Julian Newman Throws Ball Off Mikey Williams' Head, Then Mikey GOES OFF! Julian Challenges Kyree 😱



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    A lot of y'all been waiting for this--the Julian Newman vs Mikey Williams FACEOFF! And it got WILD. Julian literally threw the ball off Mikey's head. From there it was no games. They were tryna win this thing.
    It wasn't only Julian and Mikey though. Zaire Wade, Niven Glover, Kyree Walker, Jah Jackson, Addi Patterson, Khalif Battle, Aidan Igiehon, Jalen Suggs, Skyy Clark, and Jalen Green (our guy was injured though) were also in the mix.
    As crazy as this video is, it's only the semis. Stay tuned for the finals...
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    1. Lil Trunks

      0:02 does he think that shit tricking anyone ?

    2. Manny Fernandez

      Fuck kyrie fuck all you bitches

    3. iTonyC

      Jalen Suggs boutta destroy my team dawg💀

    4. KikiPlays Gacha XD

      "Mikey with a Comeback Oh My GaWd"🤣

    5. Best Sports Mixes

      intro song?

    6. Turner Lacy

      This shi 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    7. Latrevius cameron

      They could've put lamelo on thier

    8. JiGJaGz

      Needs work. Graphics are weak. Can’t see the names because the colour scheme is bad. Too much black and white.

    9. BOWW!! HELLO

      why wasn’t the unicorn playing

    10. jon covey

      I'm not feeling the glow in the dark scene. I'd rather see the highlights without the special effects

    11. Darren Geoghegan

      the edit at the start

    12. C.J. Is Me

      I literally just found out about this kid Julian Mikey is way better😂😂😂

    13. Salvador Andrade

      If only julian could grow a foot he could be the first 5'3 NBA player

    14. Daiven_23

      “Mikey Williamson” 😂

    15. Got Bunnies

      Lmao so emmanual Maldonado didn't get invited but julian did?

    16. Owen Walton

      Song in the beginning?

    17. Droppleflop _

      U needa do this wit football💯💯

    18. vito sučić

      Jeezzz US national basketball team wont lose shit when these guys grow up fully

    19. The King

      Why y’all hating?? Julian is really good. If he was taller nobody would say shit If you are a hater then Then fuck you Go play basketball and let's see how you could do

    20. Gabriel Mohan

      Man is there like extra growth hormones in American food.

      1. Gabriel Mohan

        Fka Twigsdaughter bro all the kids are tall white or black.

      2. Fka Twigsdaughter

        Gabriel Mohan that’s just the power of a black man lol

    21. Gabriel Mohan

      How tall is that Mikey guy?

    22. chicharito flores

      Both the Newman’s suck

    23. chicharito flores

      Julian Newman sucks

    24. THE ULTRA-_- weirdo

      Nobody middles school games be like 🤣👍🏾

    25. Aaryan Akhil

      Mikey was being childish. He shouldnt have been playing his game

    26. XxduckafreakxX Freak

      Did y’all see Nate Robinson at 10:20 he looked like “y’all don’t win all y’all getting booted off Xbox

    27. Dman _

      Why wasn’t jaygup there?

    28. Jv Castillo

      Kill or be killed, the last time I check they’re playing basketball, not a combat sport 🤔 correct me if I’m wrong 😭

    29. Poh Moo

      What beat did overtime use tell me plz

    30. Poh Moo

      What is the best of this overtime

    31. Malec Sicard-Kurichh élève

      Mikey went off

    32. CjDrunk Tv

      Mikey wanted to kill Julian like murder him you can see it in his eyes

    33. AlphaDwg

      Newman been in high school for like 10 years it seems

    34. FaZe Zer0

      Background music?

    35. Brow Master

      Stop hyping and juicing these kids for money, just let them play basketball.

    36. -LUCIFER-

      Julian said time to take over , take over what an ant farm

    37. thecool kidz

      Now this is what u call basketball in hell

    38. anquish master

      Why bro, why you compareing julian and mikey man its just stupid mikey's obviously the better talent

    39. Chrome Monarch

      Julian Newman hasn’t been good since 5th grade this kid will never be good in college or get drafted

    40. haidir wasli

      julian is the tallest hobbit

    41. joseph Adams

      5:14 if that was james harden, that mother fucker would have flopped back to being 5 years old. but that shit was an offensive foul LOL

    42. Almir Hastor

      Team 3 is the team of the fros cuh

    43. Almir Hastor

      Nevin MVP

    44. Salim Jes

      Julian is such an annoying ass fuck boy name

    45. Felipe Gouvea

      What’s Mikeys height?

    46. Ronan Music

      What a great event

    47. Select Walter

      Jalen green will murder every last one in this video.

      1. Chaz G.

        Except aiden that's would be tie

    48. Lwden

      Mikey and Julian the only kids out there I swear

    49. Arjun Raj

      8:24 everything everything everything everything everything

    50. N O T O R I O U S

      Kill or be killed... its basketball tho?

    51. kobe

      Julian so short

    52. ZzzSadBoyspt1

      When tf 2 gonna come out

    53. Gabriele giannola

      Bro this shit was unfair

    54. ツspxrt

      Kyree said "ay everybody turn TF up" 5:11

    55. Ꮆremlin ᏤU

      This man started the game with his post scorer takeover he mushed tf outta his lil ass🤣

    56. Liam 12

      What’s the song at 0:30

    57. James Howard

      lots of pretty boys

    58. iVoltz Clips

      9:54 “felt like we got the win but we came up short” so you lost?

    59. Isaac Manzi Gasana

      third time i wath this video

    60. Larry

      Why is julian still here? He can not compete with these men hes a baby compared to them.

    61. ryan48888

      How the fuck does that foul rule make any sense?

    62. LupeWilde21

      This shit so lame

    63. Skxzie

      No college is gonna care that you can shoot from half court Julian

    64. wai yin chin

      poor hobbit never grow up tall

    65. Ryder Anderson

      Not one white guy😂

    66. Mob -

      If y’all can’t say what your saying to kyree’s face then don’t say it here.

    67. Dexter Harris

      these niggas going to the league and this nigga Julian just there

    68. Brayden Rouh

      Thank me later 7:00

    69. micahel schmidt

      Newman looks shorter every time I see him..

    70. Superb homie

      Julian shouldn’t even be able to sit on the bench with these guys he ass