1. Ivy Chan

    Still trending in Malaysia!

  2. Gabriela carolina montilla

    50 en tendencias chile

  3. Samiss Ramalho

    Hi, we are Amigxs dance group and this is our cover of Dalla Dalla, hope you like it! 😊

  4. WishfulThinking

    The feeling that i love them as early as now❤️❤️❤️

  5. Taehyung Kim

    The beginning sounds like spooky scary skeletons

  6. Ash Iva

    I love the MV I love the dance I love the lyrics (msg of the song) ❤️

  7. zienab saber

    I can't get this out of my head..

  8. yolanda jordan

    I'm so excited for YG's two new boy groups And for other boy and girl group to debut this year as well Because ITZY it's starting the 5th generation and we already fucking know it ITZY FIGHTING!!!

  9. 초코덕후

    한국인 찾습니다

    1. 몬tw pjg101


  10. lisa simpson

    aquí un comentario en español :""3 💗💓

  11. ARMLINK ;-;

    Worst part --> 3:47

  12. Zammy xxxi

    Was it just me?.this song reminds me the beat and feels of Shout Out to My Ex by Little Mix 🧐🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. Synfonia

    wow amazing!

  14. Wow Lizzy

    0:47 w h o i s S H E

    1. Sweet SugaandKookie

      That's Hwang Yeji She is the leader, main dancer, lead vocalist and rapper

  15. sugarmilk28

    Their second comeback is going to be the one that will show us if they can reach the top. Hope they will make a comeback in this year

  16. Myafu

    Тот самый момент, когда не ожидал увидеть у одной из участниц на шее и рукавах слово "стиль" по-русски 😮😮😮

  17. 송주경

    뭔가 노래가 아쉽네 중독성 강한 파트가 있는것도 아니고 유행시키기 좋은 춤이 있는것도 아니고 굳이 비유하자면 한숟가락 부족하다. 데뷔한지 얼마안되서 저그룹이 트와이스나 레벨처럼 무슨색띄는지 모르니 자세히는 모르겠는데 계속 이런 노래 내면 난 선호 못해줄거같음.

  18. 너 왜여깄냐


  19. Akemi Chan


  20. Im nayeon once and twice


  21. Kpop lover Has been crushed

    Yes 53 million who’s here to live stream this and make it to 100 million let’s go people!

    1. Sweet SugaandKookie

      Me! Fighting!

  22. Clark Estandarte

    My brother said that the fandom of itzy is called *bitzy* IS THAT TRUE??? CUZ IF ITS TRUE IM SHOOKED

  23. jms km

    채령을 제외하고 4명 - 헤어 스타일을 장면마다 바꾸니 도무지 분간이 안가. 아직도. 이름들을 들었었도 여전히 분간 실패. 솔직히 kpop 아이돌 이름 맞추기는 스트레스중 하나. 채령에게 고마울 따름. 난 6명이상 넘어가면 일단 포기함.

  24. Lili C

    100 M let's go ❤️❤️❤️🎉

  25. 안영숙

    얼굴 춤 노래 몸매 다 최고임 멤버전체가 메인이야

  26. Claire de la lune

    0:48 Reminds me of Undertale 😂

  27. Lord Abercrombie

    This is lit af, from England

  28. Emotional Saatori

    Wow, the view is blow up day by day! 👍

  29. febri sofyanti

    Ok my favorite girlgroup GEN 2 >> SNSD , GEN 3 >> GFRIEND , GEN 4 >> ITZY

    1. TheNine AreMine

      Good taste in groups... but it's actually still the third gen. , just the second half is starting. By the 4th gen logic... MISS-A and 2NE1 would be 3rd gen. , and TWICE & GFRIEND would be 4th gen.

  30. Ana Lucia Corrales

    Soy su fan

  31. Hye Min

    Ah las amo! ❤

  32. Sapta Akmal

    Chaeryong is so cute Yeaaah

  33. TWICE & IZONE bring me the happiness

    at first I don't like this song, but when I watch this again, I became addicted :)) anyway, JPYE WE WANT THEM ON THEIR OWN VARIETY SHOW. LIKE EPL Please


    still trending here in the Philippines after 8 days WOWWWWW👏👏 #23TRENDING

  35. angela mariana tapia

    Hay una que no tiene casi labios jejeje

    1. kpoper VR

      Tiene algo mejor

  36. Alexandra Pal

    its like a mix of boom boom of momoland and ohh ahh of twice hmmmm

    1. TheNine AreMine

      Not really, This is like boom boom ITZY's song is like OHH AHH and WAKE ME UP(TWICE's Japanese song).

  37. labb dejackson

    No la supero, me encantooo.

  38. i puh sticker on my carrier

    yeji is so cuteee ♥️ I already stan all of them lol... just need to remember their names

  39. Cosmas Nyaika


  40. Vridhi Brahmbhatt

    I can totally see it ITZY will become one of the top girl groups of the 4th generation.

    1. TheNine AreMine

      3rd gen... second half. Just saying that by that logic, MISS-A & 2NE1 would be the 3rd gen, and TWICE & GFRIEND would be 4th gen.

