Kevin Gates - Walls Talking [Official Music Video]



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    Kevin Gates - Walls Talking
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    1. kevingatesTV

      I'M HIM out now: On tour now:

      1. Trey Pryor

        kevingatesTV my son just said he is your biggest fan 😂💪🏾

      2. Васильеваь Аллад


      3. Cedric Wheeler

        Chainless Dre is the aaQqqq

      4. Smoov Gee

        I was yung wen mama had me💪🏿💪🏿

    2. T Clark

      Great song Gates much appreciated 💯

    3. Andrew Warren

      Benefit overdue. Bouncing back in the past. That hurt us. Though out the rest. Of time. To the hereafter

    4. Autumn Young

      Autumn young is my wife I do what I please wit her 😂💍💜🥶🖤🇯🇵🐍😏🎙🎙🥶🥶🥶

    5. John Mallett

      Where did your grill go...???

    6. Tia Rayne

      Love it I love it so much so this is my phone because it still means I like that is my father and I watch it all the time from 7 to 7 years old I get up at seven but my name is Keita what kid a Kitter about what was the fix that Robert especially fix it and it’s for kids butWhat’s up my supplies like reps have it I was to be bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye I’ll pull from my mom because I’ll save it so I rolled up the subway and bus from B and B Bob Bob freaking What’s up my supplies like reps have it I was to be bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye I’ll pull from my mom because I’ll save it so I rolled up the subway and bus from B and B Bob Bob friggin sick dude students I freaking hate all the person who is in the front but I just like the guy who sings it because he’s my favourite so goodbye I have a sub life like rub something I was stupid bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye I’ll pull from Bible because I’ll seven so I will have to tell me and but from being added by Bob the freaking sec dude dude I fucking hate all the person who is in the front but I just like the guy who sings it because it is my favorite so goodbye feeling to guys have a good day. Kaida

    7. Mikel Legend

      Did he say “I was young when my momma had me” ? 😂😂

    8. Jenny Nelson

      . .. ... have a great trip not kevin dum dum one love

    9. Developer Royce

      man i love dudes who go down hard, and come out on top of the world. releasing a dope song is just boss.

    10. Rafael Reis

      Brasil 2019 👊

    11. MWMENT #MM

      Damn that smoke🔥🔥

    12. iTamZz

      hey please watch and share

    13. liliana ortiz

      I wanna see you in concert so badd 🥺🥰

    14. T3 Thomas


    15. Ross Goldstein-Perdue


    16. dragonk1ller

      Bruh looking like an ugly Joyner 😂😂😂😂

    17. Simplicity 4ever

      See you in Utah Kevin 💖 😘

    18. Dawn Shank

      damn my man can't wait to get back down south free my dude gates

    19. Andrew Dziabula

      Absolutely LOVE IT!!! I FEEL IT DAILY!!!

    20. Levi Janish

      Trash, throw the whole song away. Kevin Gates fallin out smh

    21. Lela Riggs

      Was here when it had only 3 million this shit ridin❤️🖤🖤💯💯

    22. Gapplebeez Racing channel

      Kevin gates is the best rapper ever of all time and will be he hits number 100 with no features

    23. Dolo

      Song straight facts leaving in the hood

    24. Laila Ali

      Love it so must

    25. Kareem Jones


    26. Rothana Yin


    27. amber parrie

      Fuckin love Gates

    28. Julie Glenn

      Imma Prisoner in my own mind.... feel like these Walls talking to !!! Dope ass song!!🥰💯🔥

    29. Chris Gibson

      This shit hard

    30. Maya Gayle

      I love my dad Kevin gates ❤️🔥❤️🔥

    31. Josing Compass

      Jobe Hart is out god

    32. Marquita roberts

      I’m feeling this song

    33. Michael Valero


    34. kaale420

      These walls are talking to me I’ve been playing this game since 15 also do you want to step to me find me I have no problem with stepping in eliminating the faith is real

    35. Fabian Garza

      Young Sigh and Kevin Gates are the only rappers in history to sell a million records on the debut album, respectively.

      1. Fabian Garza

        Walls talking to me refers to the desperation of discrimination.

    36. Katrina Portis

      This son touched me it reminds me of my son because he's not telling me shit like he's protecting me

    37. Mac Mall

      I swear this song speaks my whole life

    38. Delinio Wells


    39. Maggie Abrams

      Im a prisoner in my own mind too💯🔥🙈🙉🙊🏢🚓🚔

    40. Punny Money

      Who can see through this simple melody and pushed narrative lyrics he prolly aint even write! identity politics yall!

    41. kaale420

      Ty fr keeping it real

    42. kaale420

      I feel this hard ty KG

    43. Keyza ZyZi

      I'm Antisocial, I can't make You feel how I feel. Deeply spoken ✍🏾🙏🏾♥️

    44. Keisha Mcswine

      My shit love this song frfr

    45. Douglas Patrick Hill

      Thank you 🙏

    46. Jay Fly

      I relate to this song too much bruh

    47. Shanna Calvert

      Love this song!!! 🖤

    48. Rachael Zepeda

      What's good Gates, honestly I never really gave ur music a fair chance it was too mainstream but your music today vs the young you I'm def connecting to the mature you now. I been slapping this song since I first heard it last week on a Utube AD. I play it at least 3 times a day. My 5 yr old son is now singing it. It a real dope real ass song. I love it. By the the way...your new body and mind is SEXY AF too...u a sight for sore eyes esp on ur live IG where u we're eating that MANGO...ooowweeeee!! ❤️🔥💯💯💯🔥❤️❤️💯

    49. ThoookaOsama ThoookaJames

      This niga singin bout some pussy the only time 😂

    50. Patrick Hauer

      This song isn't long enough.

    51. RHECTennessee VFL

      This whole album shows the maturity Gates has gained ! It’s a great album Every song has something from his past and the dumb shit he did The progression has been insane big gates taking over !

    52. cabo970

      1 love from european.... this one a Big hit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    53. Ann P

      Drawing Kevin Gates

    54. Godfather Mbewu

      Talked about behind my back by my family members...the boy Gates a goat (p)

    55. Dreama Asencio

      Idk why but I cry everytime I listen to this song. It's too real💯💯

    56. Travis Nicholson

      See shadows out my peripheral.

    57. Gabrielle Huestis

      I feel like yous talking to my soul, luv 💋💋💋

    58. Kenny Davis

      Damn kev had like 6.7k subs last time i checked now 5 mill almost 6 good shit

    59. Allen Rodriguez mancilla

      Dam made my day I’m 9 days sober and def I feel this. God bless

    60. westlb80 ey

      Dope ass shit my nigga

    61. Dee Pee

      If u dont like this post you will not be successful in 2020!

    62. Delores Hobbs

      I just have a keep playing it

    63. Delores Hobbs

      All the time, talkin to

    64. Chocolicious

      “ say I’m anti social I can’t make u feel the way I feel “ Boyfriend just went to jail and I’m 4 months pregnant 😭😭 I don’t want him to miss the baby’s birth I’m so upset

    65. Zachary Kupfer

      Honestly hurt my ears with all that auto tune.

    66. ZSmirkZ

      I was young when my momma had me. IDGAF 💯🔥🔥🔥

    67. 813lamar


    68. Jennifer Lewis

      Im bipolar, schphernia ,anti social,auto hallusation ptsd

    69. Jennifer Lewis

      A song about the writing on the wall sounds gud.and HOW the world left me for dead