if Apple Watch commercials were honest



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    What Apple doesn't want to tell us about the Apple Watch....
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    1. RØB

      Apple Watch GIVEAWAY👉🏻 LIKE this video , turn ON bell notifications, FOLLOW me on IG @roblopez , comment “apple watch” on recent pic ! 🙂

      1. Ty game Vlogs

        When you don’t have insta and still wanna win so you download insta try sign in to the old account you had but you don’t remember the password so ask them to send you an email then you realize that you don’t have the email app and die in a small hole realizing that you lost your chance

      2. Nathan Agar

        If I add this comment there will be anought comments for a year.yay

      3. Μαλακας Κουραδακιας

        is useless anyway

      4. ImAPerson

        RØB i love the calling system

    2. Jie Feng Chan

      apple dont uses i anymore

    3. Lucci Rexx


    4. HatredOfAHotPocket :

      This watch saved my fathers life, don’t think it’s useless.

    5. Matthew Jacobs


    6. radheya bharsakale

      He is lying if he says that he's allowed in Apple store. Or they didn't try to hunt him down and kill him.

    7. Cloutboy -

      Honestly the Apple Watch is so not useless it’s funny.

      1. soul_reaper224 afk

        hi everyone knows that it's not useless it's just a video so chill

    8. GALI_A 702

      Apple watch

    9. Cyberguy777

      Your Apple videos are good but there all too similar, but there still fire 🔥

    10. Blake Hambleton

      Fuck apple

    11. Gabriel Payan

      The "new apple watch" is literally how Chinese manufacturers name their stuff

    12. Carolina Platas

      Lmao hes incredible

    13. Harry_RBLX

      I would attempt to win the giveaway but you straight roasted the thing in 6 minutes so I'm good

    14. Luca Labourie

      “Hi my name is Robs Jobs” I’m dead

    15. Arango

      Now do this in Spanish please and thank you:)

    16. Kommand Vlogz

      So, he literally berates the Apple Watch then puts out a giveaway for it???

    17. I’m EXO’s brain cell

      I don’t mind if I end up being homeless as long as I get to have the Apple iCuckoo Clock hahahahaha

    18. I’m EXO’s brain cell

      You’ll still buy it though, it’s Apple

    19. Daniella Israil

      this is like a combo of ryan and kelly from the office

    20. Auri O'Malley

      *Aren't you always selling us the same thing?* Yes, but it's more expensive

    21. Isabella Ronessia

      i wanna get the apple watch like the actual apple fruit

    22. tiba 369

      Who thinks apple is trash

    23. Mechanitron 123


    24. Raymond Pfg

      Soooooo funnyt!

    25. Noah Clemence

      Oof Nokia is better lmao

    26. Just a chill guy

      imagine he is working in apple...

    27. Nephilim Death

      Awesome man😂😂😂

    28. Anwar McFLy

      I’m a apple customer and this both true and hilarious😂 .. my Apple Watch literally sits on charger and has become nothing but a decoration next to my computer lol

    29. Rizkhan

      What if you’re honest?

    30. Āłł Műşîć and Męmêş Ğăćhã

      I love the fact that u have all the products also I'm android

    31. Horse whisper 133

      I love at 404 of the video when his watch dies the screan is on lol did you see it or like the video then please like my comment I would like 100 💯k before my birthday on March 22

    32. Mariam Hesrey

      🤣😂🤣😂 people like aren't selling us the same shit! But we are like yes but this time more expensive 🤣😂🤣 I died her you my friend 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    33. Armando Labyo

