Jay-Z Blasted For Partnership With NFL | TMZ Live



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    Many, many people are upset about this.
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    1. Looney Toones

      C.K and Nessa the real ultimate power couple 💎💎💎💎💎

    2. Chase444


    3. P. L.

      Jay z looks like buckwheat with that hair

    4. Alehia klorian

      What can you say.... they are right. Jay Z is about the dollars. They gave him an offer he could not refuse.

    5. highspeedtubing

      I still am a little fuzzy on how a half-white quarterback who was raised by whites has become the torch bearer for Blacks. There are FAR more impressive black men worthy of the title.

    6. highspeedtubing

      These are two separate issues. Are there examples of racial injustice?. Yes there are. (Although Jay-Z is the opposite of this). Kap has no job because the NFL is tough on quarterbacks and he just wasn't that good. His attitude is CANCER for teams and no team owner wants a quarterback who divides the team, the league and the fans. A person with some talent still has NO RIGHT to a job anywhere.

    7. danette chavis

      If people protested ( and they did) and Jay Z says the powers that be "hear them" how does he conclude the question becomes "what are WE GONNA DO"? Because if they heard us as he says - shouldn't THEY be asking the question what are THEY gonna do?

    8. Son Joseph

      🤔💭How will it solve police 🚔 brutality, social injustice? Either way, Jay-Z should’ve consulted with Colin K(since he started the movement for our people sufferance, even if he didn’t like his ideas...). Jay-Z lack of education, impaired his judgment cognitive thinking skills+doesn’t even know how to express himself to make others understand his perspectives. He has no plans, or goals how it’ll attack the issues with questions being asked. As long our culture idolize celebrities, AA communities will always fall short. It is embarrassing, despicable, greed, lack of backbone, cretin, distasteful....

    9. ELIS Quiñones

      Jay z was chosen because white billionaires need the help of a well known billionaire who is black to avoid another Kaepernick.

    10. Nay Stinson

      Also, please reflect on what Ms. Jemele Hill said about our black athletes. These NFL owners stuck together knowing Colin was one of the best quarterbacks out there. They sacrifice possibly winning a SUPER BOWL RING for their racist cause. We as a community need to realize where and what our strengths are and put them to use. HBCU's!!!!!!!

    11. Nay Stinson

      EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO WATCH FOOTBALL HAS SOLD OUT. Does anyone remember the bus boycott and the results? Our ancestors made sacrifices and got results we are benefiting from today. STOP WATCHING FOOTBALL!!!! Make that sacrifice because the next black man / boy could be someone you care deeply for. They only understand one thing MONEY. STOP WATCHING FOOTBALL!

    12. Remya Tempest

      Protest occur in order to procure change and until that change has begun or bloomed in a way that it can be measured then the act of protesting is necessary. Ie kneeling is necessary.

    13. Pascal Nazaire

      The media and its tricks y’all need to support jay z.. when u see the media tryna tear down a person ask yourself why 🤔

    14. Pascal Nazaire

      Collin took money from the nfl and agreed to no longer speak on the circonstances he was protesting lol he took money over the cause and did not contact anyone about it 🤷🏾‍♂️

    15. Pascal Nazaire

      Why y’all not talking about Collin taking the deal with the nfl and not contacting anyone also ?

    16. Stacker 2112

      Go cares Go away

    17. Stacker 2112

      Who cares Go away

    18. Iso Pretty

      Gay-z been a whole bitch. $ money dont make u real

    19. Shane Thomas

      Kaepernick is a player ...not an owner. JZ isn't "our leader" ...he is a vessel for progress. I say Kaep gets a job... wait it out

    20. Thomas  Broking

      JZ is a brilliant business man he found a way to make money. I think it's great having free concerts at games. I'm sure alot of people who would never go to a rap concert are going to see the issues they wouldn't normally have knoledge of. I really don't see this keeping Kaperinick out of work. Plus the settlement Kaperinick took pretty much sold him out didn't it?? Can you take the money but still have a protest?? I thought it's a buyout? Hey, enjoy the free concerts!

    21. Thomas  Broking

      People worried about Kap, but he already settled his suit with the NFL he got his $$. He didn't stick to his guns and his protest. They waved (in my opinion a piss amount to settle my cause) around 10 millions at them to settle and they did. Doesn't seem very important to him now, he's profited quite a bit since being cut.

