JOHN WICK ONLY challenge (dog jokes)



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    1. mystix_ Rose

      Keanu beams 😂😂

    2. d40wn4g3p4p1

      did you know john wick played trumpet in high school. thats a trombone

    3. siddharth pasupuleti

      Hey Keanu Reeves looks like John wick

    4. XDmaxiboy Is da best


    5. Eli Kerulo


    6. Elina Valge

      Lazarbeam the deafault whas memeng why did you kill him😡

    7. Not your Average family

      Trombone not trumpet

    8. MYST Birdz

      Why didn’t you use the John wick skin??

    9. Eugenia Demetriou

      The dog dies

    10. Goomba Rule

      Who else is mad that he didn’t use trusty No. 2

    11. Gladys Andrade

      Laser beam

    12. Honda Ken

      Trombone not trumpet

    13. Robert Takacs

      U killed the ttv spectre oce 2times, once in the beginning, once when u said the boring stream stuff

    14. Fishman Gaming

      rip John wicks dog 1 like =1 prayer 👍👍

    15. Aaryan’s Random

      The epic and legendary infantry rifle is also is a John wick gun

    16. Lara Daniels

      It is RIleyp1420

    17. Lara Daniels

      Hi lazarbeam can you friend me plz

    18. daddyspidr

      It’s not a trumpet

    19. Preston Butcher

      fresh is the mom and Lazar is baby gingy

    20. Sebastian Mackner

      No one: lannan: DiD yOu KnOw jOhN WiCk pLaYeD TrUmPet In HiGh sChOol Proceeds to pull out a trombone

    21. Monstermasher YT

      Keanu beams

    22. Da Turtle Man

      Lazarbeam “John wick doesn’t win every fight.” Me: did you even watch the movie😕 No offense to lazarbeam even though he won’t see this lol

    23. Philip Mangovski

      Your not funny

    24. Yokey vlogs

      Lazar beam so slow at building

    25. Moeez Cheema

      Lazar beam: u killed my dog The dog on his back: am i a joke to you?

    26. Lilly P

      I feel like majority of the comments is just "Um ExCuSe Me ThAtS A TrOmBoNe NOT A TrUmPeT" Like if I'm right

    27. Leonardo Castro

      it not a trompet is a trombone braaaaaa

    28. Hello Hello

      A teacher in my school is John wick

    29. ITZ_DominusDino

      I’m a mobile player I can get a 13 kill win I had a 15 kill game a chocked it at a 1v1

    30. TTV Baytaylor

      Anyone see that llama at 4:56??

    31. Bruins Saucen


    32. the F key

      I’ve seen the movie the dog survived

    33. Dominik Car

      btw babayaga means witch probably because i'm polish and he's russian so yeah big fan here too i use code lazar in item shop

    34. Kade Kuempel

      its trombone not trumpet

    35. Fawlynn Blake

      In the begging of the movie John wicks wife died and he had a puppy and it died

    36. Lxcky_ Spider

      Trombone not trumpet

    37. TdogKage_Yt

      Too much

    38. Seth Billing

      Not a trumpet

    39. Benjamin Renshaw

      Who has better aim John wick or robocop

    40. Dokta_ Niko

      Baba Yaga means Grandma Yaga.Its something that the parents scare there children in Europe

    41. Jameson Hyyppa


    42. M Nelson

      8:45 you know it’s serious when LazarBeam is biting his bottom lip

    43. Jax Johnson

      First his dog then his recording finally his bush

    44. Jessica Perrywinkle

      sing a song on camra for the views plese.


      that was not a trumpet that was trombone:)

    46. Slime Time

      *it smells like updog in here* *muffled cries in distance*

    47. LG Gangsta


    48. IFryYoToaster

      He just got 102 brick from the floor

    49. GiGa 2

      Lazarbeam + Keanu Reeves = Keanu Beams

    50. John Frossiniotis

      Bro this poor default was lagin

    51. Travis Schneringer

      Every one of the guns he can use are vaulted.

    52. Pika Gaming

      How long until lazarbeam's eye LIGMA goes away but then say "mate you've got two teeth holes in ya lip"

    53. Shane Fiddle

      Humble is LazarBeam. I think Yoda would say it is a great strength.

    54. Mandy C

      You know the 🐕 is bad🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

    55. Mandy C

      You know Domino's is bad

    56. Sub 2 me bitch

      7:27 why Ur dog whatch a stream

    57. Noctrnal Flexz

      I got renegade raider

    58. Jose Plascencia: Allstate Insurance

      Bring back the John wick skin

    59. Animator Gamer

      The glider really fits John

    60. Itwasnt_love

      Trumpet = trombone??

    61. Boris Mars

      I honestley cried when his dog was killed in the movie

    62. mister zombow

      That's a trombone not a trumpet

    63. CIM Films

      3:29 lazarbeam: I hate people that kill me when I’m meaming 10 minutes later he has killed someone that was meaming

    64. Jacob Julien


    65. Scienceman Productions

      What About The HAND CANON!

    66. JKS Dank

      You killed the same ttv in a diffrent game

    67. Ethan Brown

      Jason is so proud of you.

    68. Mrmemeburglar

      In fortnite were do the people pull the guns from OH GOD🧐🧐

    69. Connor Burkett

      The beam boy is the best player and is a bloody legend