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Jonas Brothers - Sucker

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    Sucker (Official Video)
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    Video Director: Anthony Mandler
    Video Producer: Richard Fenton
    Video Editor: Taylor Ward
    for Blackhand Cinema
    Music video by Jonas Brothers performing Sucker. © 2019 Jonas Brothers Recording, Limited Liability Company, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Leah.Blake

      This gives me alice in wonderland and umbrella academy vibes

    2. DIY'S by Abbie

      Who's been waiting years for a Jonas Brothers comeback?

    3. monica lynn

      Love the song. Love that their ladies are in the video. Not a big fan of the actual video though.

    4. Anna Jade Sing&Dance

      *Director: How beautiful you want your wives to look?* *Jonas Bro: Yes*

    5. Владимир Илиев

      f I n n a l ly

    6. nur han

      Yup ,everyone should made the thet love as a model...

    7. Immortal Spirit


    8. Diya g Gupta

      Jevin Noe Kick 😂

    9. Leslie Braxton

      No encuentro un comentario en español, asi que coloque el mio :v

    10. Adriana Brazdeiķe

      Best song my favorite song

    11. Ayana Khan

      Sophie is so natural, funny and amazing here😍

    12. Entre risas comida y desastre


    13. iantoja

      Only 80M views?

    14. Mahasweta Chakraborty

      Kavin is backkkkkkkk...😍😍 I used to watch Jonas Brothers on Disney only for Kavin🙈 He was 💋

    15. Drithi Jain

      Don’t press read more U will have a good year if u like this.... hey u! I SAID LIKE THIS! Just kidding I just wanna say does the luck even work after liking? Cuz I have liked like a 1000 comments till now! But never worked😐😐😶

    16. Sanya Damle

      The gals were overdressed

    17. Drithi Jain

      1 million views are mine...... I love this song!♥️

    18. Jakob Kingston

      Is it just me or does all the girls look like girls from the Capital in the hunger games?

    19. silent wanderer

      Why I keep watching this video again and again. Jonas brothers and their wives.. ❤

    20. I Got A D In Music

      Jonas Brothers: "I'm a sucker for you" Me: "I'm a sucker for the house."

    21. Susana Hernández Aguilar

      Adicta a la canción 💓

    22. Evsal 3007

      1:30 ought shit what a forest

    23. DeepMoonChild

      Priyanka and Nick are the sensual ones, Sophie and Joe are querky and Dani and Kevin are the stable ones.

    24. Shazi Shahzad

      First time:wtf is he singing Second time:not so bad Third time:I'm a sucker for you ❤️


      Sucker for me. 😑

    26. L 4

      Damn! nice to see they still got it , unlike other childhood stars

    27. Ana Gabriela

      A volta dessa banda tem o poder de fazer com eu me sinta com 14 anos de novo.

    28. Samira Suo

      nice song wow ... the words are killing welcome back ... love you both

    29. Ariadne Alagar

      OH MY GAHD.

    30. sara

      whoever disliked this video deserves to trip over a lego brick.

    31. Queimporta

      And that s the tea!!!

    32. Viollet

      Literally Video and Song of the year!

    33. Rayane Moubtakir officiel

      Qod sing (bravo)

    34. Aadyant Mahakur

      Nice comeback

    35. Sabrina Aberkane

      So it's priyanka

    36. Destiny Pettway

      I need men to take notes. The way the brothers worship their women is amazing!!!!

    37. cezara b


    38. cezara b


    39. The HRAs

      Nice song the girls look beautiful lol

    40. Maryangla Imchen

      Those ladies..... Slaying

    41. Wyatt Deem

      You know good and damn well they all got laid after this. Kevin is going to have another kid and the other two will probably have a kid by next year 🤣🤣🤣

    42. Fabiola Vivanco

      2:43 best part

    43. Fabiola Vivanco


    44. L'Inconnue

      70 k dislikes how are u people -_- !!!!!!!!! ???

    45. iman farrukh

      I feel like pryianka got married with her son lmao 😂

    46. Shotgun princess

      Hell ya! My childhood is back!!!!

    47. Nicola Crawford

      Most amazing song I've ever heard ❤️

    48. Chispa Stephen

      Is no one going to address the stalker like behavior? Following her in the dark, consumed with her in his mind???

