Joe Rogan Experience #1353 - Rob Zombie



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    Rob Zombie is a musician and filmmaker. His new film "3 From Hell" is available in select theaters this week and everywhere in October.

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    1. dok nox

      The cars are so good.- Rob Zombie Wtf. Never woulda thought that.

    2. dok nox

      My dude. Love the music. The movies are like a bonus to me. I grew up with white zombies music. Fuckin legendary.

    3. The Rover

      Joe get uncle Rico on thou lol

    4. T D

      Creature Double Feature ch. 48. for life.

    5. Robert Edward

      He’s a pretty normal guy, I’m not that surprised, his movies were always really corny and overdone horror cheesefests, I didn’t really expect a genius or anything, seems like a cool dude but idk how the hell he’s succesful either, he does have that one good song

    6. Richard Guider

      I could’ve gotten hit by that car....but I didn’t.

    7. sketchyj

      Great interview until the end when joe started in with that sheeple nonsense kissing the police's asses

    8. Happy Hodge

      Ya know brent spiner might be a good guest .

    9. Jens Andersson

      This podcast was the shit !!

    10. Alex Del Real

      Horror movie Historian, awesome interview.

    11. Devin Mishler

      Rob “Bullet man” Zombie

    12. NinjapowerMS

      Joe "Whoa....Wooooow" Rogan

    13. --

      LMAO "People Scream Weird When There Stabbed" 44:45

    14. Patrick Bertlein

      Something to remember, for some people, things work out, for others, it doesn't. Simple as that. I'm one of the latter, good for you if you're not.

    15. pilotjones

      this interview made me a bigger fan of his , love this interview

    16. Ron Sissons

      The Best Special Effect from 1981 that still holds up better than anything today is the head explosion from SCANNERS.

    17. Idk What I’m doing

      Fuck rob

    18. Neil

      Hi joe if you happen to read this thankyou for bringing up the police and speaking highly of them i think it's idiotic the way people knock them when god forbid something should happen to your family there the first people they call yes some of them are bad but as you've pointed out before joe you take a 100 people whats the bet one of them is a idiot their human to look up the riots in Britain you will see the bravest officers ever they handled the riots with zero guns or army because they didn't want to encourage guns in case it was to ever happen again

    19. Alexandre Raposo

      Someone needs to tell Joe he needs to wear glasses. Totally making glasses faces when he has to look far away

    20. j z a

      Joe Rogan talking to heavy metal joe rogan

    21. jeff pallaro

      Just like mites live on you, we live on something else.

    22. jeff pallaro

      We all think we are here for a reason. We are. We are mites in some dudes skin. Nothing more. There isn't a God. You are a mite that can be destroyed at anytime. We as people don't understand that we are a parasite on on someone's in the universe. Instead we perversely think we are it. We are not it. We are the same bugs to something else. Just as nats are. Think about that

    23. Joe Dohn

      Frankenstein is my favorite book of all time!!! 😤🔥👌🏻

    24. The Almighty Bean

      He's so incredibly articulate. I adore this man and admire his ideals, his point of view, his carelessness. I aspire to be like him.

    25. Val_baby74

      Why did Rob Zombie just hit me in my brain?? Creature double feature on channel 56! Holy shit. I completely forgot about that.

    26. Star Silver

      i grew up in edmonton in the 70s. hockey was our life. oil rigs and hockey = tuff mothers

    27. Star Silver

      in art there is no accounting for taste like love

    28. Trevizzo

      Devil rejects 😍

    29. Run Lefty Run

      Did he convince him to start eating meat.

    30. Kevin Wagner

      Not the biggest zombie fan in the world but this is one of my favorite episodes ever

    31. Alright Spider

      To add on to Rob Zombie's point, Ric Ocasek also produced the band Suicide. He really picked interesting projects to champion. Not a lot of rock stars look to give a hand to obscure acts.

    32. Karel Esterhuizen

      Never judge a book by its cover, such a cool guy.

    33. Tyler Ainsworth


    34. Camryn Leann

      I’ve been a fan of rob ever since i was 2 & i’m 17. I just watched 3 From Hell yesterday & i loved it. I miss Sid Haig but he is in a much better place, wherever that is. I’ve seen all his movies more than i can account & i know almost every word to each of them.

