Jeffrey Epstein’s Got Friends in High Places | Full Frontal on TBS

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    Turns out all you need in order to escape proper punishment for your heinous crimes is a couple of good pals! Who knew?
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    1. memphis502

      She is covering for the Hollywood Democrat pedophiles. She is part of it.

    2. Roshni Devi

      So much love & gratitude for mentioning journalist Julie Brown

    3. Miss Sophie

      Came to this video from the latest news

    4. Eagle 367

      Sadly they lost. Epstein committed "suicide". As is any of us buy that bs

    5. I. Wynn Wynn

      How did Jerry get to know les wexner since Jerry had no connections nor was he rich

    6. I. Wynn Wynn

      Nope bill has been with kids and i knew this before


      What a poser

    8. Laurie Harriton

      Can we ask how he GOT to be a high school mathematics teacher when he did not even graduate from college??? Can we ask why people spend thousands of dollars to send their children to snooty private schools like Dalton, when none of those schools demand that their teachers even have college diplomas? Here’s a clue. Mark Twain Junior High and LaFayette High School, both of which seemed to have served him admirably, require not only Bachelors Degrees, but also one Masters Degree and usually the equivalent of a second one. Do a show on the racism of liberal white parents, and include where your kids went to school.

    9. Jorge Gomez

      those were not epstein real friends, those were the customers...why keep maxwell out?

    10. Andi amo

      Epstein has friends in high places....THE CLINTONS

    11. Andi amo

      Sam Bee is a hypocrite who's producer Miles Kahn has tweeted in support of Jerry Sandusky she doesn't hate pedophiles, she employs them!

    12. Mohamed Seif

      Clinton is famous of sexually abusing minors since he was a governer ! Dont try playing it as if he JUST knew and looked the other way. Biased hypocrite !

    13. icedcooley

      It's hard to take down members of the top. They are well guarded and have ties to all the elite people of importance

    14. Dennis Bouma

      So Trump makes a comment with truth in it ,and he is in the same boat ?He never went with or to Epstein.He even kicked him off his golfclub for bad behavior.

    15. PhillyLucky7

      Samantha Bee is a bad host.

    16. crystalawen

      Why is the presenter such a loud, embarassing shrieking irritation... ? I couldnt listen to her awful, shrieking voice ...

    17. Grace Kathryn Snider

      You and your staff are incredible, Samantha Bee!

    18. Thirst Fast

      Hey! You eat ant-acids for breakfast too? Do you do Pepcid first, or after the Tums? I find doing the long-lasting ones *after* the quick relief ones makes them last longer...

    19. mike perkins

      Trump has a perverted heart. Proverbs 6.12-19

    20. Jason Peterson

      Catholic priests?

    21. Krew Moon

      why am I not surprised to see trump and bill Clinton as co conspiraters.


      Epstein Epstein, alles muss versteckt sein.

    23. Gail Nelson

      How did he get away with it cause Trump wasn't in office.#2020

    24. Dime Bag

      I love Samantha B!

    25. Richard Hutchison

      That is a great reference from Maya!

    26. rup pert

      Wait who was arrested?....

    27. Cassantro Wilson

      How dare you making fun of this sickening media should be ashamed of yourself...

    28. Clement Rawlins

      Well...i see 52 car thieves gave a thumbs down. SMH

    29. David Vartanian

      ((( Alan “I kept my underwear on” Dershowitz )))

    30. Sigma Geranimo

      There is 2 law on earth : the rich and the poor.

    31. jeannine ventura

      Yes! One of the only ppl in media calling the victims girls and children plus using accurate terms like assault and not calling them young women or women.

    32. Rona Rona

      Alen is guilty . Lock him up.

    33. John Kaitlyn

      This guy is intelligence, cia or mossad

    34. Lynne Turner

      Oh my God I love this lady (oops can I say lady these days) she says it like it is, keep up the "great work"

    35. sedeinfinita

      All this is very triggering and disgusting. May he rot in jail.