  41. jisung's cheeks

    I keep coming here, this song is in my head since it was released >

  42. Joaquin Sierra

    I love when the Sixteen girlies debut. First Somi with IOI Jiwon with fromis_9 Chaeyeon with IZONE And now Chaeryeong with ITZY

  43. DO DAENG

    --------- DALLA DALLA - ITZY --------- 0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:46 ⇆ㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

  44. MySoulYourBeats #JYPfamily

    To the real fans of BP and BTS .. ITZY fans would like to say thank you guys for the help :) Kpop nowadays need to be more friendly so comom lets help eah other :)

    1. TheNine AreMine

      O.K. tell YG to get rid of the group with the toxic fandom... and BOOM! problem solved!

  45. iheworld134

    Wow 1,4 M likes 😍😍we can do 55 M today..

  46. Sofia Ocampos


  47. Hannah Groth

    Anyone getting 2NE1 and Blackpink vibes?

    1. TheNine AreMine

      2NE1 yes... but ITZY uses waaay! too little English lyrics to be like blackpink...

  48. Twice Itzy

    Monster rookie 💜💚💚💜💚

  49. dream note

    JYP 닮았데요~



    1. TheNine AreMine

      It's only in the songs he produces. =)

  51. りり

    ITZYデビューおめでとうございます💗 (ITZY 데뷔 축하합니다💗)

  52. Lúcio Butera Grande

    Another group to stan til I die

  53. artsypluton i made a 8D audio of this

  54. Athena _Jade

    Trending #1 in Singapore ♡

  55. Anna Luiza Azevedo

    JA AMO


    ‘DALLA DALLA’ - 8AM KST #1 Naver (+1) #2 Genie (+1) #2 Bugs (=) #3 MelOn (=) #1 Mnet (+1) #3 Soribada (=) Hopefully ITZY can keep Mnet #1, that’ll help them get their first win for Mcountdown💜

    1. Sweet SugaandKookie

      I hope so! They deserve this!

  57. Linda lol

    Itzi ^_^ love all of you

  58. Francisca Espinoza

    Wow estas chicas tienen mucho talento 👍💖

  59. Spill The Tea

    0:55 she really looks like Lee Chae Yeon from produce 48. Like it actually scares me xD

    1. Spill The Tea

      Crap I didn’t even know -

    2. Maybs Castle

      Spill The Tea lmao they’re sisters🤣

  60. Nailah Shabrina

    Still trending! #32

  61. Morsa Otaku

    Me encanta la hipocresía de las canciones

  62. NCT is my Life

    I can already tell that Yeji's ponytail is gonna be *ICONIC*

  63. David Candelero

    Basura, pura basura inflada por niñas que solo quieren mujeres y mujeres en el kpop sin importar lo poco buenas que sean...

  64. 顏蘊華

    *_ITZY"DALLA DALLA"_* *_Views:53.3M🌟 ->>>>>>>>> 100M_* 💕 *_Likes:1.40M🎉💕 ->>>>>>>>> 2.00M_* 🌟 *_Keep going_* 🔥

  65. Ariana Parada

    Honestly if these girls become the next big GG this will probably shut up those immature Blonks for dragging other groups

    1. TheNine AreMine

      Sadly it won't stop the worst of them. But just like with TWICE, most would give up on hating because they know they look stupid when they say crap like "bp is the #1 girl group" ... since the stats say the opposite.

    2. TheNine AreMine

      Matthew Lee "you" may not be toxic... and others like you. But as a fandom, blinks are pretty toxic. The *ONLY* fandom here hating on ITZY is blinks. And don't be fooled by the fake accounts. blinks use that trick a lot to fanwar. They hide behide another group's name, because they *KNOW* already that blinks are toxic and everyone knows it. You would think they would stop then right?... nope! not blinktards, they just switch tactics.

    3. TheNine AreMine

      Matthew Lee The UK buys 0.7% of the Kpop sold yearly. So no big loss for ITZY. Apart from BTS, pretty much no Kpop group can earn enough money in the west to make promoting over here viable. The whole bp being (pushed) by Universal is just a fishing trip. They did the same exact thing with the last Kpop girl group who could speak English fluently... SNSD, back in 2012.

    4. Matthew Lee

      And blinks and onces are now supporting one another aswell as armies and blinks and of course blinks and exols. We arnt toxic... many itzy fans come to our video and bash not us doing it

    5. Ariana Parada

      Matthew Lee okay good for u :) 👌

  66. Mt Nin

    Its so 2010

    1. TheNine AreMine

      That's a good thing, enough already with the girl crush groups killing pizza boys and sitting in lesbian orgy scenes on a bed.

  67. •mystic messenger •

    To all ITZY fanz, ITZY dance practice of Dalla has been uploaded in their official channel called ITZY. Dont forget to subscribe their channel and don't forget to check their energetic & fun dance practice.

