Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO: 914hp Hoonitruck on China's Most Dangerous Road; Tianmen Mountain



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    Some feared 2018’s Gymkhana TEN marked the end of automotive’s largest viral video franchise, but Ken Block is back with the second installment of the acclaimed series’ spin-off Climbkhana, presented by Toyo Tires, Forza Motorsport and Omaze. This time, Block and the Hoonigan Media Machine traveled to one of the world’s most dangerous roads (located deep in China’s interior) with his 914 horsepower Ford F-150 Hoonitruck to film Climbkhana TWO: Tianmen Mountain.
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    1. Hoonigan

      Check out our fresh Climbkhana TWO gear here!

      1. William Kline

        @Lester Allgary my guy are you being real rn

      2. Abdurahman Ragimov

        А как на счет снять джимхану в дагестане?

      3. Sean Solomon

        Hoonigan I would really like to know where the road is

      4. Pablo Valerio

        @Aired down and disconnected h


        Nice one

    2. Only The Best Drift

      #cool drift#

    3. Thad Curry

      Ken we need you get all ur drift mustang's dnd truck out in a line. Do a burnout for wyatt..look up burnoutsforwyatt

    4. Slavi03

      Its quite easy to drift with this car.I can drift perfectly in fh4 using it. ;)

    5. LÔNE WØLF

      Idk why there's so many people that dislike this's freaking amazing..he's a legend!

    6. Andrei

      Theese videos would be so much better if they had some music

    7. Eimantas Macas

      What next are you gonna do Ken Block climb the Everest hahahah, if only they built a only drift road. only not to the top of course

    8. Edgar Gomez

      That Ozzy Osbourne at the end was a great fit. Awesome vid overall.

    9. 1/11 AK

      Dam! You the Man!

    10. biltongeater smith

      FUCK ME...!! That delivered on every level. Excellent skills in every department.

    11. Bruno de Paula

      Pilota muito...

    12. April Bumbalough

      Yeah, I can do that.

    13. The Rad Fems

      This is some of the highest caliber truck dancing I've seen.

    14. Денис Барсов

      Crazy Yo!... )

    15. SemiMono

      1:55 so the next Christopher Nolan crime movie is gonna have people in panda suits on segways pulling a bank robery? In Nolan we trust.

    16. Don Flamingo

      just watched this to fleetwood mac - everywhere... and.. let's just say my life has changed.. for the better

    17. Souhil Slimani

      Its vert difucult

    18. OAdam 2

      The most beautiful road i have ever seen

    19. Андрей Богач

      Класс 🙌

    20. D T

      Ken block is the mfn boss

    21. Tank Burns

      They built that road for Ken Block.


      Who ever thogyh a car could sound like an A-10 warthog

    23. davidshelley909

      How many takes did it take?

    24. Jason Winchester

      Remember when fast and furious was about street racing and cars And not mission impossible

    25. Aligator Sky


    26. Mickael Rouland

      Sa avance pas et sa chie partout cette saucisse !!! :)

    27. nepzski

      ken block is a dare devil in a car

    28. TheRealChino40

      Lol the panda 😂😂😂


      MINIRUTAS CHILE!!! Saludos desde Chile!

    30. Hernan Bazan

      Me encantaría verlo en rápido furioso

    31. Hernan Bazan

      Maestro pero en el rally no es nada

    32. Auto Tuning


    33. LeftCuck Logic

      That truck is absolutely ridiculous. I gotta have one

    34. Eli Mor

      Legend say his kids have never been late to school...

    35. Mike 0891

      The only thing that was impressive was the truck

    36. Susano

      9/10 Best gymkhana since years

    37. DevilG

      He's like a Group B driver born too late. Zero fear and insane skill!

    38. bezzru


    39. Alex

      China with mountain roads they exceptional think about all the labour they invested on that risky project, and they are dozens of them 🤣

    40. GOD

      R.I.P engine

    41. teddybloodfilm


    42. edy wiranata

      Doi ngdrift di kelok 9 keren nih kyknya

    43. Timothy Gregory

      So what’s up with danger dans 240 ???

    44. Alex Brooks


    45. Владимир Копченый

      Он лучший

    46. 69Gingerman

      Still not into ford, nice try though

    47. Phoenix One Productions

      Even Ken Block and the Hoonigan team are using drones! Hire me for yalls next shoot! Awesome video! Amd bada$$ driving like always ken!!

    48. diktator jr

      When a hobby get support by money.limitless

    49. Cj Jenson

      Soooo... Can we have this ordered from Walmart?

    50. Kelly Hearn

      It’s sad he does not do it in one run but little sections at a time.

    51. Carlos Eduardo


    52. Steve Pescitelli

      Holy shit man bass ass mtfkr

    53. Cuptaincapquake

      When did Forza come out with a new cutscene?

    54. Dr dIsReSpEcT

      Legend says they had to lower the redline so Ken didn't blow it up

    55. Henning Radasewski

      That engine sound gave me a stiffy

    56. sadman soltanov

      Backward yess wandfull

    57. Spartacus Life Vision

      Hot wheels has to make one of these

    58. Voxle

      straight fire

    59. GODLY MoTiOnZ


    60. Arlan TV

      gaada otak nich si ken

    61. Mariano Acosta

      Estas fucking LOCO amigo xD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    62. Обычное Видео

      Крутость этого видео зашкаливает 😀

    63. Mark Huskey

      If ypu haven't yet you should do a run on Deals Gap in Tennessee. The Dragon. 318 curves in 11 miles. Call it Dragonkhana or Curvekhana or something.

    64. Josh Smith

      The real DK

    65. Levi Rodman

      This give's me a reason 2 live. ✌

    66. myusernameis leo

      Just to me this sounds really low geared? The engine is always at full revs but the speed dont seems really high? The montage is well done but check out a group b video,cars with half the hp of this one looks much faster. I think this is just a bog spot

    67. Chris Logic

      At only half that speed I'd be 100% dead.

    68. Keith Cripps

      Textbook definition of the word; Gnarly!

    69. Jeramiah Dona

      He is one with the steringwheel