    36. Bert Goedhart

      If you have never seen high rollers get out of nasty corners then watch how J.E 's friends on the list will band together and get him a slap on the p.n.sand life will go on as usual. Watch how the headlines coming will get peoples attention to focus on other things perhaps like a financial crisis, a famine and or some epidemic.

    37. KONGO JOHN

      Is Epstein a Jew?

    38. R. Whitaker

      At least they are calling them "girls" instead of "underage women" which is how the news-and the judges- usually characterize the victims.

    39. redrock1963

      Julie Brown's work needs to be presented and highlighted on social media so her efforts are not just commented on but read by many.

      1. R. Whitaker

        I was thinking the same thing!

    40. Vicci Williams

      Mansion deed reads $10.00


      You forgot to mention that Donal Trump kicked him out of Mar A Lago or that one of the lawyers of the accuse said Donald Trump was the only famous person to help him

    42. delritmo la clave

      love it !!!

    43. Marie Lang

      Pig! I vote castration!

    44. Moe Mawri

      Can you say Israeli mossad agent

    45. M P

      Wow, I haven't agreed so much with Samantha Bee ever before, until the Trump party.

    46. D'ran Dana

      I have a feeling this goes deep...

    47. bella roja

      Thank you

    48. David Kerpan

      I bet your a Democrat you know Obama could of gone after Epstein but he didn’t so I guess he’s a enabler

    49. David Kerpan

      Isn’t it funny that Trump is in charge now that Epstein got charged federally so you see now

    50. David Kerpan

      Get your facts right Trump kicked Epstein out of his club in 2002 disaaccieated then Acosta was federal not state democrats that gave him a slap on the hand

    51. CoopDizzle4Shizzle

      CNN isn't a reliable source.

    52. L G

      him and bill Clinton are best buds

    53. trippuout

      Barrs daddy hired him to teach in the private school

    54. Missing Piece

      but had we all listened to Samantha HIllary would be president right now and I'm sure New York State attorney would have done nothing but he might have a cushy job in Hillary's cabinet or sit on the board of the Clinton Foundation, but of course that does not exist anymore, turns out people don't like to donate to help the poor if your not able to do political favors for them, but Samantha didn't cover that. I wonder who Samantha will tell us to vote for this time, probably Kamala, then we can put minority women in jail for their kids truency, can't wait to see who Samantha voter shames us into voting for this time, I'm sure it will be another corporate neoliberal who is the reason we have Trump in the first place.

    55. Frankie Lopez Zamudio

      This system is beyond corrupted This system is disgusting This can't go on

    56. vin russo

      Epstein was barred for life from Trumps Mar a lago resort, for assualting a women. And this was long before all of this. They can try hard, but everyone knows Trump can'tstand the guy. Bill is a different story. 27 trips to his private island.

    57. BB B

      how did he get away with it?? well the pigs are male. the judges were most likely male. why doesn't everyone see it

    58. fossilguytom

      BREATHE Sam BREATHE!! :-p

    59. miskittt

      I just want to throw up behind all this.

    60. j Dee

      epstein will be president 2020

    61. One Card Short

      Oops. You fkn forgot to say "allegedly" when you claimed OJ got off. I think the idea that OJ is guilty is a right wing conspiracy theory. So is Sam Bee the new Alex Jones? Maybe you should screen your script and not trust your writers so readily.

    62. *Wonka*

      Amazing both Trumps and the Clintons are buddy buddy with Epstein and Weinstein. But you guys are still picking sides how weird.

    63. Ace The Mace Siyam

      Samantha says it STRAIGHT UP AND PULLS NO PUNCHES . I love it ! Suscribed

      1. hudsontoo1212

        Ace The Mace Siyam no she doesn’t. She covered up for these scumbags just like everyone else in their circles. They all knew

    64. Christine Noke

      Where did he get the big money from, do a show on the mossad connection.

    65. Kwan Lek

      Hope Jerry Nadler is one of those guilty ones

    66. DrPsychedelic


    67. 888kaddy

      Not a friend of Trump. More lies.

    68. Shelia Johnson

      Save the Children! Save the Babies!

    69. Mona Kh

      Thanks for this Samantha but stay safe!!! 😖