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    It's Finished and it looks a beauty so we had to chuck a few Jet engines in for good measure.
    Check out how I built it here
    Check out the AT-ACT
    Check out the Tie Silencer
    Thanks to eBay for supporting this project.
    Check out the Star Wars Merch on eBay
    Follow me on Social Media for behind the scenes and extras.
    1st Track is called "Time and Time Again" and is by "Nosebleed"
    2nd Track is called "Do the Get Go" by "Her Parents"
    3rd Track is called "Your pretty short for a storm trooper" by Majority Theives"…/the-majority-thieves/id1021605043
    4th Track is called "Gold Coast" by "Max Armfield"
    In a band, want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to as all music on this channel is from viewer's
    #colinfurze #eBay #starwars

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    1. Barry Mantz

      Drive one of these things????? It should fly!!!!!!

    2. EdBarMusicGames

      Over ol the video My reaction: Ahahahahahahahahahahahaah

    3. Adriano paz


    4. Adriano paz

      Tente por 4 da queles ventiladores debaixo do carro e fassa a ligação no volante meu nome é BRYAN obrigado por me escuta

    5. Toonice45

      Now put mirrors at the bottom.

    6. mato paz

      Or make it drive on water

    7. bueno lopez

      i like you

    8. Melissa Harris

      i wish i had this o plz

    9. adrian george

      Put another engine up

    10. Mr. Chuck


    11. yowmemperor

      I want to hear from you neighbors Furze! 😅

    12. Mehman S

      Super 👍👍👍👍👍

    13. dino player

      Factory one Carr of my please!!!

    14. Gabriel Velalcázar

      Niu sub

    15. Richie Rich

      That is Epic!!!

    16. Hanzala guy

      Why did he turn it on with a fake hand when he used it as a daily?

    17. Black Su

      Viet nam

    18. DB Cooper

      At least the Landspeeder is more impressive than the movie.

    19. Jp Berges

      Ist wouldt make a perfekt hovercraft

    20. Phúc Điền

      Tôi thích anh chàng này

    21. David Anderson

      So frkn cool, put some led’s underneath

    22. Daniel Thirkettle

      Can you vent some exhaust gases and turn it into a jet powered hover craft?

    23. Toptech21

      What is this guys obsession with jet engines

    24. EL ENANO

      You put the steering wheel on the wrong side


      Hal's from Malcolm in the Middle real real son

    26. David Thornbury

      4:06 😂

    27. Joajaime Marti

      Next up Funccional Death Star

    28. Aka Love

      Real mechanic don't buy BMW or Ferrari. Lol 😂

    29. Global Imperial Union

      Great build You did but please! make it hover next time ! 👍😆

    30. MikeIncorvaya

      May the Furze be with you🤣

    31. j Walster


    32. dimitri motor

      cool ..I can also make a lot but may not or is not possible here we live with know it is also not always allowed by law

    33. Сильвестр Мориконе

      Это ж сын Илона Маска.

    34. Nhan CaoDien

      I want to see a more complete fly car

    35. Joe O Sullivan

      It would have been slightly more awesome if he was tricked out in Jedi gear while going to the shops.. And if it actually hovered.

    36. Канал HARDI


    37. HorizonZero9

      What does he do with all his stuff🤔

    38. Alex Antonaci

      George Lucas lo comprerebbe subito

    39. Francesco A

      This is really impressive (and hilarious ;P)

    40. 瑚白

      個人でこんなクオリティの高いランドスピーダーを作るなんて凄すぎる!てか欲しい笑 しかも、とても実用性があっていいなぁ~ってマジで思う!

    41. The Dude907

      What's next,the Mean Machine from Wacky Race ?

    42. b sneen

      Please sell this to me!

    43. Tom Hejret

      May the Furze be with you :D

    44. Liam Le

      4:28 and 4:41 am I the only one that realizes the mannequin hands?

      1. WF Legend

        Where I ain't see no hands

    45. Tower Grinder

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍👍 good

    46. Максим Волк


    47. Bas Geurts


    48. pedro marques

      that sheiiit looks sick!

    49. Babazi

      Why do English people speak so funny? What's an electry mo-O ?

    50. Aaa Aaa

      Convert it into a flying car

    51. Phillip Case

      Ok now what the heck dude where did you have access to a jet engine

    52. AGENT_GIRL Sayonara Boy _FUN

      РАШН ГЁРЛ!!! 😂😂😂

    53. Nocki

      Dude we need u in WWIII !

    54. Ian Mangham


    55. Daredevil

      You should make the Scorch titan from Titanfall 2!

    56. Random Stuff

      Imagine if this was street legal

    57. Charles Mouse

      Very cool... ...a shame there's nothing cool about the garbage Disney has the brass to call Star Wars

    58. Adam Farlow

      You need a lightsaber build

    59. Enforcer44 YT

      Pretty sure this man could murder someone and say it’s for a video and it would be legal 😂

    60. Badimations

      Sometimes I wonder what your neighbors think of you, Colinfurze.

    61. azthar z

      We need a doug score!!!

      1. Akam

        Lol doungdemuro

    62. Tần Đỗ


    63. wesmontgomery123

      Dude ,you are Genius!

    64. Jason .Oliver

      stylish! ; )

    65. Roger April


    66. Nester Ness

      3k people downvoted this. why just not watch it?

    67. Razvy The Gamer

      Omg colin is coming to my school

    68. Mini Make

      Can u shoot it to space

    69. นาย กล่อน

      I'm come thailand plase you make thai sub!! I like you vdio content you bro!!.