IMPOSSIBLE ACROBATICS CHALLENGE! PRO vs NOOB Spin the Mystery Wheel || Gymnastic Tricks

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    Love working out? Or does your fear of getting an injury often get in the way of things?
    Get your sports bras and nikes ready, because it’s time to get your blood pumping and muscles burning.
    It’s time for the Impossible acrobatics challenge!
    And for this video we got ourselves some pretty special guests: the Mystery Wheel, and very competitive “Pros” and “Noobs”.
    Who deserves to win this challenge? Leave your comment below!
    Be sure to send this video to your favourite workout buddy and maybe you can come up with your own fitness challenge! Don’t forget to subscribe to 123GO! Challenge for more awesome videos like this one!

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    1. نسيم البحر


    2. lenny Menendez

      At 2:12 she looks like someone like she looks like something like a fish from a movie that's a man I don't know I'm not trying to I'm not a hater but it just looks a little funny

    3. stevesimoes1

      I really, REALLY, REALLLLLYYY don’t wanna see butt, please, my eyes has suffered enough..

    4. Sara The Mystic Fox Queen

      Whoa noob and pro will WON!!!

    5. Roxana Leon

      I love their video so much😘👌👌💞🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

    6. key Gómez

      Alguien habla español aqui??🤣like si si hablas español y comenta tambien😘😍🤩

    7. Richard Gathers

      How are they so good I can't even do a simple cartweel

    8. Ellen Harding


    9. Charlie Liverpool

      Pro win

    10. Alexander Myers


    11. Kimberly Harris

      Troom troom spinoff

    12. Morouj Kaddoura

      I like pro because they can do flip and backflip

    13. Justgacha

      Do a voice reveal

    14. Aniyah Burrows

      I hate the noobs😒

    15. plamen Georgiev


    16. Brittany Garner

      A few weeks ago by the way to get to know about you and your friends and relatives of my own business and look forward to seeing you again for the best of luck with that said I should say something to say that you have to be able 😂😂😂😂😂😂👪💏👎👍👎👍👎✌✊👌✋💝👅❤💅

    17. Brittany Garner

      No one told you about your business and leisure 😐😐😐😐😐😐

    18. Keshia Cofer


    19. Ariana Popkins Show

      You said "123 GO" and that's your CZ-news channels name

    20. Faisal Javed


    21. Dan Raikes

      I love your channle

    22. Dejanae Singleton

      I like all of your videos because they are interesting

    23. theitgirl24


      1. theitgirl24

        Pro win

    24. theitgirl24

      Bood win

    25. Hoa Dinh

      Who do u think won? The noobs=like The pros=reply

    26. Emma Goodyear


    27. shukri mohamed


    28. Joe Ingram


    29. Ahmed Sakhri

      We the bike is not #2@2esQ1qqqqqqqsbegrnthjtyu

    30. Isaac Smith

      Who saw Sophia’s 6 pack at 3:26

    31. تاله ابو بكر


    32. James Flockton

      The pros win

    33. Iffat Shahbaz

      How do you do the pirimad

    34. Billie eillish Is my queen and also joana ceddia

      I am a pro because I am on level 76 in gymnastics 🤸‍♀️

    35. Abeeha Rafay


    36. Brian Skelton

      123🌶 go

    37. Sindhu Yerraguntla

      And the Noobs are soooooooooooo funny 😃😂😂🤣🤣

    38. Sindhu Yerraguntla

      Will the pros win ?

    39. Sindhu Yerraguntla


    40. Ayesha Saeex


    41. Frawline Line

      Pro pro pro pro

    42. Souad Taleb


    43. Gabriella Gregorini

      Colla vinilica per il tuo nome e il suo sorriso

    44. Rylie Smith

      The pro wins🏅

    45. Saqib Nakhuda

      but there was an option left ,you notice

    46. Marilyn Lauron

      pro is always pro

    47. Saniya Ammar


    48. Ghada M. Abdoulhafez

      Please make more videos like this 😊😊

    49. B-TV

      Oh heck no.

    50. prima prasetya

      I'm pro not noob or noob is noobbbbb jahahahahha I'm sorry noob 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    51. Sheryl Midtimbang

      Noob bad pro good

    52. Anfal Faisal

      Pro team is best and Noob team is bat

    53. Jolie Fleur27

      Me and hannah (my cousin) We did the caterpillar and tetris idk why. We are still kids! :D

    54. Maddie Star

      When she said noob I was like me!

    55. Linh Ho


    56. Sanjay Pratap

      Pro is the winner

    57. Noel Goh


    58. ANDREW Barroga


    59. Patience Nova


    60. eric smith

      Go pro

    61. Princess2012kuku Isik

      Noobs are the poop

    62. Princess24 Thea

      My is pro

    63. Khalida Janjua

      The pros duh

    64. Jessie Dan

      I can't do that but my sister know how

      1. Lauren Mooney

        I can do it

    65. Langit Vysa

      Sorry your real name youtube is " trom trom "

    66. Laura Doyle

      Sophia never went for hot shower

    67. Pinaki Mukherjee

      This is ossam😄😄

    68. Emmanuel Montecillo


    69. jenny Choi