    35. Greenkillr


    36. mushroomleg

      Surprised no talk about drugs or marijuana??? I figured he’d’ve had mr zombie chooching by the end...

    37. ben schram

      Frigging top podcast. One of the best ones Joe.

    38. Dillyn Mykal

      Marilyn Manson on this podcast would be a blessing.

      1. jeff pallaro

        Manson believes he is spectacular. But to many people have done the same Shock crap He has always done.

    39. Nick McConnell

      I'm at 1:04:08 and am really wondering why the movie Silent Hill hasn't been mentioned lol

    40. Reidsand Laura

      "Motivated by anger and revenge" Rob is obviously a Sith Lord.

    41. Yung Pimp

      That nigga fucking all the bitches in the pussyhole

    42. Sebastien Bourgault

      Rob Zombie ROCK thanks

    43. mj dia

      Please get trent reznor on here

    44. alex357ist

      Funny thing about the bully in school is that the people who picked on me in school have appologised since for being bullies. I forgave them because it did shape who I became. I was into metal with a small group of friends and we were picked on for being different. But the funny thing now a lot of them are into metal now.

    45. andrew chard

      cruising the motorway peaking on acid,listening to la sexorcisto,at 3 am was the shit.set the bass hard & feel those vibrations,from the road the car the music & the fucken universe,

    46. Krystal Williams

      Larry Fishburne = Lawrence Fishburne

    47. Lafe Denton

      He is known for his movies as much as his music. Yeahhhh I don't think so. He is known for making bad movies. I love the idiots that still think he was a bastard orphan in a freak show circus that he watched them murdered by the good Christian folks. He has such a punchable face. Every other thing he says is a lie

    48. Lafe Denton

      He is known for his movies as much as his music. Yeahhhh I don't think so. He is known for making bad movies. I love the idiots that still think he was a bastard orphan in a freak show circus that he watched them murdered by the good Christian folks. He has such a punchable face. Every other thing he says is a lie

    49. Sgt Baker

      If you like small, brilliant, weird movies like Napoleon Dynamite, I highly recommend Spork. Blew me away.

      1. Jeffrey Van Tassel

        ND sucked ass was sóoooooo stupid.

    50. Raul Magana

      Check this guy out.

    51. Kyle Crafton

      Do a podcast with rawkandroll.

    52. Alex Macleod

      Rob zombie REMAKE SHOCK WAVES!

    53. fullorgasm

      Hope to see him again, lots of cool anegdotes and a cool guy in general.

    54. spencer1527

      29:33 “time in the 90s where you got movies like Napoleon Dynamite and American Splendor...” you mean ‘03/04?? Lol

    55. Hop Light

      So when are we going to get Devil Music Vol.2 bro? I've been waiting since like '93......

    56. youn10711

      Practical effects make films & movies better and more believable. The Thing (1982) my favorite example. Please comment with your favorite examples of practical effects in films and movies.

    57. Jason Ogles

      3 From Hell sucked you ugly rat

    58. Red XIII

      Joe you need to get doctor Josh Axe on the show!!

    59. stoltergeist

      "People scream a weird scream when they get stabbed." - Rob Zombie

    60. Will Buracus

      Fucken eh rights JRE.....Deadmonton, Hellberta, Cannabis🤘💀🤘

    61. Tony Johnson

      R.I.P. Sid Haig. ;-)

    62. Lazar Atanasov

      can i get a boneless pizza


      He wouldn't be able to spot me as a metal fan. I don't look like one at all, and I am Christian.

    64. Stephen J.

      God, a movie about the Broad st bullies sounds so interesting. Listening to how Rob's life has played out I have a feeling it will.

    65. Eric Rodman

      Who down votes videos??? I don't understand the psychology behind it. Do they watch the entire podcast and choose to vote negatively? If you don't enjoy the video why don't you just move on and find something else to watch?

    66. Some Guy

      Dude, gavin needs a haircut.

    67. Tao Seng

      There are so many celebrities from Massachusetts. They are humble and approacheable. You have to be from Boston to appreciate their humor.

    68. Big Guy

    69. The Legend

      Maaan what a conversation. Thanks Joe and Rob. Awesome video!

    70. E B

      Rob please make that hockey movie!