IMPOSSIBLE ACROBATICS CHALLENGE! PRO vs NOOB Spin the Mystery Wheel || Gymnastic Tricks

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    Love working out? Or does your fear of getting an injury often get in the way of things?
    Get your sports bras and nikes ready, because it’s time to get your blood pumping and muscles burning.
    It’s time for the Impossible acrobatics challenge!
    And for this video we got ourselves some pretty special guests: the Mystery Wheel, and very competitive “Pros” and “Noobs”.
    Who deserves to win this challenge? Leave your comment below!
    Be sure to send this video to your favourite workout buddy and maybe you can come up with your own fitness challenge! Don’t forget to subscribe to 123GO! Challenge for more awesome videos like this one!

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    1. Alissa White

      Get a life people

    2. Tamia Weatherspoon

      Pros will win🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️😉🤣😛😘🙃😄

    3. Help me i’m a yEs

      People comment the pros won, but they actually both won

    4. PizzaLoving Tonight

      Noobs act just like me lol

    5. gabby Life

      The noobs lost the pros win

      1. Help me i’m a yEs

        gabby Life No, they both won

    6. Anna Gaming yt

      The pros Are Way better than the Noobs

    7. jamal kazi

      I like the Pro

    8. Susie Shell

      The pros

    9. Ella Marjanovic

      The pink dress girls wooon

    10. Sabrina Adan

      I am the pro

    11. Mahadhiya Ansari

      Anyone ever tried to do a cartwheel and failed miserably well wish me luck I hope my legs don’t break

    12. Sharifa Begum


    13. Lau Julian


    14. Amy- GalaxyYT

      U guys are so good

    15. Emily Dunt

      Comment pro or noob

    16. Hasan Library


      1. Hasan Library


    17. Jakia Shamim


    18. Unkown_shadow Xx

      Who Will Win? Reply-#TheNubswon Or #thProswon

    19. Kanishka Sabharwal

      Pro. Wins

    20. BLACKPINK and BTS Kpop

      At. 2:19 you can see Sophia's boobs

    21. tyjalyn Holmes

      Who will win ask me the pros are going to win

    22. Jill Moran

      i like the pros more better than the noob.

    23. Arya izmir Cimbiz

      Ok good👍🏻

    24. Hope Lane


    25. Valeria Hernandez

      There awsom😍😍😍123go.😆😄😄😄

    26. ItzIzzly:P

      Pause this 6:30

    27. Eagle Xpress

      This is amazing!

    28. Holly Austin

      GO JESS

    29. Celeste Mejia

      The Pros Wins

    30. Kaitlyn Smith

      I love your video and you are so cool omg

    31. stacey roberts

      I love your vids it was funny and good at the same time love u💝💝💝

    32. Roland Gustafsson

      Du är bäst för att jag har en bra ganal

    33. Lalanthi Perera

      Who will win . Pros - like Noobs - comment

      1. Christine Quann

        * pros had mistakes in bloopers and noob only had 1 it was a girl walking in on accident so them they had no mistakes

      2. sandra bailey

        Copy u copyed other person

    34. A brew 2010

      The pro’s win

    35. J P


    36. Summer Little-Eriksen


    37. Ayaan rashid

      I am noob

    38. dharmender kumar

      Let's see who tried this like plz 👇👇

    39. luis correia

      I think the pros are going to win` and I trhink the noobs are going to lose

    40. dhyny permata


    41. Mary Arlee Malayan

      This is cool 😎😎 And funny 😆😆

    42. MarDee A

      Who will win

      1. MarDee A


    43. Adityan Research

      I don't like the noobs

    44. Đương Huynh Đương Huynh Đương Huynh Đương Huynh

      Noob mà còn bài đặc thể hiện

    45. DenisePlayz Oof

      Did the noob team pretended to be bad!

    46. The Escobedo kids

      The pros are going to win

    47. The Escobedo kids

      The pros

    48. Charlie Thorn

      The noobs said A for effort ??🤔🤔🤔😦😱🤯

    49. prue clarke

      I am probably both of them

    50. Aesthetic Gaming

      pro win i think

    51. Paris Lemon

      The pro is going to win

    52. unicorn mastere

      Amy is real name amy

    53. unicorn mastere

      Coooooooooooooooool i cant do that lily and vicky

    54. Jackie Hien

      Hey the girl in the blue shirt is on 5 minute crafts

      1. Lyrical_Exe Content

        Jackie Hien She is?

    55. Four Family


    56. Karina Margit Erdelyi

      Pro Ovi

    57. Hunter Hastings TV Show

      I like pro because the Noob are clumsy

    58. Dominic Handley

      It didn't mean that you are on a different team

    59. Baby Alive Club

      I think pro

    60. Rebecca Chol

      1wethn x123457 you 23

    61. Michelle Ferrari

      I love your videos and when you said pyramid i thought they were going to pick up sofia and pyramid like in cheer leading

    62. Lil Slice


    63. Jason Mandap


    64. Fatema Begum

      IS GOOD

    65. Fatema Begum


    66. Tess Wedge


    67. alma lilia perez

      Why is Helen not in no more videos

    68. alma lilia perez

      I think the pros are going to win

    69. alma lilia perez

      I like 123go