Jhené Aiko - Trigger Protection Mantra



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    *for relaxation purposes
    *headphones recommended
    *alchemy crystal singing bowls played by Jhené Aiko in
    the key of A (third eye), E (solar plexus) and C (root
    *message from my sound healing mentor, Jeralyn Glass:
    "The chord is inverted and thus rooted at the solar plexus-
    the energy center of personal power, strength of will,
    courage, spontaneous expression, mental body- deep
    grounded E is rooting these qualities.
    This key of A minor will support intuition, wisdom,
    perception, clairvoyance, inspiration, visioning. The tuning
    is minus making it 432Hz. Earth connecting, resonant- it is
    a pure tone mathematically connected to the universe. It
    imparts healing harmonics and is easily absorbed by the
    human system
    Remember that the alchemy is just as important if not
    more important than the note itself. The energetic of the
    alchemy is what is amplified, becomes quantum and
    together with Jhene’s voice and her words or vowels, this
    is where incredible power lies.
    Sunstone - Sunstone is a catalyst for the masculine to
    evolve toward graceful integration with the feminine
    divine, facilitating allowance to be present without ego, to
    embrace the nurturing aspects of the divine mother.
    Accelerated and centered A note of the 3rd eye
    Rose Quartz - A heart-to-heart bridge energy for
    emotional healing and calming, Rose Quartz encourages
    inner harmony, softly opening the heart center to energize
    our love source. Rose Quartz assists in relationships,
    aligns the chakras and heals etheric fields, all while
    resonating with pure heart centered love. This energy is
    being accelerated by the high c.
    High C is at Chakra 8, our life purpose or North Star. It
    activates Memory, Immune exchange and illuminates the
    purpose of this lifetime.
    Laughing Buddha - A life-enhancing sonic journey into
    childlike joy, relaxation and letting go. Laughing Buddha
    radiates the love, compassion and joviality of Eastern
    teachings. Guiding us to love ourselves fully, not take our
    selves so seriously and occasionally have a good, deep
    belly laugh at ourselves. The healing sound of joy
    expressed through laughter. Low E is rooting this energy
    into the body for stability of these qualities in combination
    with rooting the activation of chakra 3 personal power, for
    Jhene, the power of a thousand suns in her belly!.
    The E note will help in oversensitivity to criticism, will
    support in releasing the need to control, and support the
    boosting of self esteem
    Note of A will support release of nightmares and learning
    difficulties and strengthen high intuition and charisma
    Note of high C connects to the cosmos, to the quantum
    field in the vibrational frequency of love. Super powerful
    notes, voicings and Alchemies."
    - Jeralyn Glass
    (internationally acclaimed singer, crystal alchemy sound
    healer, inspirational speaker, musician and teacher
    blending a classical career with meditation and
    high-vibration sound) @crystalcadencela

    Music video by Jhené Aiko performing Trigger Protection Mantra. © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Oscar Paez

      I LOVE IT!!!!

    2. Trevor Hale

      Just what I needed

    3. Coolinass C

      i’m calm now after listening to this for the 100th time 🙂

    4. Elissa Layson

      Playing this for my unborn as we speak ☺️💕

    5. J. Kenay


    6. Jordanne l

      Did we just entered the future

    7. Robbie B

      I love how she gave us Triggered to show us she’s human and can relate to being pissed and hurt and then gave us a Trigger Protection Mantra to help ground us in those moments.

    8. quiltingrox

      I'm here because of Joe Budden's Podcast

    9. Emmy Nowaczewski

      Started going to this when I get sensory overload. It centers me in a way nothing else does

    10. Jeff



      she is a true genius... this is sooo needed in todays society and a welcoming change... i even linked this for my daughter to listen to when she gets stressed , the mhz in this along with her voice is soo powerful, its my go to morning and night time listening

    12. Lizeth J Barreto

      This mantra is beautiful thank you

    13. David Moses

      what a blessing

    14. Just Alicia


    15. Evy Park

      This Mantra Had My Skin Vibrating🤩I Could truely feel healing & Protection taking Place

    16. Jolene Merritt



      Thank you. 🦋

    18. Kat


    19. Dondre' Wood

      Joe Budden brought me here

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    21. Rose Guess

      I Am Protected💯🔥❤️

    22. 6 Life

      I cried until I couldn’t

    23. Betty Peyskens

      Athletic club KASVO e Really liked.this experience

    24. Reese Pieces

      Wow! Needed this thank you!

    25. Jael Wanyama

      I love this

    26. mayeanna brown

      Ive always loved jhene. Named My newest baby after her❤

    27. Tee Wyatt

      Oh I just love her

    28. yungod


    29. La Silveira

      I can listen to this all day🧘🏽‍♀️🙌💆🏽‍♀️

    30. Niasha Sawyers

      After ending something for over 2 years and getting into a heated exchange , this really helped me

    31. A K

      she’s gotta be some kind of witch .. and i know someone will take me saying that as negative

    32. brownsuga blakkbeauty

      Something i can meditate too

    33. EnyaAndrea Lee

      We want moree!!!