      Yall do be screwing up apple

    34. TiNii boyy

      Andro...HUGHHH 🤮 lmfao

    35. maliciousmaxi

      Lmao android is better How bout apple make a durable folding phone

    36. Fahad Waqar

      my man talks like Heath Ledger's Joker

    37. Darknight 3710

      " Apple Watch circle edition ...." lmao. this is just too good

    38. Arjun Biju

      You can delete the stock apps such as stocks(pun intended) as well as reminders, Maps, find my phone, voice memos and on, Heck you can even delete the calendar and files app...... Except for the most important apps such as FaceTime, Photos and Safari.... Apple has never compromised the information of the user.... those are private. Companies like Google sell your information and make money out of it... You can’t compare quantity to Quality. Also apple was the last company to start triple camera in the iPhone 11 Pro. The A13 Bionic chip is one of the best in the industry with about 8.5 billion transistors. The durability of the glass is almost as same as that of Samsung phones which people protect with revolutionary cases like those from Rhinoshield(solid suit). Those cases are not that expensive and can protect your iPhone in a really great way. Check out TechKaboom’s video. In one of your videos you tell that Apple products differentiate the poor from the rich. If that’s the case then isn’t making almost all the phones similar in outlook without much change to the design a way to create equality?

    39. ItzJuzDave

      Eat your cereal

    40. Chok_Art1st

      WHO NEEDS A PLACE TO LIVE, when you have a Apple Watch 😂😂😂😂

    41. Chok_Art1st

      People saying “he still uses Apple” duh. It doesn’t make him throw up, dude. His making it better for you guys.

    42. The Real Wobbuffet

      Wobbas in agreement

    43. Aaditya Khare

      Plot twist:- these r actually deleted scenes of the real commercials!!

    44. Richard Brown

      Wow what a d!ck😂😂😂 Can't even say "Android"

    45. Nicole Moso

      Me watching this on an Android

    46. Tropical Space Turtle1

      At 3:15 when he said “Apple Watch Circle Edition 4 Pro Sport Series 2 Band Loop Titanium 4 Color Style 5 Health” I felt that. They always put an excessive amount of things after the main title.

    47. ღ lacrosse girl ღ

      do one on apple TV

    48. Macy Yu Diet

      I really like his facial expression, i think i have a crush on him hahahaha🤣

    49. epic gameing

      can i plz enter the give away

    50. Jared Taveras

      He can’t even say androi...bleh

    51. NotAndrew

      The video made me not to enter the giveaway.

    52. Nathan Fix

      Why’s he trying to give away a regular Apple Watch when i already have the Apple Watch circle edition 4 pro sport series 2 band loop titanium 4 color style 5 health

    53. CharlieBeees Tv

      Dose he work at apple?

    54. DJ MKMAN

      Do you realized that you made fun of the things you baught

      1. Chanyeol is yes

        It's just for entertainment

    55. JumboJaosnBlaRandom

      i cant even say "andrkdsfkummmm"

    56. Michelle Rodriguez

      Rob: here is everything wrong woth the apple watch Also rob : Subscribe and you will get one of them

    57. IDLE BRAIN

      Just came randomly 😂😂😂

    58. Itz Horsez

      I use Fitbit and it’s better than that shit Fitbit is Comfortable than that “Apple Watch “

    59. Ivy Crisostomo

      “And we’re Apple so yeah” I wish i have this excuse for everytime i bs

    60. Kianaliz Estevez

      Let’s be honest the only reason we bought apple is cuz celebrities bought it and it gives a statement since it’s so expensive. If it wasn’t for how cheap android is plus the no ft with iPhone and celebrities were buying android we’d all want it.

    61. paula kheana

      mabuang man kog katawa nimo oy HHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA

    62. Usama Rasool

      true that

    63. Tyson Horka

      He can't say android because its 100 times better

    64. itsjustBex

      all the dislike are just all the people laughing so hard that they were crying so they didnt know what button they clicked

    65. AbsoluteMrGamer

      lol the giveaway bullshit if giveaways were honest....

    66. Al Givens

      Damn I'm done. 🤣🤣😂😂🤑🤑🤑

    67. Petirii

      0:39 UH HAHA. 😂

    68. Gaming Perfect android

      Everyone gangsta until Rob whips out his Apple Watch Circle Edition 4 Pro Sport Series 2 Band Loop Titanium 4 Color Style 5 Health

    69. Anath

      4:48 And to all of you walking around with your little fitbits, track that...huh...how many steps is that. 😂😂😂😂

    70. Graham R

      very accurate.