iPhone 11 vs CAR



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    WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, don´t Try this by yourself!! EXPERIMENT: iPhone 11 VS CAR
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    1. Irene Tirelli

      What is your problem??!!😠


      Instead of doing this shitty things please donate all this food and toys to orphanage people..this was waste of food,toys,time and 2 mins of silence for those who thought that iphone 11 was real

    3. Amanda Porkka

      Thears like a miljon kids thats starving and you just vana

    4. MAJHARUL Ansari

      1:00 SOLID MASTI 🔥🔥🔥

    5. Sandesh Rijal

      Who is the winner? 1.Iphone11 2.Car

    6. Adish

      I am pretty sure children would not not like your videos... Cause you are crushing their toys 😂😂

    7. غفران وسيدرا العبد

      مش حرام شوفو الله شو رح يعمل فيكن

    8. Mariah Howard

      Why do your videos always glitch

    9. Marioly Gil Garcia

      Y yo que quiero un teléfono

    10. Yeni Nurfadillah662

      Eweh gawe pisan😒

    11. gajju mahesh

      Give me thish i phone 11


      Try that so many eggs and car

    13. Suleman king


    14. Kamal Zaidi

      Hahaha. Man you replace the orginal with clone while placing it on tire

      1. MaxPlays 2008

        Its a clone

      2. MaxPlays 2008

        Kamal Zaidi nope there is no iphone 11 out

    15. Bilal Khan

      Oh my😱 good news oh

    16. Aqilah Z

      Saya nak beli iphone11 pun tak mampu😢,tapi pelik tak saya mampu beli iphone12😅 tu pon sebab happy birthday gift

    17. Lita Ari

      So fuckyou

    18. Iulian Dinca

      Te rog nu mai pot cu telefoane cu iPhone 10 te rog Nu mai fă De ce la e spart

    19. Adam Balasy

      You down men.

    20. ___ Superwoman ___

      So awful to watch food getting destroyed like this people are dieing due to malnutrition and look at you

    21. ابو هيثم

      ليش تكسر الجوال ارسله لي نفسي بجوال 😂

    22. _Raz6zer_ TV

      Why food???

    23. احمد العراقي

      كس امك لو مطينياه التلفون احسن من كس امك ابن ام العيوره منيوك

    24. khalifa marwan

      In the mobile phone does not screen on I phone with car tyres broke

    25. khalifa marwan

      😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😁😀😁😁nice experiment broke a tyre in the car

    26. NOOB WALI

      Iphone 11 is still not released

    27. Александр Жирнов


    28. Fa E

      Why iPhone is haram my heart ache because😭😭

    29. Aaron ibay

      O the iphone please be mine even cracked 😁😇

    30. NamakuTole


    31. Ranjith uppala

      You told us u dont waste food Then why you wasting these??(

    32. Tokjo


    33. VSCO Girl

      This iPhone is fake !!!

    34. aZmi Vlog

      The iPhone is fake, it's just a cheap Chinese copy of iPhone 11


      *very stupid. Why are people watching?*

    36. Omm sadjida

      مفسدين في الأرض -_-

    37. Navbrol KH

      l ask for it one iPhone x🙏🙏🙏

    38. Zaid Ahmed

      In Africa people have to eat chapatis made of mud and he is wasting tasty eating food

    39. Thanh Tuấn Nguyễn

      Đồ dổm

    40. Айдана Масалбекова

      Айфон 11??!! Какого фuга?

    41. زيونيه وافتخر عاشقه بغداد

      انتم ناس متخافون الله هاي نعمه من الله لازم تحافضون عليه اكو ناس معدهه حتى بيت تكعد بيه متنطونه للفقراء 😕😌

    42. Jagat Nepali

      Give me the iphone

    43. Ahsan Ansar

      What are you doing You are destroying food You will be answerable to God on the day of judgement May God never give you any thing to eat or drink. If you don't want it don't waste it give it to poor people

    44. Nuriena Lyngdoh

      Pick me

    45. totaya Totaya

      هاد مجنون وحيات الله

    46. blass boy

      Chinese Iphone

    47. Shobha Pahuja

      Plz don't use food items people dont get to eat whereas u are just feeking crashing it from car and wasting it

    48. Tech Guy

      Fooling us

    49. Tech Guy

      Clone iPhone 11

    50. 白金频道


    51. DaRsHaN DhAkAn

      If you have to much money than give a I phone 11

    52. Chetna Soni

      It's heart breaking to see the camera crack😐😣

    53. VEX YT

      Me das el iphone

    54. Ankit Gupta

      Can u able to give me two phones plz I need u break many phones plz give 2 phones plz

    55. Rahul

      Bhai in tute huve i phone's ka karte kya ho tum ... plzzzz replay

    56. Sagar Singh

      App Itna saman waste karta ho issa badiya app garibo ko yeh Sara khilay, Thanks,,.😔😔😔

    57. maria angelica nones

      Can you just give me the iPhone 😣

    58. Sjk CHÍ TRƯỜNG

      NoNoNo xam

    59. Rols

      A de él original mejor pendejo

    60. Wesley Nosbisch

      The phone is fake don’t get it I don’t trust him at all

    61. Mittala Charan

      Fakers fooling people by your cheap trice its all fake

    62. Shahwaz khan

      Logon ke pas khane ko ni hai or tum brbd kr re ho

    63. Shahwaz khan

      Bhai kiya milta hai khane ki cheez barbad krke

    64. Pk dahanu

      Please give me This Damage I phone 🥺😢😢

    65. Dinar Rizki Arif Prastya

      Pick Me... Really Glad If U choice Me 😁

    66. Tam Duongthingoctam

      Uon qua di chao nổi

    67. Alejandro Gonzalez

      No si desperdician la comida

    68. عشيرة {V6}

      زين الأكل ليش هاي مونعمت الله

    69. Isnaini Vlog

      Pliss don't Iphone And Food

    70. NoName

      Better gave the food to me