Jaden's 21st Birthday Party

Will Smith

Will Smith

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    Jaden turns 21 and decides to celebrate... at his parents house. Damn.
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    ◈ Created by Westbrook Media
    Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
    Producers: Jeff Blank, Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Sadao Turner
    Directed by: Jon Brandon Cruz & Liam Underwood
    Additional Camera: Juliet Fessel
    Editing: Mike Malarkey, Dave Phelps & Brian Vannucci
    Production Management: Dawn Manning

    #JadenSmith #WillSmith

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    1. ew lol

      Plot twist:Jackie Shan broke into their house and said:put on your jacket

    2. Umarul Farooq


    3. Lea Michelle

      Hnnn tet chaje

    4. mr. travadão

      A irmã do jaden é beatiful (+_+)

    5. Cleuza Aparecida

      Felicidades parabéns pra você muita paz saúde amor.

    6. Ninamarie Dungo

      4:00 the candle means lgbtq colors. I just noticed, but i like their family seems have lots of love with each other. ❤

    7. Malisa Amdam


    8. Lone Surviver

      Will Smith talking about his girl struggle ok fresh Prince 😂

    9. Carmen Morales

      This is the best think i ever watch today

    10. mohamad ikbar fauzi

      Perfeck dadys

    11. Isabel Trautman.

      Que pasó que ya no habla en Español señor Will? Feliz cumpleaños Jaden!✌😁

    12. Fatima Mohammed

      Mr Smith oh My God how much i like u🌹God bless u family

    13. Mane Gt

      beautiful family God bless you guys!😍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👌❤

    14. Mane Gt


    15. aditya david

      Why is he so thin? His brothers seem has a greater posture.

    16. Xia Fil-Am the Goddess

      Jayden's laugh is contagious

    17. Mạnh Anh

      Niam ngan yo ,hiu bo nhah go boh bal 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    18. anton ruiz

      Que le pasó al guacho??

    19. Jared Cubas

      Go to church

    20. caroline irungu

      Simple real and amazing

    21. Benzo Enzo

      Wat a laugh idk

    22. Meek Laww

      I love this family. The love they share is absolutely beautiful!! Stay blessed.

    23. Chris Peerman

      These niggas corny!

    24. Stephanie

      “I don’t care how cute you are you can’t always get the girl you want”. Jada. Icon.

    25. Esspee Mavi Official

      I love the happiness, I wish I had one with mine.

    26. Mapou Fey

      cz-news.net/online/video-oBRB2_wepMU.html Rest in peace

    27. Emanuel Cifuentes

      50 years old

    28. Gladys sihuayro


    29. Marcus Harden

      Nn il est devenu trop vilain son fils

    30. jucy jay83

      When you have a lot of money sunsets are amazing to catch

    31. darmansyah ujang

      Hey im from indonesia

    32. A Who

      Is he crying or laughing?

    33. trina jones


    34. Katrina Amor

      I love jaden's laugh.its weird but i dunno i like it.♥️

    35. Noires27


    36. Noires27


    37. Noires27


    38. Noires27


    39. Noires27


    40. rickey ricardo

      How jaden look like that , like he sick or gay

    41. Pippo Bello


    42. AliZhan UseN

      Только мне не понятно что они говорят??

    43. Toni Baga

      I don't understand what him say.. Because not subtitle

    44. En Tiiä

      His laughter always makes me smile

    45. gavrn

      I recognize that ledge from somewhere...... hot

    46. Alfian Septiansyah

      Jaden smith jelek amat anying

    47. xXAlmdudlerXx

      Why does he look so fucked up?

    48. Antol Gendut

      The harmonis family

    49. Martin Zvarík

      if you watch it twice, the second time feels like dejavu

    50. Vinicius Borges Mc

      Que família mano! Will Smith eeh o verdadeiro pai de Família mano! Parabéns pra esse cara... Melhor pai melhor amigo, conquistou tudo, pra viver feliz com sua família muito bem merecido!

    51. Mirtes Rocha

      Como amo essa família 😍😍 principalmente o Jaden❤❤

    52. Nando Caju

      Like si hablas español y no entiendes una mrd pero igual la miraS xD...

    53. Deng Thiep

      How old is his dad now?

    54. а у

      Класс нечего не понял

    55. Follower 8

      Really gotta ask is Jaden ok like man he looks malnourished as hell

      1. Lizann Fortune

        He was vegan at the time. But his family had a meet with him and told him that life is not working for him. You can see he has gained weight since.

      2. Ashley Sylvia

        My dear. .he look thin

      3. Chowan30

        something aint right

    56. tyorudy2007

      Hoping that to see you here in the PHILIPPINES Jaden and Will Smith ❤❤ Mabuhay Po Kayo..

    57. jwynn1132

      Jaden has grown up so fast Will.I can’t even recognize him today from the karate kid from now

    58. Ja.V A

      Pursuit of happiness

    59. Meshil Ahmed

      سلام عليكم ويل سميث احبك💙👍👑

    60. Retro trap

      Jaden ✋👹🔥 #thesupreme

    61. Epy Tha

      The best dady

    62. EdZzn FF

      Não entendi nada, mais dei risada que nem louco 😂😂😂

    63. Ильдар Мясоутов

      Jaden narkoman (((

    64. Android Christ Å

      That laugh 😂😂😂😂 7:48

    65. Wira Si Palkon

      Happy family

    66. Liana Mondragón

      He has childrens so weirds

    67. Sqackers The Duck

      hey my name is james and hes saying no to having his camera man james reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ):

    68. DIA REACTS

      Is he gay ??

    69. 《ismael 》

      y yo aca muriendome de hambre

    70. Daniel Tanri

      what's that background song on 0:25 ?