Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019) - Official Red Band Trailer | Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes

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    The stoner icons who first hit the screen 25 years ago in CLERKS are back! When Jay and Silent Bob discover that Hollywood is rebooting an old movie based on them, the clueless duo embark on another cross-country mission to stop it all over again!

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    1. icoldschool

      Hold my beer & watch me watching this!

    2. Davetta Lashley

      Jay and Silent Bob + Method Man and Redman??? OH HELL YEAH!!! They should've really fucked us up and put Cheech and Chong in the movie, too! THE ULTIMATE STONER FLICK!!!

    3. Uncle Larry Has A Small Dick

      I'm calling it the original will be better

    4. Danny Draws

      they added a bunch of shitty non funny girls to be a big part of the movie and it just wrecked it so bad!!!

    5. iSuRRendeReDuK

      Sorry but this looks shite

    6. angel paz

      These foos were on crack big time

    7. Courtney Seabrease

      Ummm did anyone not notice “Q” from impractical jokers!!!???!!!!! Dyinggggg!!!

    8. rainman11

      No Morris Day and the Time ending! 😩👎

    9. Séverin Official

      why does it smell like weed in my room?

    10. elcabezon veintidos

      This motherfuckers made me cry at the end with the Stan Lee scene... It was a nice movie... Thanks!!

    11. James

      1:49 why the fuck is batman in this movie?!

    12. jack mama

      this movie was great yo. i didnt think it would b all that but it hit me right in the feels haha right at home

    13. Megan Holder

      I can't wait to see the movie. I want tickets so bad.

    14. akcream

      OK can't wait to see this movie. Shout out to method man and Redman!💯

    15. A S T R O

      I saw this traier n prnhub add

    16. Shaq Deisel

      Another stoopid movie for stoopid people.

    17. Marcello Araujo

      I'm gonna watch it just to see Melissa Benoist in a lame ass super hero outfit

    18. computerjantje

      like-dislike disabled? Coward channel added to my block-channel-list right away

    19. chibangin007

      spoiler how high

    20. chibangin007


    21. chibangin007


    22. chibangin007


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    24. chibangin007

      omg the best comedy movie ever made!!!

    25. Hamish Dabee

      Watched this last night. Dont waste your money, download it. Its just basically Kevin doing a load of cameo favors (not all fit) and trying to make an emotional film....which it is not. It's a stoner film and he forgets that several times during the flick. The plot seems a bit schizophrenic. Hes really tried to put everyone's daughters as main characters, which ruined it a bit

    26. Christopher Jacobsen

      This was the greatest and funnies movie ever better than I thought it could be 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

    27. Carl

      Kevin Smith's weight is gone. And with it went the humor. The movie is exactly as the title says a reboot but without the magic of the first one.

    28. Albanian orthodox

      Stupid humor. Dont watch it.Rubbish movie

    29. 801 MOTO

      It was actually really good for having to stand up to the first one!!!! Id give it 5 out of 5 stars 💪

    30. Oksana531

      When Jay get so hot? Am I the only one seeing this?

    31. TheAphexTim

      Never thought I'd be crying at a freaking Jay and Silent Bob film... But here we are

    32. TheBurningOil

      Lousy film. Painful and cringy to watch. Boring, forced, not funny. Sub Par Acting. Self indulgent.

    33. Jesus Chavez

      ROFL xD XD

    34. Marv Stevens

      clerks n up fan since day one. just saw this load of crap movie, kevin smith just made this shitflick to have his horrible acting doughter star in it lol Harley quinn smith, lame. movie wasn't bad until she showed up. "daddy i wanna be a movie star"

      1. S K

        Marv Stevens remember when her mom was the worst one of the heist girls?

    35. Lay you In

      Kevin Smith (silent Bob) is skinny as hell!

    36. Tobbe Lund


    37. Sam Ovic

      1:48 Ben ?

    38. Nano Surge

      Dammm this looks so terrible

      1. Zee Weed

        Nano Surge it’s victory lap of his movies it’s not gunna win any awards but there’s some good bits if your a fan of the jay and silent bob universe

    39. Jesse C

      Someone please find Mewes a dentist. There is NO reason his grill should look that bad. His mouth doesn't close right, his current dentist should be fired.

