Keziah - Nigerian Nollywood Classic Movie

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    Nollywood Picturestv now presents to you the movie KEZIAH.
    This movie relates to us the gripping story of a young girl Keziah (Mercy Johnson) whose kind attempt to reconcile her best friend and her fiancée, lands herself in a huge predicament. A predicament that is indeed beyond ones imagination; grossly affecting both her personality and her family as well. Hers is indeed a very mixed up situation that requires very urgent intervention or Keziah’s life may eventually become ruined and completely destroyed.
    Nollywood Movie Starring: John Okafor, Mercy Johnson, Chacha Ekeh Faani,MC Smith Ochendo, John Dumelo, Stella Ikwuegbu, Eve Esin and Adaora Ukoh
    Producer: Tony Nwatu, Director: Stanley Anekwe.

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    1. anyanwu providence

      You didn’t start it but you are adding in killing it 😂😂😂

    2. Omario Ceesay

      what kind of papa is these asking growth up dughter wanted to see her naked😂😂

    3. Kamorudeen Sonubi

      Who is here2019

    4. capricon lite97

      Papa you can't see me naked woooo kkkkkk watching 2019

    5. Ge Oliveira

      Brasil 2019🇧🇷

    6. Loe Vambe

      I wonder why Kezzy was not getting pregnant 😂😂

      1. Grinbone the micropreacher

        Loe Vambe she took morning pills 💊😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    7. IDEHEN Lillian

      This movie is old, I still like to watch it. I love it cos of mercy Johnson and mr ibu. Happy new year to you all

    8. Monica Diggs

      your sister's son is not your cousin but your nephew, anyway thanks for the uploads...

    9. L.P gang

      are we really not gonna talk about the fact that he cheated on mercys friend but THEY WENT to him for forgiveness....for what...for catching him cheat? Lmao

    10. mariam dembele

      French translation please

    11. mariam dembele

      Je voudrais vraiment voir la version française de ce joli film

    12. efe anuge

      But keziah is a good name

      1. Keziah Brophy

        efe anuge why thank you 😏😂

    13. Keziah Luciano

      This movie puts shit to my name

      1. Keziah M

        Keziah here! Heard the call and joined.

      2. Keziah Luciano

        Keziah Brophy Great idea... but honestly this movie reallyyyy fucks with our name man

      3. Keziah Brophy

        Keziah Luciano OKAY! We must act quickly to save the keziah name! I'll also tell me dog just in case!

      4. Keziah Luciano


      5. Keziah Brophy

        Keziah Luciano Yeah 😂 We cannot let the keziah name die out!

    14. Rare _Glow Bob store

      I need kolomental...... please upload

    15. Rooz Rz

      Not only watching and roughing, ,even learn a reason, ,becouse they act a really how life is.

      1. Edi Desmond

        I love ❤️ this movie although is a old movie

      2. Nollywoodpicturestv

        Thanks so much.

    16. Kofi Baffoe

      how you live your life tells who you are. live with wisdom and insight and be blessed

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        +Kofi Baffoe Be blessed too

    17. Tariq Rana


      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        +Tariq Rana Keep watching

    18. Jima Alex

      Damn that's a real slap though.

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        +orim jimate You might like this

    19. Agness Navua

      hahahaaaaaaa let me tast it eyy papa

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        +Agness Navua Thanks for choosing NWPTV

    20. GOSPEL

      its an old movie, I still love it tho

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        +pixi stick Yes old movie are still the best

    21. Melian Guma Ritah.

      Nice movie

    22. Mary Enock

      😂😂😂 John Okafor is such s hilarious guy..i wonder where this passed me..Am enjoying it though.Thankyou

    23. Purity Ndichu

      I saw this movie back in 2009

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        +Purity Ndichu thanks for keeping a date with us

    24. nadia Jordan

      this is old can u plz give us sorrowful passion 3&4 plz I really want to watch the end

      1. nadia Jordan

        OK. When can u get it?

      2. Nollywoodpicturestv

        +nadia graham sorry we don't have the movie on our channel right now

    25. Ali Ali


    26. Yvonne Joseph

      What kind of a nasty father is that man that idiot want to test his own daughter's virginity,thank god this is acting Lol.

