Kevin Durant Eats Snake with Serge Ibaka | How Hungry Are You?

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    Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant eats snake with former teammate Serge Ibaka as the two discuss Durant’s devastating injury in the NBA Finals, his relationship with Russell Westbrook and what would’ve happened if they all stayed together in OKC on the premiere of ‘How Hungry Are You?’ From BR x Samsung
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    1. ruaka cj

      KD really relaxed in this. Big up Serge!

    2. Gloria seedorf Yeshua Dju

      Please black Americans do not eat this we are holy people

    3. Aibz

      snakes do eat snakes im pretty sure lol

    4. daneal micheal

      Next time Get snoop dogg and cook 👩‍🍳 dog 🐕

    5. Denise Dean

      Sergio tryna lowkey punk KD.

    6. Denise Dean


    7. Evaungh

      they do say you are what you eat

    8. Melody Ogoke

      Lol shade by making snake

    9. UnknownGhostzzz

      KD really just ate himself for views....

    10. Nashuan Dobbins

      As they say you are what you eat

    11. Jackson young

      Isn’t that cannibalism

    12. J Zammorah

      I love how serge says baby ... Baybee lol its cute

    13. Chaitanya Divate

      Well, Snakes DO eat Snakes

    14. gael garcia

      snake do eat snake. wat chu mean serge??!

    15. KingSmitty55

      KD "I'll be a snake today" 🤣🤣

    16. Mithsuka HIRIMUTHUGODA

      Next episode: "Lebron James eats GOATs with Serge Ibaka"

    17. Borninvincibl3 FPV

      I was happy you won ..but.....just you, nobody else. 😂😂😂😂

    18. IGetShifty


    19. John Doe Gaming

      Next video: Serge Ibaka eating goat with Lebron James

    20. Nayyy XOXO

      KD is so damnnnnn fineeeeeee😍😍😍😍

    21. X Test

      Hey KD why’d you eat your own kind.

    22. Jesusgirl _86

      I loved this guys!!!

    23. Nick Sirju

      Suggestions: Giannis eats Deer, Andre Iguodala eats bear (cause he's with the Grizzlies), Nikola Jokic eats Nuggets, Vince Carter eats Hawk, Kart Anthony Towns eats wolf.

    24. Hdh Jdjd

      Next Episode of How Hungary are you: Eating goat with LeBron James

    25. hhhxo8

      Next episode: eating GOAT with Lebron James

    26. Jordan Clarkson

      Next episode of “How Hungry Are You?” Serge Ibaka Eats Tacos with Tacko Fall

      1. Jordan Clarkson

        And his cousins Burrito, Nacho, and Tamale will join them

    27. Hazel Hallas

      Celtics need Serge right now hed fit so well and we need a defensive big man

    28. NXSA

      KD is a lot funnier than I though

    29. Everyday Gamer

      How ironic, snake eats snake

    30. Liangelo Ball

      Next episode: eating a croissant with Frank Ntilikina

    31. theANSWER4MVP

      Not gonna lie....Serge killed it! Best Kd interview out there

    32. EstebonRocks

      jordi probably loves tf outta this job lol

    33. Chris Tan

      Cannibalism smh

    34. Humza Amir

      It’s so funny seeing these giants in the kitchen doing a cooking show

    35. Eck Ack

      Thats cannibalism

    36. Chacha Lu

      This keri hilson issue 😂😂😂

    37. Trilldkboomin4thbaby

      They didn’t touch the snake till 20:43 🤦🏿‍♂️

    38. lewis20002000

      They're just hanging out and busting on each other.

    39. Randy Johnson

      Fucking army of production assistants, just to film Serge and KD eating snek.

    40. Heather Bolanos

      U breaking bread with someone & acting like you like them to their face, makes YOU the snake!

    41. Mark Mercer

      I love when ex teammates that get along get back together- show was fun to watch

    42. Eunice Boadu

      My two favs...omgzzzz KD❤ and Serge❤. KD Keri Hilson answer whatttt ewwww...savage. I love u KD. I love this side of KD...thank u Serge❤

    43. A World

      Respect to Ibaka, kept it real. We Africans don't hold nothing back.

    44. Mike James

      Lebron James Eats Goat with Serge Ibaka

    45. Ivy Okoro

      The love between these two brothers is so real and beautiful! I really enjoyed watching this episode!

    46. Chen Wills

      There was something vulnerable about this. It was beautiful to watch frfr

    47. muranga simms

      You two really look a like and who are you guys? See I only watch tennis i think I wanna start watching other sports games daamn.

    48. Kristoforus Hanggara

      Lebron please or kobe

    49. Adeyinka Adedoyin

      Can he really cook

    50. Jameason Dotts

      I are what you eat.

    51. sᴇʀᴇɴᴀ


    52. Patricia Chabikuli

      Can you interview a Congolese person, maybe Fally? The accents would blow everyone's mind with a tough of Lingala.

    53. Leroy Green

      See how fast KD shot down the idea of them joining Russ and James on the Rockets🤣🤣🤣🤣 he knows they would need to play with 3 balls in order for him to get just 5 shots a game.

    54. Satyr Satyr

      Serge, snake do eat snake. Get your facts straight.

    55. Shay Unique

      Some snakes do eat other snakes Sir!!

    56. 冯杰

      KD Russell and Harden + Ibaka

    57. Jason Tran

      *me: Kevin that’s cannibalism*

    58. Griselda Bankroll

      Sorry but KD too sensitive for this show

    59. Chen-Pang Chang

      lmfao snake does eat snake. what are you thinking !!!?

    60. J Anderson

      Next episode : eating a donkey with Draymond Green

    61. marc larrieux

      This show really gonna blow up

    62. marc larrieux

      This seems like a regular convo they would have getting together didn’t even see the cameras there

      1. lewis20002000

        Very true.

    63. csauls

      Serge was soooo uncomfortable with the Keri Hilson answer

    64. Evo1122

      In Indonesia pple eat snake it's good for your skin

    65. Trish

      Love both of these guys snd the organic conversation they had.

    66. Maxwell Romeo

      Yeah this was a better show... but not like the one with Tiffany Haddish

    67. Mercilla Roach

      Look what God did he put two of my crushes in one room! Now, I just need to meet both of them!

    68. Ian Lewis

      Bickering like cousins😂😂

    69. Goku 1000%

      Damn never seen a snake eat a snake thats a first

    70. Lamar DoGmatic

      4:00 KD savage for dat 😂😂😂