Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO: 914hp Hoonitruck on China's Most Dangerous Road; Tianmen Mountain



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    Some feared 2018’s Gymkhana TEN marked the end of automotive’s largest viral video franchise, but Ken Block is back with the second installment of the acclaimed series’ spin-off Climbkhana, presented by Toyo Tires, Forza Motorsport and Omaze. This time, Block and the Hoonigan Media Machine traveled to one of the world’s most dangerous roads (located deep in China’s interior) with his 914 horsepower Ford F-150 Hoonitruck to film Climbkhana TWO: Tianmen Mountain.
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    1. Hoonigan

      Timestamp your favorite Climbkhana TWO moment below!

      1. YMBC


      2. GenXGlam

        All of it! Breathtaking!

      3. Eibbor N0sredna

        4:54 at the hairpin. What a view!

      4. Gigamut 11B

        Can't do that.....let's just say that every time Ken got a smile on his face is the winner in my

      5. NFS Legend 23


    2. Chad Cota

      Panda! He must of got tired of trick shots! ( Dude perfect)🤙

    3. Jake Cook

      #1 on trending

    4. Brock Lowe

      Great ending with ozzy!!

    5. FlipFloppin

      My mans at 2:08 should’ve had a Winnie the Pooh outfit on

    6. Fernand El Helou

      Absolutely INSANE!!!!!!

    7. Gumbo2000

      Dads taking you to the airport when your flight doesnt leave for another 12 hrs-

    8. Justice Of the sun

      Putting the best china drift sport drivers to shame on a road that none of them will drive.. Completely OWNT!

    9. Lawrence Keating

      America’s newest export to China - MOUNTAINS of tire smoke. Crazy ass awesome driving 👍👍

    10. a TiT

      Anyone see this and think about the weight distribution?

    11. AbyssShameless

      Balls of steel Ken. Seriously this is better than pikes peak

    12. Itzjustamustang

      Sweet.. china is battling human rights issues.... and you go there and help make the place look cool 👌 fucking mint

    13. Esau Medina

      *Flight not until 2:00pm* Parents at 6:00am:

    14. J Nalup

      I feel like I should have given money to someone to be able to watch that.

    15. Kl2Gamer

      Esperando 1 semana,começo o video pisco meu olho o video acaba QUEEEEEEEEEEEE

    16. Gold Rifle106

      Like a boss..! 👍

    17. Everything you need

      Please support my CHANNEL I have just started 👍👍👍 THANK YOU ALL

    18. james d

      Ok now do this going downhill.

    19. Anderson Co

      When are we getting gymkhana 11?

      1. Hoonigan

        Wait until you see what we have planned for 2020.🤘

    20. FastSeko

      Fake ! Nice 3D ;)

    21. Cooper

      虎泥敢...So DAMN GOOD. Greeting from China :)

      1. Hoonigan

        Thanks for the great Hospitality! 👊

    22. Justice Of the sun

      He would never fall off the mountain with his focus.. The mountain can only fall off of Ken block.. He ownt!

    23. Jeremy Walsh

      what thing did he knock off the side of the rail ??

    24. Rusty Stuff

      That thing rips pretty good it just don't sound right being a 6 cylinder

    25. TB Pewch

      Ken Block doing ken block things

    26. Esau Medina

      *Flight not until 2:00pm* Parents at 6:00am:

    27. ReK1000

      They should shred the Tail of the Dragon next time.

    28. Top Music

      Panda : Thank god i'm alive

    29. BradZ

      I think the truck may have edged out the Hoonicorn for my favorite

    30. Gabriel Coyle

      What engines it using

    31. Dan Hainey

      Gymkhana Files Season 2 for the making of this video? Like this comment if you agree 👍

    32. egfunction

      Ya'll need 4k cameras

    33. FACEPLANT360

      I've literally had farts that sound better than this pos.

    34. ZEN ZEN

      Showboating all the way to the top.

    35. Brock Lowe

      Bad ass with bad ass toys!

    36. ballou1777

      When is the video game coming out?

    37. Cringe

      Trokiando cuh

    38. TreBird13

      I bet ken knows where the next forza horizon is gonna be

    39. Timeless Motors

      Ken Block is really the best of our Era. Salute. You will definitely go down in history.

    40. Paname514

      Now take a Ford Mustang . . . . . . . Electric 4-door SUV

    41. ekumeku

      So badass!!!

    42. Stuart Davis

      This man has passed the vibe check

    43. Bill Angell

      Does anyone else see this as bad timing with all the Hong Kong stuff going on?

    44. moed al garny

      didnt guys hear about whats happening in hong kong?

    45. Sol Coolman

      watching this made me harder that a diamond pick in an ice storm

    46. Robert Jones


    47. ridegradient


    48. screamofan0496

      Probably one of the best drivers in the whole world

    49. 暁Ichimatsu暁

      *Most dangerous road* Dangerous? Nah

    50. Andrew McCollum

      Leave it to the HHIC to break CZ-news again 😂😂 killed it again

    51. Carter Anderson

      Ken Block: (sees Panda on a segue) Also Ken Block: TARGET AQUIRED.

    52. Eddie Flores

      That’s inspirational right there I wold be scared

    53. ballou1777

      The most visually stunning movie I’ve seen in a while.

    54. RichManSCTV0

      Great video! Great music at the end

    55. Jeremiah Byrne

      CONTACT: Lap Time Invalidated

    56. v35 sedan

      dirt rally 3.0 looks insane

    57. sarah mcmillan

      Awesome !

    58. Luis Espino

      Free Hong Kong. Amazing video, takes me back to your subaru days.

    59. MadVizion

      Maybe one day we'll get a full ride along with out all the flashy editing. A man can dream.

    60. Travis Rose

      Awesome video ! Lets watch it again in some new custom merch !

    61. Zac Price

      im just sayin.... y'all shoulda use Pooh Bear instead of the panda lol

    62. Andy Warhol

      Jadi keinget kelok 9 sumbar.

    63. Hafiz Aditya

      Takumi fujiwara : " oh damn i got rival "

    64. TJ Firefly

      Holy crap !!!! Hell the whole video was bad ass !!!!

    65. GM Loyalty


    66. James Riley

      Loved the Ozzy track at the end and loved the entire video great job as always

    67. Eibbor N0sredna

      4:54 at the hairpin, What a View!

    68. Hard_Satania

      I like to see hoonicorn action more, but hoonitruck still good :)

    69. Jess Lovely

      Damn hottest man alive 👏👏👏