      1. Jaces

        Yeah, and Jais mouth looks really weird. It sounds like Jai but it does'ny look like Jai at all....

    40. sten2222

      Jason has brand new teeth. Meth is a hell of a drug.

    41. Lone Orochi

      Dude was that fucking Q from impractical jokers with the question about the reboot towards Jason Biggs?

    42. SuperKamiGuru 97

      Jay finally started aging

    43. Jeffrey Gargus

      HAHA this is awesome

    44. Tony Recluse

      I watched Clerks on video on my kast day working at the first convenience store I ever worked at. Since then Ive become a huge fan of Kevin Smith's work. I can't wait to see the live show in Jacksonville

    45. Zylo Wolf

      Cheech and Chong reference was GOLD

    46. Retro dealer 64#

      I'm going to watch this movie for fucking free!😆😄.

      1. Retro dealer 64#

        @Zee Weed okkkkk.

      2. Zee Weed

        Retro dealer 64# I did I would have paid but it’s not gunna win awards or anything but it’s a fun like catch up with all of the jay and silent bob universe

    47. Jessica Montanez

      It's funny but I miss the original character 😭

    48. Anders Andersson


    49. Jsuis14

      There goes Brooke having another dude's love child. First Kelso and now Jay.

    50. Joey Untied

      Favo duo. The movie is so funny. Kevin never stop making movies... Humor that hollywood doesnt touch. Even rippin off Iron man.... Kevin got balls

      1. Zee Weed

        Joey Untied it’s gunna be one of the only DVDs I’ll buy this year haha


      Did Kevin Smith just pull Jay out of a crack den just to reboot this pos?

      1. Jack Frost

        Well, maybe not JUST pulled him out, but pulled him out a couple months early so he could clean him up a little bit.

    52. krrrruptidsoless

      What'd he do with all the fat he lost I hope he didn't throw it in the water it would have caused the oceans to rise🤷 Wasn't that long ago and he looked like a dumpling restaurant model I musta went through some time warp or something he don't even look like himself. Or maybe that's himself and that pudgy being that took his life over was captured by alien beings for a food conservation source

    53. Derek Jordan

      How many people wanna kick some ass

    54. Mrbowjangles 34

      But is it any good?

    55. Saved by Allah

      Iam a man who is changing his ways for the better, but I shall watch this classical legend due

    56. And The Wild Bean Appears

      1:45 Is Matt Damon coming back to play Loki (from Dogma, not Thor) ?? Bro I'd pay to see that in theaters

      1. Zee Weed

        And The Wild Bean Appears YESSS HES LITERALS LOKI AND VREAKS THE 3Rd wall it’s great

    57. Even Odd

      Instead of selling weed now, they're buying crack!

    58. Van Morgan

      Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are back? Hell yeah!

    59. Овощ Редискин

      - Я тут ребутом командую, там где ребут, там - это, мать вашу, лицо!

    60. Justin Wells

      Oh God please someone get me this movie idont even smoke weed anymore but I'd kill to c this

    61. Miss. Wright

      They were better in B/W at the local convenience store !

    62. Denny Kaleal

      I didn’t laugh once.. :( it’s all just forced humor that doesn’t work.

    63. SubjectRandom

      "I think I'm gonna need to see a blood test" 🤣🤣. I can see Jay has changed a bit but not Bob!

    64. Anjak442

      0:18 song name pleaseee

      1. Zee Weed

        Anjak442 goodbye horses

    65. MOBremember

      why does hollywood always make pplz teeth look so fake. damn

    66. Jim Pink

      Jason Mewes didn't age well

    67. warren Stephens

      the new jay and silent Bob jay actualy does a fanny ha' Class! this track to start the film Amazing! wild horses

    68. Daniel Häusser

      At the beginning isn't that the psychologically ill one who played a bad guy in The Dark Knight dressed up as a cop and interrogated by Dent?

      1. Daniel Häusser

        @Masked Jackal Well, funny cameo or whatever you would call it. 😂

      2. Masked Jackal

        Daniel Häusser yeah!

    69. Christian bridegroom

      Jay looks bad

    70. Ronnie

      Jason's falsies are freaking me out. That and why does Kevin have to force his untalented daughter on us? 😢