Joe Rogan Experience #1398 - Lil Duval



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    Lil Duval is a stand-up comedian and recording artist.

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    1. Little Sister

      1:18:20 ~a theory~ Guys, in a sense, I think we may be aliens. *hear me out* In reference to the zodiac signs, think about it.. they come from and are all connected to constellations, star patterns, the moon, outer space type shit. And Each of our signs , our zodiac signs, I think there’s like 13 of them or how ever many, are specific to each type of person, and each person within that zodiac sign fit into a specific kind of group of people. So I’m kinda thinking there’s sort of a bigger picture about the different zodiac signs where it’s almost like it’s different tribes of people within the specific zodiac sign / group you know what I’m saying?? • Brought to you by marijuana, indica

    2. Martin Henson-Webb

      The moon is stuck in one position!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    3. BISHOP WXlf

    4. CreepyPastaReads

      “We all want the same thing, we just want it packaged different.” One of the smartest quotes I’ve ever heard. Much respect for Duval.

    5. Canadian_TriLL 905

      Joes reactions are priceless lmao, The thing about Duval is the shit he says sounds so ridiculous. Then it marinate in your brain and all of a sudden it make a tonne of sense and you feel all fucked up over it lmao

    6. Zwerkk

      Yeah twitter/ social media is the same as talking and real life but only in a way because people are quick to talk on there phones but won’t say shit in real life that’s why everyone is so unattached from society because they’re attached to there phones

    7. Hunter Gold

      best podcast to get high too

    8. Kactuskay115


    9. Mattymew

      God I feel dumb after this. Don't know why Rogan had him on.

    10. Discovering Parallel

      More Pot more reinventing the Wheel.

    11. JamSessionSound S

      Man lil Duval has the happiest face and it makes me smile

    12. G Hendrickson

      "Skeet is space!!.......This is Top 10 JRE!!! What are the Top 10 JRE Shows??

    13. Black

      Dame, I feel high now!

    14. ZX9RinHollywood

      Definitely not listening to this for 3 hours.

    15. Doug Doug

      These mfs BAKED baked LMAO

    16. Riley Seidenglanz

      Have Daylyt on

    17. ChaseThaDream

      Silicon Valley is already using Nature as their super power.

    18. Caroline Guy

      My dad and I always have these deep convos, and just like this one it starts with space and ends with "Is there a God?"

    19. Nicole Roberts

      Joe "click my lighter" Rogan

    20. Caroline Guy

      Maybe if we all stand on one side of Earth and push on the ground we can get this planet a-movin'

    21. lyxuary lynx

      everything they just said about space is very nearly true but just wrong enough to be fucking hysterical

    22. lyxuary lynx

      "why the moon cold" I love this man

    23. mir Life

      Mujh pyeju se zwand da beaqlano pa hagha khabara che ta waka hahaha

    24. Alan Lee

      He isnt the sharpest tool in the box I liked that humble part.

    25. Cisco Cabs

      stop the fucking clicking sound asshole

    26. Vital Sokol

      Maaaan, So professional from JR, I would have not lasted so long with all that clicking from Lil. D. JEEEZZ

    27. ty nechee

      Joe you should have asked Duval about skin walkers

    28. Hayden Herbison

      I love this episode, but the clicking noise feels like Chinese torture.

    29. NorthCoast Ind.

    30. Courtney Jackson

      Tom cruise was a police officer n a movie where society could be arrested for their thoughts

    31. seth k

      I'm too drunk to taste this chicken... what a deep ass conversation

    32. Hisham Abdalla

      Jacksonville ouchea

    33. Steven Dunn

      A day without Mexicans in LA would only show just how much the Californian and the Federal government have deliberately ostracized American workers by refusing to hire them at a living wage.

    34. Peter Knowz

      Real pothead knows it doesn’t take 5 joints to get high. Stop fake smoking Duval.

    35. Peter Knowz

      Now Joe smoking weed for real

    36. Peter Knowz

      Most of these celebrities fake smoking weed. Fucking annoying. Blame Snoop for that. He’s the first fake weed smoker.