    22. Solomon’s Wisdom

      Before you judge ones choice look for what that person is trying to accomplish Everyone deserves a chance to do what they think is right for the black community ,he isn’t controlling anything Let him have a chance to try to solve this problem before you judge a book by its cover Hear this and observe and understand both sides of a story before judging ones character

    23. Dr. Sharpley

      God has control of our souls we can’t sell our souls we don’t own our souls. Money exists for the means of us getting things done. Money is meant to be and we all need money to live. Jay-Z has done nothing wrong by signing with the NFL.

    24. Michele Galloway

      This is pathetic! This is why African Americans have such a hard time rising up. Martin Luther King did not complain like a big o baby against other African Americans in the struggle. Why is Kapernick entitled to Jay-Z's activities. What a wuss. If he couldn't take the heat, he should have stayed on his feet.

    25. Tyller Mcatkins

      Jeeez Jigga, u got urself in a hole this time lol

    26. Demetrius Bennett

      Only people that is talking is hater ass black people

    27. EDeeire

      Smh, exploiting a social problem for personal financial profit. At the end of the day it’s what it is. Very simple

    28. Beans& Rice

      Fuck Harvey

    29. Alfonso gonzales

      Harvey is the way all reporters should be opened minded and comfortable addressing issues with out being bias. Just listen, communicate, and get the information out.

    30. Kovačević Dobrina

      JZ looks like an idiot. Such a dumb thug.

    31. HARD BODY

      So why kap still don't have a job ..Jay Z should've asked that

      1. HARD BODY


      2. Beans& Rice

        Because hes trash lmao

    32. Lou J Cru Creations 2

      It's clear Jay Z would sell out his people for money, same shit Dame Dash was talking about. It just came to light.

    33. bkit5

      Listen to Black Republican by Jay Z and Nas.

    34. dlight81

      Everyone is getting it wrong. Jay is now inside the system and he can influence change in the nfl. Stop bashing him. Besides this is a great business move

    35. Etrigan Seven

      Heyyyyyy... just listen and think.

    36. **

      JZ is as ugly as home made soap

    37. Nannette Battista

      I love to watch online in goood quality ,especially NFL , Go to ScreenVariety Tv if you want to watch it too

    38. Leo J.

      Who wouldn't want more money and be in with the NFL. Jay z is all about the benjamins he dont care about no one but jay z. Remember he was a dealer, sold drugs to his people. Not surprised he sold out.💰

    39. Patricia Williams

      JZ acting like he doesn't understand what those people are using him for and once again another blk brother JZ Is going to get used then accused how could he be so damn dumb? 🥺😟🤮

    40. Brooklyn guy

      The protest is about police brutality, yet if there is going to be any agreement or resolution Colin Kaepernick should have been in the middle of it. He sacrificed his job and career. The NFL HAS TO GIVE KAEPERNICK HIS JOB BACK. No matter what agreement Jay Z or anyone else makes. Black people we have to STOP selling each other out. That's why we are not respected. That's the bottom line.

    41. Bleach Can

      Jay-Z: I’m not going to perform at the Super Bowl because of Colin Kaepernick’s suspension for kneeling NFL: 💵 Jay-Z: We are past kneeling

    42. Laquenda Mosby

      Listen to what Jay Z is saying, he is saying yes we do have a problem now what do we do to fix the problem yes we did take a knee. But we are so much bigger than that now. Some of this to me appears as The person is upset that he does not have a job in the NFL but this is not the way to go by getting a job.

    43. Skylin Janns C


    44. Sakinah Poet

      Jay Z is all about solutions... I’m sure there’s a method to this madness. Smart move

    45. mm 2018

      You can't change the system from the outside.. stop being sheep... We need 100 Jay Zs

    46. Thom Anderson

      Jay-Z should've formed a compact w/ Kaepernick & included him in a substantive way.

    47. Rai Joel

      J Z will change his skin in his face...truth is painful for devils and people with the truth is always suppressed and can’t get to surface. Not only in America it’s felt all over the world by those....so He jz is encouraging those systems and the people who are running and protecting that system.