      1. Stephania Star

        It happens oo

      2. Nollywoodpicturestv

        @Yvonne Joseph Lol...Mr Ibu and his madness,i wonder he got such crazy thought

    27. Nollywoodpicturestv

      Trouble is a secret killer, Trouble is the husband of worry and when worry is pregnant it gives birth to frustration, fear,depression and many, Don't be troubled, always be happy!!! watch Keziah to make yourself happy .... Mercy Johnson Okojie, Chacha Ekeh Faani, John Okafor



      1. Threeona Kotaro


    29. Westgreenhornets

      just because he lived in the U.S for too long doesn't mean he shouldn't know manners. People DO shake hands there. I'm pretty sure. & why 23:09 why did he call his sisters son his cousin?? that's his NEPHEW not his cousin..

      1. liebe mensch channel

        +Blakc Nas hahaha lol,,, you get a point there

    30. Tessa Boatswain

      Friends, that is why my only best friend is God, Jesus Christ. Great acting to Mercy though

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        @Tessa Boatswain Cool,thanks for watching.

    31. Young F

      Oil movie

    32. snick06

      Seen this one a few times, but I like it, plus I can't even remember Eve Esin and Cha Cha Eke being in the film, so I'm going to watch again just to see what they were like back then. thanks NWP.

    33. ilovejc14

      Amanda catches her fiancé cheating and decides to send her friend to beg and apologize for her wtf seriously

    34. Viva2011C

      Why is it that when women catch their husband or boy friend with another woman, they turn to attack but the woman instead of their irresponsible husband and boy friend?

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        @Viva2011C That is right,probably because she have got all the time to deal with her husband or boyfriend but might not get to see the woman again.

    35. Nollywoodpicturestv

      A good movie to watch, a movie that will ever keep you at the edge, a movie that will get you laughing high, A movie will never regret watching! KEZIAH!!! Mercy Johnson And John Okafor

    36. Ada ugo

      Nice movie thnks...

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        @Ada ugo thanks for watching

    37. Keisha Adinkra

      Mercy is very good actress!

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        @Takei Inspired Yes,she is a talented actress.

    38. Dr Atom

      Thank you

    39. princess scott

      Nice movie.

    40. Zulaika Nakubulwa

      omg where is she daughter iknow now she is naked and that boy is on Top . hahahaha hahahaha thank you my favorite channel.iwant adad like Mr ibu vir......

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        @Zulaika Nakubulwa Ibu playing the role of a loving father being over protective of her daughter,nice one..glad you enjoyed your stay on our channel,thanks for watching dear.

    41. Tacy John

      Nice and great movie

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        @Tacy John Thanks for watching,please share with friends.

    42. shaz wambo

      I like it

    43. nadia Jordan

      Kezieh friend is a wicked bitch she not even try to fine out what really happen before she act up

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        @nadia graham She was just wicked because she could have even verified from her native doctor father since she doubted keziah.

    44. saffinatu Sesay

      Nice movie I luv it

    45. saffinatu Sesay

      Eheh to convince me the more, I will taste u just like how I taste your mother lol #am still watch but this one is too much so I ave to comment

      1. saffinatu Sesay

        I know right ahahah

      2. Zulaika Nakubulwa

        I couldn't wait to reply on your comment hahaha it seems to be anice movie

    46. Nana Adwoa

      Nice movie thanks @Nollywoodpicturestv for such a great drama I will enjoyed this movie keep the fire burning .love you guys

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        @Nana Adwoa Yes!! we will never stop giving you good movies that will keep you at the edge, keep watching

    47. D Esengo

      Hmm this movie ....

      1. Nollywoodpicturestv

        @D Esengo You can share the movie with friends

      2. D Esengo

        I did its a intresting movie

      3. Nollywoodpicturestv

        @D Esengo did you enjoy it?

    48. Nollywoodpicturestv

      NEW MOVIE ALERT!!! KEZIAH Nigerian Nollywood movie showing now on nollywoodpicturestv Mercy Johnson Okojie, Chacha Ekeh Faani, Eve Esin, John Okoafor, Mac Smith...