    37. Hisham Abdalla

      lil duval's suitcase is waiting in the reception

    38. Nidz Mldnvc

      "I don't put that much emphasis on big things to entertain me, I keep it simple. If I can be entertained be just sitting here chillin, anything else is a bonus" - Lil Duval

    39. Antonio Cromartie

      21:19 “like if you go in the shade it’s fuckin cold as shit, 250 degrees below zero” “Fuuuuuuuck” 😂😂

    40. Josiah Levandusky

      this mans is high asf

    41. ChiriKain

      this cocksucka is worse than mel gibson.

    42. GEEKFUL: the geek out channel

      Ok so lil Duval thinks Asians are a different species of human!?!? 🤣

    43. BrockP

      if joe rogan is 52.. im old af... wait

    44. trent noble

      Fuckkk nnaaaaa

    45. John E

      The erff

    46. Myrick313

      When this nigga said zoliack I thought he was talking about some type of drug in pill form.

      1. sonic v

        He said zodiac bro

    47. Myrick313

      Lil Duval: Hey Siri how many of them Koreans is outcheer Siri's brain explodes

    48. Ricky Marino

      them stonerr convo's…. (;;

    49. Charlie Theory

      2:43:55 Joe, that Boston came through. Question mak.

    50. burningknuckle26

      City boi wittit

    51. ThEownErof ThEBuilDinG

      Can't stand it

    52. Calvin Harrison

      Its gotta be my 1st or 2nd time on the ride

    53. Chris Kelly

      Lil "I'm high as a bitch" Duval

    54. Chris Kelly

      Joe "How deep do you go down?" Rogan

    55. Alfred Donawa

      1:24:59 Joes like Nooo come back into the hole

    56. Dizeliun

      16:20 "it solves altimers" 25:40 "hyrogriflics" 33:50 "the way the world is so connected and.. far its can do pretty much anything you want if you know what you can do" 37:00 "we're attached to our i-motions more, and we don't do that much thinking" 37:40 "Asians aint got their feelings no more" 48:23 "worst scale sksnario 48:30 "I still want to know how to clean a dear, I want to learn how to do that type of shit" I could go on for days... this man is retarded

      1. Jesse Canada

        You dont need to be smart to be successful though. Whatever he's done to get to the point he's at makes him more smarter than you

    57. Jammingpuzz hardcock

      Yeah this is a real comedian Joe. Dumbass

    58. Jammingpuzz hardcock

      Too funny, lil Duvall is taller than meathead

    59. Timothy Coleman

      High Joe Rogan is a National Treasure

    60. Veris

      Looks tiny compared to Rogan. Like a child. And he’s boring and not an intellectual.

      1. Shady Mahshi

        @joshuaavalos25 it was mildly entertaining, but he's right, duvals iq is higher than a chicken but lower than a primate

      2. joshuaavalos25

        Veris damn, but you still took the time to watch and comment on the video 😂

    61. TC

      If you can get an interview without Duval getting high it would be even better. No homo but they needed to connect intellectually 1st and catch the vibe then bring in the weed. Duval way smart than how he appears here trying to remember thoughts lol. Good convo though

    62. iVex

      This is a very high conversation

    63. Daniel Pettus

      His vehicle idea was from Jordan Peterson's appearance on here.

    64. Holiday Styles

      funny shit how high n how many times he talks bout the weed u know he taking the box home.Lil Boosie on here for 2020 all i need he is crazy hood funniest rapper i think had a crazy life to talk n smoke with joe

    65. Koete Irvin

      “ I don’t know, I just be doin shit “ 😂😂😂

    66. Brandon Brends

      Why does this idiot gave interviews 3 HOURS whahahaha

    67. Lianna Loving

      Joe you need to have Al Harrington on, former NBA now Cannabis entrepreneur. Viola

    68. Mac Dre

      lil Duval HIGH AF!!! Lemme get some of that Silent BoB SMOKE Cuh....

    69. Mac Dre

      Soul Brotha Joe!!! 💯✊🏼🤔

    70. Bm a

      That pen clicking man