching, "and it goes like hmm hmm".

    68. Jonathan Cagle

      Is there any way to use this song for a CZ-news video?

    69. Hugo Nunez

      Chill vibes. Feel free to check it out Distance- hippie sabotage Your soul- hippie sabotage Lift me from the ground- San holo It all feels right- washed out Drive- Jai Wolf (feat chain gang of 1974) Monophobia ov - Deadmau5 Acedía ov- Deadmau5 Piano boy - amtrac Atlas- lane 8 Little by little- lane 8 Warm thoughts- flume Places- shlohmo Feels- girrafage All I got - said the sky Are you with me (radio edit)- lost frequencies Life? ... lol- pouya Monophobia- D-mo Aura- avoure Like it’s over- Jai wolf (feat MNDR) The world is ours- Jai Wolf Something new- getter Reason don’t define- parallelephants Let me- lane 8 ...lost - shallow My life- Zhu feat tame impala Trip- San holo You and me- shallou Begin- shallou (feat wales) Doubt- shallou (summer edit) Trailblazer- Nora en pure Sapient dream- slushiii Maybes (edit) - girrafage Silence- don diablo

    70. Anonymous Alliance

      Why did this song come up, when I feel so shitty 😔😞