    34. Kameron Lopez

      Thank you ! (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ violet fire transmutation

    35. Beautiful Virgo

      Finally I realize I had to lose myself in order to find my true self! All the pain, disappointments, fear, and failures was leading to new awakening I never knew I needed! I'm grateful for those growing pains. It doesn't matter how long it takes you to get there, just that you do! It's so beautiful when you see life full instead of empty!!💞

    36. Marcella R. Photography


    37. Justine Haines

      I keep coming back when I feel myself getting worked up and this helps so much.

    38. V c


    39. Juli Realy

      thank you for sharing your calm

    40. Naa Mills RE Matchmaker

      Something about the "I am protected"...touches me so deeply

    41. Lee Roy-EL

      She was just as basic as the universal language of love Necessary to keep him alive..... Jhene Aiko needs a Cancer/Scorpio man with some Fire / earth placements Jhene Aiko's Moon is 16°21' degrees in Pisces, of the 3rd House Moon Aspects Moon sextile Mars orb +0°13' Moon trine Pluto orb +4°03' Moon semi-square Jupiter orb +0°29' Moon square Ascendant orb +5°59' Moon opposite Midheaven orb -7°46' Moon sextile Venus orb -4°20' Sun conjunction Moon orb +10°35 Moon sextile Neptune orb +6°20' Jhene Aiko's Sun is 26°57' degrees in Pisces, of the 4th House Sun Aspects Sun opposite Midheaven orb -2°48' Sun square Uranus orb -3°57' Sun square Saturn orb -5°06' Sun semi-square Venus orb +0°04' Sun sesqui-quadrate Pluto orb -0°21' Sun conjunction Moon orb +10°35 Sun quintile Mars orb -1°11' while her Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune all are in Capricorn... and Jupiter with Venus in Taurus ... plus her Midheaven is 24°08' degrees in Virgo

    42. KonohaTV Network

      Realist musician Period

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      A whole album of this please

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      Sis, more please!😄

    47. BronzedTing

      Thanks Jhene today was ruff but this helps soothe my tears.

    48. DnhieroDayz


    49. Asmr Ellie

      This popped in my recommends on the right day lol

    50. Dylan Lewis

      The JBP brought me here :)

    51. Shannon Suo

      I am protected. Namaste

    52. Jacky Lyn

      I really needed this

    53. F. Leger

      A cult classic of the new world. Nice.

    54. RaQu Alight

      Yessss girl. This is everything, I will make it my business to listen to this every time I feel I need to. Which will be often 🧘🏾‍♀️💞

    55. Shanice Vincent

      Thank you Penny

    56. Rebeca De Melo

      Thank you! 🙏🏾

    57. The Angry Hippie

      Thank you so much for making this song Ms Aiko.

    58. wryanshope

      Idk why this made me cry, all I do know is I NEEDED THIS🙌🏽🥰

    59. Jenny Skaale

      While reading these comments, I realize how much I love the ''spiritual community''. So much warmth, so much love. We're all just doing our best while trying to heal ourselves and inspire others to do the same

    60. CameoRoyale

      At work on my menstrual and this the only stoping me from going Columbine.

    61. ReelFilms by Nat

      Thank you

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      thank you

    63. Swizzy Lifestyle

      Im on acid & i just Transcended✨🧘🏾‍♀️🕉

    64. Chris Redfield 2009

      Love Jhene 💞 Great voice. She should do some ASMR Videos / Sounds. 😊

    65. Summer Rains


    66. Taryn Blackwell

      The emotions and thoughts this song unravels is surreal...

    67. Tarik Hendrix

      Wow... For four years, I been putting so much into this self love journey, wanting to manifest my divine life partner and just giving my absolute all in relationships, purposefully, no matter what people did to me I accepted and forgave because I saw it as lessons. I've had to move on so many times and now I feel like I finally found someone who will love me the way I want to be loved. The problem is, I got so obsessed and anxious now that I know it's here. I get triggered by all kinds of things. By other women who I feel are prettier or more successful, by mentions of cheating, by him taking a long time to respond or not following through w plans. I just been thinking I'm not good enough, I'm too nice, he's gonna cheat, he's gonna want someone who acts different or talks different. The last few days I really been digging deep, realizing the shame I feel is from childhood and the relationships I manifested before were situations I thought I deserved. I clicked on this video thinking about how people wanted me to be different and since I wasn't that way they'd cheat or ignore me or try to take advantage of me because they assumed I was weak. I didn't even realize how worked up I was until she started with "calm down". I literally burst into tears. I cried for a good few minutes because I'm hurting myself on the inside, believing what these people tell me about myself bc my parents treated me the same and i suppressed so many things bc it's just too painful to remember. She made it so simple when she said "calm down, calm down eventually"

    68. Christopher Harris II

      Excellent thank you

    69. Claunette Guise

      1st note... Me: Closes eyes & listens 2 the vibration of Jhene's melodic voice🥰🧘🏾‍♀️