Junk Food



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    Are you an MMMM Candy bar, because you're so sweet 💖💖💖
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    1. Honey luv

      I Like *MMS* Too

    2. Mira Z

      Did he just mention cocaine....literally 12 year olds watch his videos. Who the fuck is he? What happened to James..ew unsub.

    3. A USER NAME

      Anyone else catch the sheen 2 reference

    4. He Shells

      "the whiter the bread the sooner you're dead" Best line ever 😂😁✔️💯

    5. Random Guy

      Seems like james likes the white powdery stuff

    6. Charlie_ Lee_rhee

      Fun fact: a gallon of gasoline has about 31000 calories. Technically, you could drink a gallon of gasoline and last for about 12 days.

    7. 陈锦清

      Vegetables are my enemies, and junk food are my friends.

    8. Flame

      What’s the point of trick or treating if you only get to have 1 piece and it can’t be a king size right?

      1. Flame

        Am I the only on where my parents did this?

    9. Diamond_Gaming

      #1 on trending BOIIIIIIIISSSSS

    10. Mary Peel

      why did you miss such a good pun at 7:17 you could have said take carrot of it not "take care of it" but you might have said it and I'm deff ( I think that's how you spell it lol)

    11. Megamix64 Colon

      I M I S S US

    12. Annoying Dog

      1:39 "what the fu-"


      6:40 dr Mike reference

    14. Regina Temple


    15. Natalie Stutts

      Yeet hi seat dab

    16. Sign In With a Google Account


    17. Lil Brown Bean

      James: With the crust still on but that's okay because I like the crust Me: I KNEW I WASN'T THE ONLY ONE

    18. Crxzify

      Why the hell is it so difficult to get to the fucking comments

    19. Biggie Cheese

      You only got 1 body take KARROT it

    20. Rosy Willow

      I'm eating a donut while watching this. Sorry for your childhood

    21. Lee Steinert

      7.01 AUEG

    22. Mykel Machado_soccer

      Anyone Else Notice James Face On The Bread

    23. NoVaRolav

      Donald trump when he said the best orange thing is a carrot:😡😡😡😡

    24. Waterfawl

      7:01 That pufferfish be going *EUGH*

    25. Lil Manchild

      I see pufferfish carrot meme

    26. How do I Change my profile picture

      The puff fish at 7:01 was my favorite part

    27. Breanna Davis

      I love your videos frl ❤️🤣

    28. Alik Gamerss

      I love mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    29. Ruby Mcleod

      Sometimes u guys bring me MMMM bars

    30. Nico Montoya

      0:26 I can relate to that SO MUCH!

    31. Lani Shriner

      I'm sick of reading comments about carrots

    32. Kickin It With Kiyah

      I’m looking at the comments and I’m like dang this literally got uploaded today

    33. Chibi Animationz

      James: my life sucks bc i get no candy Me: *my life is amazing bc I hate candy*

    34. Let's get to the point.

      James: 1:41 Australia: >:(

    35. Brookly Harris

      Hi you are sosososososo ccoooll

    36. Gertie Siegel

      "I guess everyone drink gasoline because cars and humans are the same." ~ James 2020

    37. Keisha chan fox

      What happened to poppy

    38. Babadoe

      You sure your not allergic to sugar James

    39. Ryan Richards

      Is it just me or was that a JoJo's reference. Since, y'know, everything is

    40. TheGoldenKing 73

      We all have one body so we should CARROT it

    41. Dcwest 0616

      james: talk about not being healthy me: eating pizza and drinking dude ice tea.

    42. mottasem mhnnad

      Your parents are shitty and cheap, stop lying to yourself lol

    43. Soviet Russian Man

      James: carrots are the best orange thing ever Orange juice: *-How Dare You-*

    44. ZeShirky

      1:44 - *Stares in Australian*

    45. Cat Eyed Loser

      Lol XD James always makes laugh XD XD XD XD XD

    46. yeety boi

      You should take CARROT it lol

    47. xRriye Jigsxw_

      james: you’re poor if you used sandwich bread with sausages aussies: what the fu-

    48. canal nickplayer

      6:10 *Ace Attorney "cornered" starts playing*

    49. Vincent Green

      James Edit: you finally upload

    50. Godzilla The King Of The Monsters

      you havent been uploading alot

    51. Vanessa LeJeune

      1:53 look at the bread

    52. Rocky Longhair

      I watched this while eating a mug cookie.

    53. XxAesthetic_ PineapplexX

      Mixing cheerios 7 brand and sweet cheerios was my mom's thing too.

    54. Roma animate

      Junk food!

    55. Anthony Williams

      Fun fact: the myth about carrots helping you see in the dark was ww2 misinformation to explain away how RAF pilots we're so good at night fighting, in reality they had state of the art radar systems on board of special fighters allowing them to see in real time roughly where the enemy was, something the German Luftwaffe could but dream of having.

    56. Jackson Hooks

      3:43 why that toilet paper

    57. Mr.Jake200 7

      Was anybody eating mmmmmms and drinking coke while watching this no clickbait? No? Just me?

    58. GURL BAI

      Carrots are the worst 😑

    59. Socky

      Ok you corporate shill

    60. Jac Le

      When he said ‘mms’ I felt that

    61. ThingShipper3000

      Bold of you to assume I only have one body

    62. Panda 4life

      Orange m & m Or Carrots 🥕!!!

    63. Fluffy Comp

      Are you a furry

    64. Pearbear Squad

      My allergy’s weat cockroach grapes EVERYTHING OAK PEANUT ALL NUTS AND EVERYTHING

    65. Spud

      Hoooooooooooooold up *RAINBOW PUKE*

    66. Zheng Jie Lee

      You’re not my mum! You’re my dad

    67. Risick

      “You only get 1body” People who believe in reincarnation:*doubts in pigeon*

    68. Tony Arteaga

      I’m not showing this to my mom

    69. Chicken Doodle UW

      Said he has to make videos but hasn’t posted in a month

    70. reality muffin

      I ate sugary cereal but it was 75% regular cheerios...