Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019) - Official Red Band Trailer | Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes

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    The stoner icons who first hit the screen 25 years ago in CLERKS are back! When Jay and Silent Bob discover that Hollywood is rebooting an old movie based on them, the clueless duo embark on another cross-country mission to stop it all over again!

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    1. Sho'Nuff, The Showgun of Harlem

      His meth mouth is all I can notice

    2. Максим Рязанцев


    3. leche 14

      This bullshit again

    4. Eighty Seven

      They should have filmed it now they look so much better than in the trailer, when they did the promotion at the end it blew my fucking mind

    5. Jesse Bowman

      2:21 lol it's Q, from Impractical Jokers lol

    6. 99j100cruiser

      The mack daddy's from fuckin Jersey!!!!

    7. MisterPinhead

      This looks even worse than that dog shit Holmes and Watson movie with Will Ferrel.

    8. Fernest

      Wtf is this? Why is this reboot not an all-female-of-color cast, who constantly blame white men for everything? It's 2019!

    9. EXcentriX

      "Reboot"? More like a proper sequel.

    10. Eric Albert

      Is Jay ok he looks like he was I'll for awhile

    11. Jake Friedman

      And so we all quietly agree to forget about Clerks 2.

    12. shadowdragoon6

      this film looks like shit ........ and i fucking love it

    13. Haku

      Maybe eminem will come out of nowhere and roast there asses again

    14. NorbertVanHirsnstein

      Very, very nice Next one should be Dogma!!!

    15. Michael Burdette


    16. Reliable Signage

      Id totally pay to see this, come to New Haven Connecticut, mad theaters

    17. Loud Mouth


    18. Travis Downs

      Is it weird seeing Kevin Smith weigh the same as Jason Mewes?

    19. Peter Andrews

      Jay looks like he had Kevin deepfaked on him.

    20. Dark

      I can't get Tony Stark on Crack of my head because of Kevin ( Silent Bob )

    21. Jordan Adams

      This is so weird.

    22. felonious balonious

      october baibys mwhaa

    23. Jordan Allen

      I gotta see that shit considering I'm a huge Jay and Silent Bob fan hell yeah

    24. Liam Lake

      Cant wait for this

    25. jaja blinks

      It's funny how they say silent Bob. But in reality interviews Bob does all the talking. Still love these guys. Jay and silent Bob always cracks me up. Nostragia.

    26. Insane Comedion

      Oh dear God!

    27. Redwood

      What happened to jay's mouth?

    28. wiinterflowers

      Fourth wall break at the end.

    29. IT'S LACHLAN

      Jay is so old now please comment and tell me if he done stuff to his face

    30. Kota Tombs

      Are Jay and silent Bob in their 30's to 40's now?

      1. Sominboy27

        Genuine bonafide Gen X originals.

    31. mslianabro0k3

      The cameos in this ... Ughh! Gives me all life! 😍❤🤣😂😁 Rosario dawson Ben Affleck Chris Hemsworth Red & method Brian Q Quinn And can we all appreciate how great Jay and Kev look? Happy. Healthy. And blessing us with this Reboot

    32. zeoking silver

      man Kevin got thin

    33. zeoking silver

      I think I'm gonna need to see a blood test

    34. Anthony Woodhouse

      I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and even I think this humor has dated pretty badly

    35. Ali Bab

      Oh lord please say this is coming to the UK!!!!!

    36. Jorge035

      Dante and Randall need to make cameos

    37. Alec Horowitz

      Who directed this shit? Kevin Fucking Smith? Yes, and that's why I will be there on day one.

    38. Witch's Brew Sims

      Harley does look like Jason hewes

    39. Lavey U C

      Tengo la primera en VHS jajajaja La veo de vez en cuando ojala esta sea tan buena como la otra !

    40. TheAmazingMrMcFlyy

      I always thought it was likely that Harley Quinn was actually Jays daughter

    41. Youtube Taught

      This trailer tells the entire story. Wtf I don't even need to see it now.

    42. vTHExUNKNOWENv

      Back to the 90s motherfuckers! Here we come.

    43. mouaddib usul

      Je veux voir ça !!!!!

    44. Артём Selvek


    45. Peatce

      Was a joke in TBBT, became a nightmare IRL....

    46. I hate wasted food

      shit awesome

    47. devekut2

      If Kevin Smith pays me I might watch this smoldering heap of pop-culture poz.

    48. Mzu5000 Mzu

      Remeber to eat a lot of vitamins,

    49. Mzu5000 Mzu

      Silent bob as iron man , 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    50. Bradius Maximus

      Looks like they all hit the meth pretty hard after the original..

    51. Christian


    52. Rian Reyes

      Kevin smith looks so weird since he lost wait 🤣 like I'm happy for him that he's healthy but he still wears his original clothes and he's so energetic he straight up looks like beeker from the muppets

      1. Shady Lurker Gaming

        Beeker, I'm fucking dead.

    53. Pushing 4Better

      I'm excited for it. I'm stuck in the 90s I guess


      Fuck i got goosebump!

    55. Norman M

      Super LOVE IT ❤👍

    56. Kane Pascarelli

      this makes me sad

    57. KepkeRecords'95


    58. Ren The Villain

      Everyones here calling it now Except Waluigi

    59. ChaosTV

      Подумать только.... Джей и молчаливый Боб 2 в кино..... кто пойдет на эту срань?

    60. Gregg Bunton

      Not even the real Kevin Smith and he is so great anyway.

    61. RoseofSharon

      If I go and see this I'll probably get a contact high. :P


      I love it when *Millionaires* plugging their own products say *"they've gotta eat".* They know *peasant-speak* works.

    63. Fred Roman

      Nayomi Rodriguez and Devon Tennison are currently writing American Pie movie plots.



    65. hunter montgomery

      Meth and red in the movie hell ya

    66. mega man

      The only thing bad about this movie was Chris hemsworth like why

    67. Chemical Spore

      Redman? Im seeing this shit son

    68. Andrey Demens

      Надеюсь, что этот кин дойдёт до Минска.. хочу в кино посмотреть

    69. gonzed11

      Guys im excited about the movie.. but have ZERO INTEREST in seeing jay full frontal nude ZERO.. im over that.. i didn't think it was funny the first time! Im good.

    70. WTF artiZts

      I want Alissa an Holden to get back together in this or if not just an awkward scene between them.