    48. MAKnificent TheGreat

      If Jay cant partner with the nfl, y cant the players just refuse to play?? And the consumers stop watching??

    49. joeashbubemma

      Only idiot Democrat leftists are surprised. Jay Z is no different than any other Democrat black "leader" who keeps the black community on the plantation, or the African warlords who sold their OWN PEOPLE to Muslim/White slavers. NONE of these "celebrities" would die for your rights, they'll die for their profits.

    50. Pzo lino

      Jay z will join the ku klux Klan next ... U will still listen and support his music ... U will find some excuse to still support him like you do Rick the police Ross ... Now say I'm lien ...

    51. bmote48

      Btw..... FUCK Coppin KapperFake 🖕🖕🖕 hope JayZ has a back bone..... guess we'll see..... cuz Collif definitely dont have a backbone....

    52. bmote48

      JayZ only sees green.... outside of money he gives 2 fucks.... I just hope B ain't the same way😥

    53. Luis Perez

      J don't care about anyone but his ugly self

    54. Louie Yrigoyen

      Cap's game was crap his last few seasons. What team is going to pick him up anyway. Canada maybe??

    55. LoneStar Punishers

      Stupid.....damed if you do and damed if you don’t......bottom line kap is a trash QB “playing wise” so why would any business owner want to risk having kap on there team knowing that it will come with all kinds of baggage. and last time I check Eric Reid is still in the NFL why didn’t he stop playing in the league hmmmm

    56. Stefan Spyridis

      Jay-Z is green, not black.

    57. Topflight Style

      Even though Kaepernick took a stand they took his right to be a citizen in the land of the NFL.He is exiled and to the NFL owners he is a martyr for protesting and they all agree to Whiteball him. I would write a book on their rat colored asses !

    58. Kayla Frankert

      You think him in there ain’t gonna make change whoever thinks that he ain’t is wrong ..

    59. MyStIc Al

      Plot twist Jay z gets NFL ownership and hires colin back!......

    60. Philip Thomas

      What is up with Jay Z hair? Why? Has he said why the change?

    61. V. Scott

      Wait black people don't watch football anymore. Wait name five black football players who walked out on the unfair treatment of Kap.

    62. Luis Fernandez

      Anybody that kneels to the flag should not be able to play or make millions it's very simple it's an opportunity given to them the most don't have lot of people died for that flag

    63. Nicholas Taylor

      You want to have a problem with football, take on college football, this is modern day slavery, many young men receive no education and no real compensation

      1. greezydank

        Shut the fuck up lol. They have the opportunity to get an education that would cost normal folk $100k easily. They get room, board, textbooks, tuition, etc. completely covered. It's not the NCAA's fault that these idiots don't go to class and learn something.

    64. Nicholas Taylor

      I'm sorry what was colin standing for? Kneeling isn't standing, Jay Z actually wants to stand and run with the ball and do something about the problem not just complaining, complaining and sitting on your ass does nothing

    65. Home of the bootlegger

      Men don't be surprised tho!who was selling slaves to the white masters? BLACkS Who betrayed all black revolutionaries being killed?BLACKS Who killed Biggy for staying in the throne?????? Jayz sold his soul like others blacks people sold their own race

    66. T

      WHORE! prostitute /ˈprɒstɪtjuːt/ verb: prostitute; 3rd person present: prostitutes; past tense: prostituted; past participle: prostituted; gerund or present participle: prostituting Put (oneself or one's talents) to an unworthy or corrupt use for personal or financial gain. "his willingness to prostitute himself to the worst instincts of the electorate" synonyms: betray, sacrifice, profane, sell, sell out, debase, degrade, demean, devalue, cheapen, lower, misapply, misemploy, misuse, pervert, squander, waste; More

    67. Willy Fudge

      All y'all haters its cool jeezy said it best " I'm a hater like you, fuck my wristband" this man worth 1B....🤦🏾

    68. may june

      Y'all black folks need to stop judging, that's jays money lie has a right 2 spend use investing as he like, he never said he was a saint!! Plus you never know, he just might hire kapernaki

    69. may june

      When kapronaki gonna relize he need to run for local office, I'm sure he will win


      Africa and the Amazon is been burned down and here people worrying abt this bullshit...wake up y’all 💯🤮