  68. 푸른/ ぷるん


  69. kpop fan


  70. Ryea Eliana

    Hmm i think itzy look like red velvet but itzy is defferent

    1. TheNine AreMine

      It's the fashion of the day... "NATURE" dresses like TWICE. But ONCE aren't mad. =)

  71. Surabaya Jawatimur

    Asu tenan wenak lagu ne ,jan ra umum .

  72. Twice ITZY

    My girls are killing it

  73. romey


  74. Ligaya

    i dont stan girl groups but there's something on them. im starting to like them.

  75. 꿈이현실로


  76. adah !


  77. Aissatou Diallo

    1.4M likes in 9 days wow😭🙏🏼👍🏼🤙🏼

  78. MC 07

    I still remember in mv teaser i said division 2 marketing sucks and i think is right. A week after debut no v live content no reality show no radio show. It's hard to build fandom just from music show content especially for girl group. Division 2 need step up their marketing and learn from division 3 how to build twice solid fandom. Not only music show at early debut stage twice perform at school or university festival. Random v live or instagram update for fans and twice tv

    1. MC 07

      +TheNine AreMine it's so easy actually for itzy to be big like twice or izone.. they already digital monster..korean public love them they just need properly promotion beside music show like twice or izone give fans bunch of v live content or instagram content. And division 2 don't know how to work to ride this hype 😑

    2. TheNine AreMine

      MC 07 O.K. I get what you are saying, but I say that whole fake "STEVE JOBS" act JYP is trying to do is a bad move, divisions and blah blah blah is stupid. It doesn't actually improve production with-in the company. More over it divides the company. So instead of sharing ideas, each team tries to keep them to themselves so they can impress the boss.

  79. romey

    Amazing lyrics!!! wow!!! 😍💖🌈

  80. Anime Sub Indo

    Still #32 trending Indonesia after 1 week!!

  81. #Lullaby GOT7


  82. Sho Todaka

    All the hate comments (in yt and twitter) from blinks just show how threatened they are by this rookie group lol

  83. MR.JIMIN

    *Yuna* 💕💕 *don't know why but I like her style* *she's* *cute* + *sexy* .

  84. littlehope

    Still #1 trending singapore after 1week

  85. Roy Lowery

    This is a rookie group? Damn, girls. Werk.

  86. I Stan People

    When I thought I couldn't get gayer... Yeji appeared.

  87. Lisa W.

    intro sounds rlly similar to meghan trainora Me too. Not hate i’m just saying

    1. •mystic messenger •

      Music beat like this is called "House Music " genre. "House Music" genre is always sound like this kind of beat. If you don't like this, you can check out ITZY new song called "WANT IT" .

  88. 장영호

    김두환- 4달라!!

  89. 고마워요 사랑해요워너원

    촌스러면서도 세련된 느낌이 다 느껴지는 노래..((나도 뭔 얘긴지 몰라요 ㅋㅋㅋ 노래 너무 좋아요 중독성 쩔어♡♡

  90. Athirah Jefferi

    people mention other idol to compare it with ITZY .... is ITZY that powerful.... guys chillax ..its only 1 week after their debut .....

  91. post sopa

    Alo marcel

  92. Julie Chung

    yeji kind of looks like tzuyu...

  93. Natasha Tagoai

    Did they come up with that pose on their own at the end of the clip or did they get it off CZ-news. I'm pretty sure that final pose belongs to "The royal family dance crew" it's their signature move in almost every live performance .. they've even choreographed Ciara, Justin Beiber, CL, J-Lo & more mv's. This K-pop group should be more original if your going to copy something off CZ-news or another choreographers move at least change it to make it original!!!

    1. TheNine AreMine

      blah blah blah.... sorry but when non-JYPE fans talk, it's always filled with ignorance. ◄This is where ITZY got it from. Oh! and many moves in the choreography are also tributes to ITZY's seniors at JYPE.



  95. Ainin Sofea

    Just want to say Lia is actually very very cute when she smiles....

  96. Vanessa Shan

    Wow..... the maknae is 1 year younger than my brother..... she looks like she’s 4-5 year older! Okay...

  97. Hannah Huynh

    Wong date cause in the bio says “February, 10 2019” and the video says “2.01.2019” means February, 1st 2019

    1. Kate Katherine

      +Hannah Huynh Reason : To be different from other MV who stated the real date. And it also symbolized that ITZY are rebels.

    2. Hannah Huynh

      Kate Katherine and if I’m saying that it’s a wrong date doesn’t mean I don’t support.

    3. Hannah Huynh

      Kate Katherine if they did it on purpose then why they put it there for a reason.

    4. Kate Katherine

      That's not a mistake. That is "different". They did it on purpose.Keep on supporting ITZY.

  98. Fintan


  99. Junseo YeoChin

    Anyone know what the name for ITZY fans?

    1. TheNine AreMine

      Nothing official, we say BITZY because the 2 words go together like ONCE & TWICE.

    2. ShgurrCubes

      Junseo YeoChin pretty sure “Bitsy” or “Bitzy” not completely sure though

  100. Hoseokie Jiminie

    #5 on trending in Malaysia