    49. Cristian

      Hmm, this is a tricky, I'm not sure whether or not Jonas Brothers copied PTM "Feel It Still"... Maybe they're in a downward spiral and had no possible choice?!

    50. avi fine

      better than birds of a feather.......... think about that

    51. bila009


    52. Mario Montero

      la más sexi en Priyanka!

    53. Person Shooter

      1:57 Drummer from the DNCE?

    54. Joseph Yossef

    55. Marcos Beltran

      fuck all the people that read this love u

    56. Kristina Autry

      Shouldn't the diabetic one have like... a carrot, instead of a sucker?

    57. Dwight Shrute

      I can barely remember my youtube password after i make it and yet they can remember theirs after 6 years

    58. Pawan Chaursia

      Jija ki video h like to krni pdegi...,😅😅

    59. FSLICK Studio

      hello i made a punk goes pop (rock cover) of this song if anyone wanna watch just go on my channel thank you!! :D

    60. Cindy L.Syuhlo

      Why am i knowing only now!!! Oh great

    61. Crystáál

      Who remembers them from Disney and Nickelodeon 😏

    62. Elsa Bresser

      I feel like you need to be equal with your brothers in the same boy band but It's with the Jonas brothers like nick nick nick nick nick, joe joe joe, kevin

    63. Legend Killer

      is that the look of someone who have war next month sansa ?

    64. Bawse Of the bawses

      I feel so sad for the people who haven't heard this song yet

    65. tech A

      Hey suckers!!!!! Wassup

    66. Nalla Saurav

      I'm a sucker for this song

    67. Danny Devito


    68. hi bich

      who else watched jonas on disney channel?

    69. Mohamed Mca

      Priyanka chupra😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘

    70. Human


    71. Cora Warrior

      Waw ya los 80M

    72. Bangtanlover 12

      I’ve said it once I’ll say it again stop sleeping on Kevin the boy got talent

    73. apurva rane

      Priyanka Chopra Jonas is breathtaking here...!!...Can't take my eyes off her..!!!😍😘

    74. JaydenIsABeast

      I like this song

    75. mr poe

      Compare this to year 3000 now realize the evidence and now they look like this in five years? When that are 40 they will probably look really old

    76. Классный Кактус 2

      *Все русские лайкните этот коммент! Пусть иностранцы думают что я чёт крутое написал)*

    77. Saad Waghoo

      Listening this first time and am already addicted to it

    78. Nilanjan Mehra

      I love Jonas brothers

    79. olivia taylor

      Why doesn't Kevin sing? You dont even see much of him and his wife in the video. Besides they are a beautiful couple.

    80. Phleonie Ian Ilinon

      The North remembers you My Lady.

    81. Big Bulk

      80 M views, 40 M from India...:P

    82. Wicked Twister Gaming

      Feel it still has l e f t t h e c h a t

    83. Shreeya Kajaria

      Here for niyankaaa

    84. akeria Singh

      All gawjuss but for me Priyanka was definately a stand out. Shes so stunning.

    85. silas kristensen

      Good work Jonas brothers!!

    86. Poonam Pandhi

      my fav song

    87. Tanya Mittal

      Jonas brothers are back with their beautiful girlfriends and wives with a lot of animals

    88. Sapna Gaba

      Who thinks that Priyanka is the hottest girl between them❤️😍

    89. Emmaloo Lou

      Dayum...I think im a Jonas Brothers fan now!

    90. Mathias Kruse

      The Music over there are becoming more and more Trash-LIke

    91. Mai Sienna Austin

      I would like to buy all the good doggie bois in this video..... is that okay?

    92. [PVp]Masroor360ios YT

      Editor: Is it ok if u stop saying yes Jonas Brothers: YeS

    93. sapo dos kpop

      caralho so tenho isso a dizer

    94. November Starr

      I’m sorry but this was amazing

    95. Tommy Bridge

      I choked on air when the BDSM part came up.


      He looks like Shawn Mendes tooo

    97. Luana Carolyna

      🇧🇷 *Eu sou o comentário em português que você tanto procura.* Quem veio depois da foquinha, da up.

    98. Nihaan Mohammed

      I have a feeling half of the viewers came here to see priyanka chopra xD

    99. Kaanchan Lohaniii

      I m so proud of Priyanka...

    100. Kaanchan Lohaniii

      This song is hella daebak who agrees with me